23rd July 2022

The Drs Bailey take on the hilarious Steve Falconer – the man behind Spacebusters.

We discuss:

  • Medical school vs reality
  • Keys to real health
  • What bioweapons actually are
  • The end of germ theory
  • What causes disease

and much more!

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  1. I have learned so much thanks to you, Life changing information. Thank you for your courage and wisdom.

  2. they spray us like cockroaches. irradiate us with 5g, inject us with poison, flouridate the water. the owners don’t like us anymore

  3. Re the simplicity of how to support the wisdom of the body, I like to think of things as ‘Put in, Take out, Stop Putting in and Stop taking out. Makes you think!
    Thanks so much, Sam, Mark and Steve.

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