14th October 2023

Almost everyone has been convinced that they need to use deodorant on a regular basis. However, few realise it is a longstanding marketing campaign that was launched in the early 1900s, with numerous iterations over the past century.
The use of these chemical concoctions can be linked to specious germ theory claims involving bacteria. In this video we look at the alleged science behind body odour, how deodorants work, the potential problems with their use, and how to “detox” to achieve your best health.


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  1. My Wife preferred that I did not all remove all of my natural odours when showering. She said they made her feel comfortable and safe. Those same odours also play a huge and natural role in sexual attraction.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with all of the content of your video, there is however the added, how do I put this?… the attractive smell component of attracting or being attracted by or for a mate… sniff sniff, as do all animals as far as I’m aware which I endorse, again wholeheartedly, I stay away from ‘foreign’ smells, that is; smells that ‘put me off’, which has caused mayhem in my family never mind the wider world..!! I had to say to my sister in law; ” no more cuddles” I don’t like your artificial smell, which was deodorant and perfume. When i did cuddle her before I’d go away and have to remove my clothes and wash them as the artificial smell lingered ‘forever;..! I love the natural smell of fresh sweat in man or woman, why oh why do we fight against our own dear created natural odours? Money I presume and advertising, which is money in the long run, as with all propaganda we’re ‘taught’ from cradle to grave, thanks Sam for addressing this, perhaps next video on ‘odour’ you could add the attractions of natural smells? Well done and Yah bless to you and yours <3

  3. Another excellent video Dr Sam. I have always wondered how blocking up the pores in your armpits could be good for you. Now I know I was on the right track.

  4. I gave up deodorants over a year ago; for quite a while I had no major issues with odors. Since I stopped having soya products (estrogen?) and started eating small quantities of meat again (testosterone?), after being 26 years a vegetarian, however, I have been having problems with very unpleasant odors. They occur only when I get stressed, which is something I find impossible to avoid completely. I returned to deodorants (not anti-perspirants – I’ve been allergic to aluminium on my armpits for 50 years!), that are basically alcohol plus a few minerals; these help but are by no means infallible. I feel my change of diet is generally for the better, and will not switch back; but I could do without the odors!

  5. Thanks again Dr Sam
    I have not used soap or shampoo or deodorant for several months now and I don’t smell like the inside of a Sherpas mitten.
    Interestingly in the ‘attracting a mate’ game men and women who follow this regime are in fact more attractive to their opposites
    Perhaps that is part of the promotion of body gunk products -suppression of natural attractiveness aka population control!

  6. So good to have an ‘authoritative’ view endorse one’s own feelings and practices! I gave up my alum crystal some 12 years ago. I do notice that whenever I (rarely) have an odour I can trace it back to having eaten something that I had trouble digesting. Lesson learned! But yes, some folks’ (men’s) odour from heavier sweating is attractive whilst others is repulsive and that must be the basis of an appropriate way to choose a mate!! It’s interesting how much we have been conditioned into being repulsed by just the sight of a sweaty armpit assuming that it will stink (some comedians come to mind). I have to admit that for important times, I splash some lemon essential oil infused water under there, just in case. I am a coward, I know!

  7. Very pointed as always! Thank you Sam.
    I have never used a deodorant etc all my life and made it to 84 years young. Had plenty of woman friends and never got rejected, not even because of body odour.
    I just hope a lot of young people watch your excellent video.
    Love and peace to you and all of the human family!

  8. I’ve barely used deodorants for many years now. If I’m going to a wedding or something like that I might put some on but it’s a rare thing.

  9. I recall seeing a show where 10 males wore a t-shirt for several days, going to the gym, working out, etc,. Ten females then had the task to smell all ten t-shirts and from that, choose their male partner. Biology.

  10. Another excellent commentary, which helps give a holistic understanding of health and the body. It is good to see presentations that tie many aspects of health together with the dismantling of the faulty germ theory. I like essential oils that can be just rubbed on outer side of underwear for a fragrance that I find invigorating and pleasant (I like orange especially). That way it doesn’t even touch your skin, and I don’t do it on the underarms where it might irritate when you sweat. Smell is the most activating sense for memories, so can have a strong effect, and evoke many pleasant memories and activate feelings of strength and well-being. Great to experiment with!

  11. Just a quick comment for a change. What I’ve found works for me to go almost purely chemical free and still deal with unpleasant odor is so simple it’s mind boggling. Apple cider vinegar. I just apply a little apple cider vinegar to the areas where odor can manifest after showering and let it dry naturally. Keeps me odor free for days and admittedly I don’t have the healthiest Terrain and plenty of bad habits but I’m still working on that aspect. As an additional side note, I have no idea of what negative consequences using this technique may have, you may want to consult with Drs Sam and Mark Bailey’s book on that. I began using this technique to help manage a problem with horrible psoriasis all over my scalp and some other areas and found that it also helped with odor.

  12. I read that napoleon would send a message ahead to josephine when he was heading home, “Don’t bathe”

  13. Very good vid, keep up the good work.
    I have a request: you make a video about using toothpaste, which, in effect, is also a chemical. Bad breath is awful, but also related to food and certain other habits. Could we do without brushing our teeth, or just brushing without toothpaste?

  14. I stopped using the major toothpaste I hsd been using for decades, and started using a black charcoal or yellow turmeric holistic toothpaste. I noticd the deodorant I had used for ages that kept me from stinking, was removed from the market by Old Spice. In fact all their white (effective) deodorants have disappeared and only blue ones that don’t stop odor are there ftmp. Now they have a new light blue one, which is effective, ridiculouusly expensive, and probably still bad for me. I use it quite a bit, most days when I remember to zip my fly and brush my beard and so forth. (on a side note lately I have gotten into using the beard and moustache holding wax). I once knew a nurse who explained about the bacteria living there in those armpits being the cause of bad odor, she told me that rubbing alcohol on a cotton can wipe out the bacteria but also a shower helps. I will do the rubbing alcohol if I start to smell like a hippy. It is very effective but really requires the accompanying shower.

  15. It is a typical highly chemical set of ingredients in the new deodorant. Dipropylene Glycol, Aqua, Propylene Glycol, MgOH, Sodium Stearate, Poloxamine 1307, PPG-3 Myristyl Ether, MgCO3, Parfum, Benzyl Salicylate, Hexyl Cinnamal, Limonene, Hydroxycitronellal, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Coumarin, Linalool, Isoeugrnol, Pentaerithrityl Tetra-di-t-butyl hydroxyhydrocinnamate, Cl 61565. Mineral Powered. Dynamic Defence 48 hr.

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