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  1. Hello,
    Great video. So do viruses exist??
    Or were the closing remarks about billions of viruses present in a cubic meter of sea water/air what the “virus” peeps claim?

    Kind Regards,

  2. The fake viruses are just another Zionist control mechanism like fake climate change, fake wars and the fake shootings. The goyim must be kept in constant fear as the elite’s banking cartel continues to use debt monetization to move all real wealth into their hands while moving the plantation livestock into the long planned Agenda 2030-21. Dr Sam needs to explain her statement acknowledging the existence of “viruses.” It seems to refute the rest of her narrative. If the alleged viruses do indeed exist, why can none be isolated, verified and truly characterized within real genome? Perhaps Dr. Sam is drifting over to the McCoulloh, Mikovits spike protein camp. After all, thats where the big money is.

  3. To answer the above comments she says “viruses or virus-like particles “, which neither confirms nor denies virus existence. One thing not covered about the 1918 “flu” epidemic was the “vaccinations” for meningitis made from horse pus being performed by the Rockerfeller Institute under the direction of Bill Gates’ grandfather on American military personnel prior to them going to Europe. Many experienced flu-like symptoms, starting in the US. There was also widespread masking, fostering breathing in bacteria and Fungal spores. Also high dose aspirin as I recall being used.

  4. Loved your flu virus transmission vid. Please join Truth Social and share your message!

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