In early 2020, with the arrival of Covid-19, I began researching the scientific evidence behind lockdowns, social distancing and PCR tests.

After releasing a YouTube video in September, where I stated I would not take a future coronavirus vaccine, I was fired as a co-presenter for a TV series. I subsequently lost some of my employment as a medical doctor and have had ongoing legal battles with the New Zealand medical authorities who are attempting to silence my views on Covid-19.

Despite my personal setbacks, the experience led me to an enlightenment about health and forced me to examine my own profession. Now my work centres on teaching people how to be healthy for themselves through my videos, my book and newsletter.

As authorities push harder for censorship to stifle scientific debate, it is more crucial than ever to support those who question the mainstream narrative. I work very hard to spread truth and create comprehensive, accurate and straightforward content and live by the Hippocratic Oath “First do no harm”.

❤️ Thank you for your support, which makes my work possible ❤️

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