19th August 2023

The medical industry often peddles a catchphrase: primum non nocere or “first do no harm”. Even though most doctors probably believe that they adhere to this ethic, the data shows the opposite. 

The medico-pharmaceutical complex operates vast killing fields without anyone blinking an eye. This video highlights how the system is able to cover up its injuries and deaths, while maintaining an impression of  “scientific” authority.

Is there any point going into the allopathic medical paradigm or is it a temple of doom? 


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  1. Thank you Dr Sam you have confirmed my belief . Throughout the plandemic actually right from the beginning of the propaganda I knew innately it was all a lie.
    Love listening to you, you make sense.

    Kind regards
    Trish Kerr

  2. When the government enact their tyrannical internet censorship laws I am dearly going to miss yourself and Mark, as well as the treasure trove of information gleaned from yourselves and your guests. “They” are VERY scared of losing their backhanders they get from those they serve, which as everyone with half a brain should know by now is not the citizens they should be representing.

  3. Thanks Sam
    I have been aware of this info mind virus since the early seventies When challenging the global warming model (they started this in the late eighties)I was told ‘what do you want? A first or a desmond or fail? Fight your battles when you get out of here! Few do. A more fitting title would be Pathological Indoctoration and by that the definition::Or relating to or manifestation of behaviour that is habitual, maladaptive and compulsive. Perhaps QUACKERY would be more apposite
    Love to you all

  4. Crikey, your baby is now two years old, has it been that long since I met you?

  5. You are simply the Best Dr Sam. Everyone should subscribe to your channel to gain this valuable knowledge.

  6. The best video of many outstanding works by DrSamBailey.com. Explains that the Pasteur/Rockefeller ‘medicine’ for profit is the scourge of our time. I have come to realize that only your body, mind, and spirit can heal can heal your body, mind and spirit.-IF YOU GIVE IT THE CHANCE.
    life style choices our our own responsibility.

  7. Dear Sam,

    Thank you!

    This is by far your most important video to date!!

    I’m bracing myself for the backlash as I’m certain the PTB will accuse those of us shunning the system as being the ones causing harm.

    It is hypocritical indeed. I applaud your courage and love all your work. I’m a huge fan and share your videos whenever I can.

    Modern medicine is a killing field not only in the damaging effects on our bodies but also I recently became aware of the planetary destruction that comes from all the research, raping of the earth of its life giving minerals and plants, torture of animals and callous disregard for the living planet.

    Thank you for being a bright light at a very dark time in our history.

    In my humble opinion, there is nothing more important than reconnecting to our own body wisdom, the earth and all living creatures on earth.

    Peace and joy to all!

  8. Thank you Dr.Bailey it goes without saying we all appreciate you and Mark greatly, the food we eat is so important to our health,i wonder if there are advisers on nutrition on line that we can believe, similar to you and Mark in their own fields,we are told lots of vegetables are killing us due to high oxalates in them,that red meat is good,that cereals and seeds are bad,avoid vegetable oils,that even organic food is often sprayed with glyphosate to dry it,and so on,any suggestions.

  9. I strongly disagree with Sam on the achievements of the NIH!

    The Achievement of a $US45 billion annual budget in itself would be the envy of any researcher. After all, with 18,000 staff that averages to 2.5 million ‘a piece’, astonishing given there’s little in the way of consumables. Then again perhaps that leaves more for backhanders, influence and biased outcomes.

    One of the strongest spells that keep the world’s populace in their own rigid thinking is their own entrapment of their emotionally warm sentiment of the establishment, particularly in the medical field which is largely headed by NIH, CDC, FDA etc. Their beliefs are that the establishment exists to help and support the citizens. This is a lie yet it’s foundational to its continued existence. Profit, money and greed, on an individual and corporate basis is the motive, not goodwill to mankind, and for those knowledgeable in the upper ranks, power.

    Where power exists, it attracts those who seek it. Realising that money is only a subset of power, the path to evil is through money. Now many in the medical field made their decision to enter the medical field when they were young, idealistic and naive? Over time their long years of investment, in study and accreditation, could easily sum to 10 years, a quarter of a working life. Who would give that up?

    Now let’s add another universal truth, all entities strive for self preservation: Looking deeper, belief systems in themselves are a sub identity of ourselves, at least to the unobservant and self unaware, and are accepted as a critical life force of our own individuality. False beliefs, over those well founded, are held as an intrinsic part of ourselves perhaps even more so because to admit an intrinsic and significant part of oneself is false is to align ones identity to weakness, vulnerability and fear of grief, of loss of part of ourselves, of life wasted, fear of loss of income, of houses at risk from mortgages, reputational loss not least of which is loss of social esteem.

    So then, how easy is it to ignore truth, blame the truthsayers, castigate those who would destroy the pillars of the establishment that protects them and continue the lie?

    That leaves a tiny few who actually see truth, and are prepared to sacrifice the inevitable consequences. These are martyrs, the outliers of society, those who stand for truth. They are the saints.

    Following rules, following the script we become robotic, inhuman and soulless. This is what we subject our children to in their public schooling, and our brightest young adult being put through university. We churn out robots. It’s a beast system, and it rulz … for now …

  10. Funny observation (funny strange, not funny ha ha):
    Here in the USA, the cable TV channels that play old shows from the 50s and 60s have commercials advertising painkillers, stomach remedies, and all kinds of drugs to alleviate symptoms of so-called “old age diseases”. During those same commercial breaks, viewers are treated to announcements urging them to join Class action lawsuits against companies that produced or distributed Elmira, Truvada, Ozempic, Roundup Pesticide, and various opioids.
    The unspoken lesson is this: “Do these drugs to make your life more comfortable, but be ready to join in future lawsuits against some of those drugs”.

  11. I agree with 99% of what you say, one point I think is wrong is made by Tom Cowan suggesting we ignore those people and institutions that harm us and go our own way.
    That is not possible, as he should understand that 99% of the nonsense supported by those people and institutions is pushed out at our cost from our taxes funding them, those involved must be identified, highlighted, and contstantly be reminded that we know who they are and what they are doing. Remember that they use our taxes against us with massive unimaginable funding that holds the huge majority in their disgusting game with medical outcomes that will harm or kill their very paymasters…but there will always be more paymasters (slaves) in the pipeline for them to sponge off for thier own parasitic purposes and gain.

  12. People and the “public” should be disturbed. Thank you for the truth you are attempting to reveal. Blessings❤️

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