23rd September 2023

How many times was I told to liberally slop on the sunscreen when I was growing up? We were told that sun exposure was dangerous and caused skin cancers.

However, the last four decades indicate that there is a major problem with the sunscreen narrative. In fact, the wheels were falling off the “science” by the early 2000s. Why are the rates of cancer climbing and why is the allopathic model broken?

Let’s have a look at some of the lies surrounding sunscreen and what you should do instead…

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  1. Great video Sam! Thank you. I still have a question though; are any sunscreens more safe to use? It is difficult to hide from the sun when surfing in summer; I usually use a zinc oxide organic sunscreen on my face for this purpose.

  2. Many years ago I heard a broadcast where two researchers from Dunedin University were interviewed by Maggie Barry. Their hypothesis was that margarine was linked to skin cancer. Their research showed that there was a strong correlation between skin cancer and margarine consumption and had shown statistically there was a poorer survival rate after treatment in those who normally consumed margarine. I have never read or heard of this research again but have never eaten margarine.

  3. Just got to be careful with some of the zinc oxide sunscreens Greg Powell. Some have jumped on the bandwagon of zinc oxide is really good but still contain a few nasties, just less of them. The main problem they have is turning them into an invisible sunscreen which has all bad chemicals. I use sun mud which is a Sunshine Coast, QLD product that sits on top of your skin as reflective barrier, which has following ingredients for those looking into it: ZINC OXIDE, COCO CAPRYLATE/CAPRATE, BEES WAX, LANOLIN, KAOLIN CLAY, IRON OXIDES (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499). *the Zinc oxide isn’t nanoparticle either. Only need it for the face and neck as I can wear hat and long sleeve everything else 🤙

  4. Thank you for a great video on a health issue affecting everyone.
    Measuring the health impact of UV radiation from the sun is an uncertain task. Protective benefits of individual reactions to sun exposure vary (eg melanin production from sun exposure). Also, there is the larger issue of the benefits of sun exposure. The nature of benefits from the electromagnetic spectrum (from infra red thru to UV) need a hell of a lot of more research. I don’t expect cancer charities/public health authorities to help. Personally, I’ve been advocating the general attitude to sun exposure advocated in the video. However, I could improve my message by greater knowledge of the benefits of sun exposure.

  5. I saw a YouTube 60 sec clip a few years ago. It was shown that a large multinational made a minute profit from sunscreen manufacturing, yet made enormous profit from pharmakeia drugs to treat cancers. The list of chemicals in the make up of the sunscreen lotion was clearly shown on its label. Then the presenter highlighted one of those chemicals, then proceeded to show the known cancer effects of that particular chemical.

    Evidence that real evil thrives in this world.

    I totally agree with Sam, avoid all pharmakeia.

    Revelations 18:23
    The great merchants of the Earth deceived the whole Earth by the use of pharmaceutical drugs*, the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee!!!

    *(Bibles typically use the English mistranslation as sorceries but pharmakeia or pharmaceutical drugs is proven more literal)



    Repeat: Through the use of ‘a particular’ pharmaceutical drug your eternal soul will cease to shine. So which drug was used world wide in a deceptive manner?

  6. After eliminating various foods etc, to establish why my skin should flare up, I stopped using sunscreen. Several months later when I tried it again my skin immediately reacted. Since then I’ve never used it but living in the tropics I have had various sun warts (solar caritosis) removed with one or two diagnosed as having the beginnings of a melanoma. I wear a wide-brimmed hat, long sleeves and trousers, so only my hands are exposed and, because I’m so covered up, take vitamin D supplement once a week.

  7. How do we know that it is the sun that is the cause. Are we sure about these so-called vitamins and asteroids. Because what we now see is that we don’t know what cancer is. Some believe it and others something else.. So what we have is faith

  8. You provide a valuable service Dr Sam. The medical profession have for far too long have been trusted by most everyone. Keep up the brilliant work you do.

  9. My nephew developed a tiny skin cancer on the edge of his ear. My sister was told it was down to the sun. He received radio therapy, developed brain cancer and some 3 years after ‘treatment’, died 2 days before his 21st birthday. It would be too painful and ‘wrong’ to enlighten my sister. Truth be told, he had spent many hours during the night, in his teen years, playing games on a hard screen computer with no filter… exactly the right height for his ear and before the days of LCD screens. And the brain cancer is beyond comment! It’s heart breaking when true causes are not considered and people continue to go through life in a deluded state; leaving money in their wills to cancer charities. I’ll not easily forget seeing his oncologist at his funeral.

    I’ve felt this way about the myths of sun exposure and sunscreens for many years, so it feels very supportive to hear Sam align with my views.

    As per the book, “Naked at Noon” I try to get out in the sun for a period of 15 mins front and back during summer months (as a fair-skinned, white person). Synthetic steroid hormones aka ‘vitamin’ D supps are not the answer, imho.

  10. Back in the 1980s I read a research report outlining how dangerous sunscreens were and why. The research also showed direct correlations between the increase in sunscreen use and the increase in cancer. The report also listed the chemicals in sunscreen and their likely toxic affects on warm skin with pores wide open. The report also stated that at that point in time there was not one piece of published research that had been done on the effects of any of those chemicals on the skin. Of course they have only increased the number of chemicals and their strength as they have ramped up the UV ratings with new chemicals that make the sunscreens waterproof and keep that toxic brew of chemicals in contact with the skin for longer periods of time.
    The report said we should cut down on the use of sunglasses when out in the sun because the eyes measure the brightness of the sun and activate the skin’s natural defenses against severe sunburn and warn us with light pain if our exposure at that time needs to be cut back. Sunscreen does a very good job of preventing the specialist cells in our skin that track the sun and turn to block the sun from burning our skin deeply from doing their job, and the sunscreen does not prevent that deep burning, only the surface burning, so people do not get the safety warning of surface pain, and it is the deep burning that causes the deadly melanomas. I have no doubt that the sunscreen manufacturers know this.
    As little kids in the 1950s and 60s we worked out amongst ourselves how best to protect ourselves, even me with my very fair skin I worked out how to get a good tan each summer that gave protection. I used to spend the whole summer outside in bare feet, shorts and a T-shirt without any issue. The whole sunscreen narrative has always been very large on my BS radar.
    The natural body is a wonderful thing and as long as we treat it right it will look after us.

  11. Here is one hypothesis to explain the “more skin cancer as more sunscreen” association. The goop provides an exaggerated sense of protection so, instead of 20 mins in the midday summer sun (no goop) we now get shiny & slimy so we can extend our exposure to, say 3 hours, which may include dips in salty water. We can only guess if we have been protected all that time. The better the brakes the faster we drive.
    We learn many tanning myths growing up and it’s about time they were all carefully checked. One example: “when we have developed a tan we are more protected from further burning” – is this true and does a “healthy tan” protect us from longer sunlight exposure? This video and the interesting comments is a good start. Thankyou !

  12. Great video and I really appreciate the comments too.
    I make up my own “sunscreen” only for use when I know I’m going to have extreme exposure that is unavoidable. I use Dr Mercola’s zinc sunscreen mixed down with pure aloe Vera gel and pure organic coconut oil. It’s more spreadable this way and definitely stops me burning. I have stopped wearing sunglasses as this forces me to seek shade sooner (and therefore regulate my exposure). I don’t really get sunburned anymore and when my beautification encourages me to wear sunscreen I just smile.

  13. Sunscreen? I have successfully used organic coconut oil, for years. I’m of a very pale Irish skin constitution, and was hosting cycle tours for some years, all the time just using coconut oil for skin protection, even on the hottest of days, just got red skin which then over the days turned a lovely healthy brown, without any sunburn peel that I used to have. Coconut oil is the only thing I have used on my skin for years now 😃👍

  14. Copy below of a Sunscreen Product Recall Notice I saw displayed in a supermarket a couple of years ago (can’t post the image) … apparently there is an ‘allowable amount’ of benzene that can be applied on your skin according to the TGA. Would have thought benzene doesn’t belong anywhere on or in your body!

    ‘Urgent Medicine Recall
    Cancer Council Sensitive Sunscreen
    SPF50+ 200mL (Pump). AUST L 278913
    Batch 1099751 (Expiry: 10/2023)
    Vitality Brands Worldwide Pty Ltd, the official sponsor of Cancer Council
    Sunscreens, following consultation with the Therapeutic Goods Administration, is recalling batch: 1099751 (Expiry:10/2023) of 200ml Cancer Council Sensitive Sunscreen SPF50+ because benzene levels above the allowable amount have been detected. While the levels of benzene are above the allowable under Australian standards, the health risk to consumers who may have used these products is considered extremely low. TGA guidelines for this matter are set to ensure that an individuals’ excess cancer risk does not exceed 1 in 100,000 if that individual used the maximum recommended amount of the product every day for 70 years.
    No other batches of these identified medicine are affected by this recall.
    Consumers who currently use the affected batches of these products should immediately stop using them and contact Vitality Brands Worldwide for a full refund along with additional information such as evidence of purchase.
    Anyone who is concerned in any way about the use of this product affecting their health should consult their doctor.
    We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience.
    For further information, please contact Vitality Brands Worldwide’s Consumer Helpline on [email protected] or 1300 364 515‘

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