21st June 2024

Pierre Chaillot is a statistician and author from France who has been exposing the data related to COVID-19 since early 2020. Using official French figures he meticulously demonstrated that even on their own terms there was no “infectious disease” pandemic and it was all a show. In his book COVID-19 – Decoding Official Data, he explains how the public’s perception was manipulated with the promotion of statistics, some of which had been completely disconnected from the concept of health.

Pierre’s ultimate conclusion from his analysis of the numbers was that ‘SARS-CoV-2’ did not exist as claimed. This revelation led him to start investigating the statistics related to other claimed “viral” diseases such as influenza. In analysing decades of data one thing became clear: the patterns do not support the virus model or the concept of contagion.

The mainstream media and “fact-checkers” did their best to smear his work but Pierre’s book (“Covid 19, ce que révèlent les chiffres officiels”) became a surprising best-seller in France where it sold over 50,000 copies. I had the great honour of writing a foreword for the English version of the book which is available here.

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  1. I’m french from Quebec, been following his work for a few years now. Amazing that we have another voice in the chorus of Truth.

    Thanks Sam and Pierre

  2. Sam, you keep finding these gems… which lifts the spirits and confirms our truths and that yes, we are not alone. Keep it coming… but don’t forget to rest, to laugh, to cry with joy and to reach out for assistance when you need to.

  3. Once again, a very interesting interview! Love it! Thank you so much for your work

  4. Great interview. Wonderful how people are coming from different disciplines and corners of the world to add gravitas and enlightenment to this matter. I particularly liked the big 15% 🙂

  5. We now know for a fact that Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZenecka signed IP transfer documents with US Department of Defence giving these companies unfettered ‘Royalty Free’ access to the mRNA bio technology. At very latest, this happened around 2016. We also know that in 2019 the WHO, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The John Hopkins Center and a multitude of other trans-global corporations carried out Event 201 – A Desktop “Global Pandemic Simulation” looking at “hypothetical” global Novel Corona Virus outbreak. As far back as 2020 most of us ‘knew’ that the COVID19 was a blatant ruse – and now the data proves those suspicions to be factual.

    The only problem with this entire history is that our Governments are complicit in genocide – AND – have lost any plausible deniability of that very fact. The WHO, Governments, Civil Servants, State and Territory administrators, the Medical Profession and the Media were ‘ALL AWARE OF THE PLAN’ well before that plan was actually executed.

    We’ve caught them with their hand stuck in the cookie jar. Now, video after video, fact after fact, technical paper after technical paper and publication after publication is merely presenting what is in effect an alternate ‘camera angle’ of that simple fact. Our Governments and Public Servants – the people who are either paid or elected to serve us – were in-fact complicit in trying to murder us and our children. This despite the very loud and cries and protestations of people like yourself Sam and Mark (and a great many other brave and unwavering processionals around the globe) .

    What no one is asking to this very day is – WHY??!!

    The sociopaths who attempted this global Coup d’Etat have not been brought to justice. Other than Fauci perhaps, they haven’t even had a finger pointed in their direction. And what both psychology and history tell us is that if left unpunished, they will simply become increasingly emboldened to finish the job.

  6. I’m glad I was able to hear this interview. Thank you for sharing it. On the subject of feeling alone I have felt I’m stranger in a strange land for the past 4+ years. That said, I’m encouraged that people with critical thinking skills and curiosity are becoming aware of the virus scam and once they join our small, but growing group they never return to believing that viruses cause disease.

  7. The truth will win this battle. Thank you so much for being real human beings who care. There are many that must be held to account.

  8. In 2021 I downloaded mortality data from StatsCan (Government of Canada) to an Excel spreadsheet and , using a pivot table, did simple analysis of all cause mortality for each province and the country as a whole. I saw no indication of a pandemic. I have repeated this exercise for the last three years. My conclusion has not changed.

    I discovered Denis Rancourt and his work in 2023. His work was similar to mine however at a much broader and more thorough level. He reached a similar conclusion.

    And now thanks to the Bailey’s, I learn of Pierre and his work, again along the same lines in France and Europe, with similar conclusions. This is the real data and cold, hard facts. I will definitely read Pierre’s book.

    The river of nonsense runs deep and fast with most people content to mindlessly ride along in their own little boat. Go upstream, ask where the river begins and see how it has sculpted the landscape. Thank you Sam and Mark for being the upstream guides!

  9. BRAVO! to Pierre and Sam. I did get a fair bit angry during this interview because Barry Young, right here in good ole New Zealand produced spreadsheets regarding the negative effects of “vaccination”. Barry got arrested and is facing charges for his honesty. I would suggest that Barry’s data be made available to Pierre for “comparison”. It seems to me that these two men have reached the same conclusion. Both men, in fact, have proven the non-existence of viruses. P.S. Sam, I’m 25% of the way through Terrain Therapy, I cannot thank you enough for bringing this wee tome to my attention.

  10. Outbreaks are coincident along lines of latitude (Hoyle, Hope-Simpson). The season varies according to latitude and varies each year slightly. Most data is averaged by country which hides the fine grained detail. Local outbreaks are often predicted to the nearest day by weather patterns.

    Flu is caused by the weather somehow. My vote is for electromagnetic field vortices brought on by a pressure front: https://library-of-atlantis.com/2024/06/13/influenza-and-weather/

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