25th August 2021

“The SCIENCE is settled!”

But what is science? 

I show how scientists can no longer question dogma and discuss my personal battles with censorship.


1. Dictionary definition of science

2. Dissolving Illusions – Roman Bystrianyk &Suzanne Humphries MD, 2013

3. Kary Mullis and David Rasnick clips Jermwarfare

4. Kary Mullis – Foreword for ‘Inventing the AIDS Virus’ by Peter Duesberg, 1993

5. Prof Tim Noakes – Lore of Running

6. Tim Noakes tweet Feb 2014

7. Noakes cleared of misconduct. Full HPCSA judgment

8. The Noakes Trial, Two Years Later

9. Australia’s top health “experts”

10. NZ A one horse race in the zero covid sweepstakes article

11. New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science

12. The Divine Hero – Sri Chinmoy

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  1. Check out Rupert Sheldrake’s, Morphic Resonance. He got censored from Ted Talks for discrediting the “science”. He then went on to prove them wrong and they had to let him back in!

  2. Ah, Rupert. I met him a couple of years back through a mutual friend. He’s still amazing, and has two fabulous sons who take his ideas forward.

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