11 March 2023

Dr Damian Wojcik is a GP and holistic health expert with over 40 years of experience in Integrative Medicine and clinical research in metal detoxification. After suffering from mercury toxicity himself, Damian has worked hard to help others with the same predicament.

Here is what he said about: 

  • Symptoms and tests for mercury toxicity
  • Treatments for mercury toxicity
  • Fish and mercury
  • Amalgams and mercury
  • Natural methods for mercury detoxification
  • his own research findings

and much more!

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  1. Thank you very much.

    Brilliant and timely. I’ll be getting my blood tested soon.

    You and your husband are treasures.

  2. Thanks, Great interview. I had my amalgams removed about 10 years ago after I realized the dangers. My dentist wasn’t an expert but he did put the rubber block around my teeth, no air ventilation mask. I don’t think I have the toxicity symptoms spoken of. I didn’t feel ill after the removal. I do have slight memory issues, which could be caused by other things and mild sinus problems (dust allergies) Still I would like to do a detox for mercury and other metals. Is there a specific protocol recommended. I am not keen on pharmaceuticals or chemicals?

  3. Brilliant!!! How to get this added to the medical process globally? Impressed and keep up that great work Dr Damian Wojcik!

  4. Just mentioning, the Huggin’s Institute.
    Thank you.
    Wish we could enter this doctor’s 110 questionaire into, Dr. Otto H. Schmitt’s, SANTOSHIA INDEX. Still incomplete or active in the world. An index analogue, for review of a person’s, “over all good health index”.

    Earl Bakken Museum holds Otto’s Archives and Biography (Mpls, MN. USA)

    Too many have had shortened lives from Hg Amalgums, and Hg, Lead, ect. Poisoning and Tainting. I have met a few, and saved even fewer.

  5. Thank you for a very informative video, I’m aware of the corses of mercury toxicity he was talking about yet the elephant in the room wasn’t mentioned, the vaccines? I figure it was because of his medical protocols.

  6. Fascinating interview with Dr Damian Wojcik.

    One thing I should like to raise as a former Dentistry student and sedation nurse, is that the swapping of amalgams to Composite Acrylic Resin white fillings, is perhaps also swapping one beast for another.

    Nearly all such composites are BIS-GMA based plastics, with the BIS being Bisphenol-A (BPA) and all the dangers that go with that.

    Only Glass Ionomers (without added Fluoride release), represent safer materials, and they do not come in the array of aesthetically matching shades. The only other alternatives are inert ceramic or gold inlay/onlays for posterior occlusal related cavities, which of course cannot be used in the majority of cavities with any undercuts. Or for labial, cervical, or buccal cavities of anterior or premolar teeth, the difficult option of unwarranted healthy tooth destruction and the use of veneers or crowns, if no matching cosmetic shades are available in non BPA based white materials.

    Just a thought.

  7. Thank you for this interview. I had a hair tissue mineral analysis test a few years ago.
    It reveals metals and minerals. Mercury was a ‘trace amount’; it should be zero. But my copper level was extremely high; toxic. After changing my water, diet supplements for 8 mouths, I went to sleep to the sweet sound of silence for the first time in 7 years — no more tinnitus!! No more anxiety!! My retest showed copper had come into balance, to a normal healthy range. HTMA was a lifesaver, truly.

  8. A provoked urine test may cause some problems for some people, particularly if they are highly toxic with mercury. The reason is the chelator used, DMPS, has a half life and once this wears off in the body, it has already displaced some mercury from cells and then causes redistribution of that mercury with no chelator to mop it up. Emeramide (also known as OSR or NMBI), is a compound developed by Dr Boyd Haley and is far superior as a chelator to DMPS, DMSA and Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), as used in the Andy Cutler Protocol. Emeramide forms an irreversible bond with the mercury ion and other heavy metals and does not let it go. The body excretes this compound after a period of time but while it is in the body renders it inert and non toxic. DMPS, DMSA and ALA are poor chelators in comparison and can cause issues with redistribution as they don’t have the tight chemical bonds when attaching to the mercury ion.

  9. I enjoyed the interview and the valuable comments too. Yes Hal Huggins! he wrote in “Uninformed Consent” that for a leukaemia patient he removed her amalgam fillings. Her health improved. Her physician refused to consider that removing mercury caused the “remission”. Huggins replaced the amalgam back into her teeth then the leukaemia returned! He later removed the amalgams and she again recovered her health. Huggins also mentions that the nickel in stainless steel implants is carcinogenic.
    The American Dental Association was formed in 1859 by a group of pro-amalgam and lay-dentists. This was in part to defend and promote the use of mercury amalgams. Medical-dentists were warning about mercury toxicity but they were in the minority. Amalgam was easier to deal with than hot lead and cheaper than gold, see “Death By Modern Medicine” by Dr Carolyn Dean.
    There is also a nice summary of dental poisoning in “What Really Makes You Ill”. Let’s not forget the biophysical nature of the body. Amalgam fillings along with saliva (electrolyte) and any dissimilar metal in the mouth connect to form “battery” circuits that 1) generate electrical currents that occurs right next to the brain (which operates on much smaller electrical currents) 2) can accelerate the release of mercury. It’s a high school electrochemistry experiment.

  10. Great interview, such a shame Dr Wojcik isn’t taking any new patients. As one of (possibly the only one in Northland) many women in NZ, being ignored and harmed by a permanent metal and plastic implant called Essure, it would be great to work with a doctor that understands bodily rejection and poisoning, and not be subjected to the usual ignorance and arrogance of doctors and specialists, especially gynecologists, who prefer to insist that all symptoms are psychological.
    Being constantly poisoned be something embedded in one’s insides is certainly no fun.

  11. Thank you so much for an amazing interview and all of your hard work. Appreciate it so much!!
    Are there any Drs in Sydney Australia with the same beliefs and protocols as of Dr Wojcik?

    Thank you

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