13th April 2022

I’ve just had a wonderful conversation with Dr Kevin Corbett who is a PhD qualified nurse, health scientist and private researcher.

Dr Corbett was one of the first to call fraud on COVID-19 back in 2020. His rich experiences in clinical nursing and academic medicine allowed him to see the parallels with HIV/AIDS.

We talked about:

  • meeting Princess Diana in the 1980s
  • how “pandemics” can be invented with new tests
  • how fear based narratives influence people
  • why pharmaceuticals can be a death sentence
  • why “evidence based medicine” is destroying healthcare
  • the corruption of medical journals and his involvement in the Eurosurveillance Corman-Drosten retraction paper

….plus much more!

Find his website here 👉 https://kevinpcorbett.com/
His twitter👉 https://twitter.com/KPCResearch

To watch him in the Viral Delusion 👉 https://paradigmshift.uscreen.io/?via=samantha

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