23rd December 2022

Sometimes it is hard to believe that the COVID narrative has been running for 3 years now! So much has happened over that time and one of the silver linings to all the insanity has been connecting with some of the most inspiring and freethinking individuals in the world. 

One of my subscribers suggested that I produce a video with snippets from some of my interviews over this time. Even regular followers have missed the occasional interview, so here is my first interview highlights reel.


  1. Dr. Claus Köhnlein: PCR Pandemic
  2. Dr. Kevin Corbett: We’re Falsifying The Hypothesis
  3. Jon Rappoport: The Virus Cover Story
  4. Baileys vs Spacebusters
  5. Dr. Tom Cowan: Pandemic of not thinking
  6. Eric Coppolino: The Digital Seduction of COVID-19
  7. Dr. Andy Kaufman: Hunting For Viruses
  8. David Parker & Dawn Lester Interview
  9. The Viral Delusion
  10. Prof. Tim Noakes: We Will Win
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