1st July 2023

The Health Freedom Defense Fund published a devastating essay on the 19th of June, 2023: “The Story of Pfizer Inc. – A Case Study in Pharmaceutical Empire and Corporate Corruption” and authorised me to produce this video version.

It documents some of the many crimes committed by the corporation that has egregiously been credited with helping humanity during the COVID-19 era.

It took a “spoonful of sugar” to help the fraudulent polio vaccine go down children’s throats in the 1960s. It took a mountain of money and marketing to cover up the activities of Pfizer in the modern era.

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  1. The quality of your videos has improved greatly since I first began watching them a few years ago so well done Sam.

  2. WOW!! What a drive through such dark history. I recall some of these drugs from past nursing days! Thank you for exposing this corrupt company only out to make $$$. It makes me sick what was perpetrated on my daughter and threat of the world who took the jab. She did this while working at a huge medical complex here in St Louis, ‘for humanity, ‘ while wanting to keep her job! May Pfizer, et al be taken to The Hague for its crimes against humanity! Thank you Sam

  3. Thanks Sam

    The more material out there exposing the poison at the heart of the health (death) system the better off Earth kind will be.

    Unfortunately it appears your mandate for this video was limited, somewhat, to legal court cases and court imposed penalties. This whitewashes the true evil of this particular company’s legal and moral crimes against humanity.

    Exposing their extensive manipulative methods of fraud would likely cause mouth drops to the floor throughput every doctor office, family lounge, political chamber and even cause disgust in the hearts of the most recidivist criminals in our prison systems.

    Conflict of interest is just one of their rudimentary operating procedures in appointments to medical councils, vaccine overseeing committees etc.

    Following the money would reveal these criminals. Alas there is no justice only a justice system.

    Best advice, avoid all pharma drugs, eat well, sleep well, exercise, faith in God and love of life.

  4. Impressive as usual- wish I could share these with those who have been deceived!

  5. Another great presentation. I look forward to each new video while I mine through the archives for ones I missed. If it was not for Sam’s beautiful smile and radiant spirit, the darkness exposed in these videos would be hard to stomach. I love knowing she and Mark are on the planet. I have a secret crush on Sam but don’t tell Mark that!

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