16th September 2023

Dr Peter McCullough is a hero to many in the medical freedom community and has been one of the most prominent voices in the fight against the COVID vaccines. While we have supported him on this front, it has been increasingly difficult to condone his public statements about “viruses” and the alleged novel disease entity ‘COVID-19’. We have made some previous responses here, here and here but he continues to double down on his claims. 
Recently, Dr McCullough appeared on the Man in America show and attempted to justify the “science” of the virologists. He also made some outrageous claims about those of us providing refutations to the virus model and even told outright lies about the history of our group. 
In this video Dr Mark Bailey is joined by ‘no virus’ veteran Dr Kevin Corbett to provide a detailed commentary and rebuttal to Dr McCullough’s claims. This is a vital issue as such claims are keeping people trapped not only in the viral delusion but also within the wider allopathic paradigm.

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  1. Dr McCullough raised my suspicions as soon as he started spouting off, along with Dr Malone and many others who falsely aligned themselves with the medical freedom movement. I would say that McCullough, Malone, Bigtree, Kennedy and many other posers know full well that viruses to not exist. They have huge resources at hand and it would be easy for them to check all claims for and against. They would be well aware of the work of the Perth group, but that narrative does not meet the approval of their paymasters. You are being very generous when you say they are mistaken or do not know.

  2. Thanks for exposing Dr. McCullough as he is almost certainly false opposition. Unfortunately, the evil ones own a lot of other virologists/doctors out there that also need to be exposed.

  3. Mccullough should know better. The negative case (ie no pathogenic virus has ever been discovered) cannot be proven. A negative cannot be discovered ! So, no such paper has been in a science journal. Still, as no one can prove existence of pathogenic viruses with the scientific method, that is damning enough.

  4. Suppose all of these pro virus Doctors and scientists are being blackmailed or bribed to continue Rockefeller medicine biology for the benefit of the cartels laundering money through these so called gain of function labs. Suppose these “discoveries” of “novel viruses” were patent driven so the likes of Bill Gates, Fauci etc can make money through royalties and financial holdings. Wouldn’t that make intelligent people like Malone and McCullough, Bigtree, Kennedy etc controlled opposition? Just asking.

  5. Thanks so much Kevin and Mark.
    It’s not just the virus/no virus dichotomy that’s muddying the waters for those who are waking up. There are several other dichotomies; e.g. the recombinant spike protein from the vax entering or not entering the ‘cell’. Listening to the likes of Stefano Scoglio who explains clearly why the latter is the case must in many ways be a relief for the vaxxed and their nearest and dearest. If you happen to follow the former view, however, i.e. that the spike enters the cell and potentially changes ‘DNA’; such a view is also held by well qualified ‘experts’ who warn of the desires of the globalists to bring about a 95% depopulation via this (and other) methods. Such extreme views do nothing towards alleviating folks’ fear. For the layperson the waters are well and truly muddied and churning. One can understand that some experts’ bent is towards clearing up the vax dangers first and we can applaud them for their efforts in this regard. Others who understand the no-virus argument see it as the more fundamental problem to be addressed, from which the whole house of cards can tumble.
    Paddle anyone?!

  6. I think McCullough will have to get out of bed a whole lot earlier to catch out Dr’s Sam and Mark. I always had a distrust in him.

  7. One of the reasons I think this is so important is that if the public and the government authorities come to admit, for example, that masks don’t work, as the Cochrane collaboration recently showed, and they assume again that it is because virus particles are too small be kept out by masks (rather than because those particle do not cause illness), is that the logical next step would be a much more draconian measure such as wearing a mask that actually DOES keep that size particle out (if that is even possible). If it isn’t possible, then even more dramatic lockdowns would be the next logical step. It seems that the ONLY way to prevent such an acceleration of tyranny is to show that small particles do not cause disease (including microbes that do exist such as bacteria) as you have well argued. I don’t see another way out of this than the one you are pursuing. All other roads lead to disaster.

  8. Virlogy proven as a fraud will end the childhood vaccine schedule. Why would McCullough not be interested in that?

  9. There are millions on the virology-pharma payroll who will fight tooth and nail to defend their precious virus model. Videos like this are so important to expose the sacred ‘authorities’ and their harmful lies.

  10. My recent conversation with a colleague…

    Me: Oh, you look sick. It’s not the latest Covid variant, is it, haha?
    Him (avid Covid believer but also pro-vaxer): Oh, no no, it’s just a cold.
    Me: How do you know?
    Him: I just know. It’s different to Covid.

    Lol. now people can even self-diagnose ‘Covid’ vs. cold vs. flu without a test or talking to a doctor.

  11. All heretics have a tough decision when the realise that the basis of their religion is fraudulent.
    Sadly many choose to stay within their church and tweak with the beliefs rather than follow to logical conclusion.
    Peter is virtually an arch Bishop in the allopathic medical establishment. It would be a great sacrifice for him to demolish the entire edifice.
    Therefore he holds onto virus belief and efficacy of some pharmaceutical potions.
    To prove his faith he has to attack the total non believers.

  12. I appreciate your measured criticism, but having spent 35yrs in scientific research, I consider McCullough a self-serving jackass. He may have lurched into a good position regarding “vaccine” toxicity, but his knowledge and understanding of scientific literature and scientific research methods is embarrassingly pitiful. He is doing great harm to the public with his misinformation.

  13. The blood clots probably didn’t show up until 2021 after the injections began.
    The total death count did not increase from 2019 to 2020. It increased in 2021 after the injections.
    The death count for pneumonia, colds and flu disappeared in 2020. Instead the Covid deaths appeared by the very same amount.

  14. I cannot thank you, Dr Sam, and your husband Mark, and everyone else who is tirelessly working to expose how virology is pseudoscience and how epidemiology is applied pseudoscience.
    I wish that I could help you spread the message far and wide.

  15. Peter McCullough using this opportunity to advertise his own foundation, is not a good look. Most, if not all, ‘foundations’ are usually a means to enrich themselves, under the pretence of charity or fictional philanthropy.

  16. Brilliant! Keep it up guys 💪👏👍

    Years before Covid, and as a lowly media producer and part time health nut, I was looking into what causes colds/flu and why can’t we “cure” them. This led me down the path to studying terrain and toxicity.

    This them ultimately led me down a very deep rabbit hole to the point where I was studying the history of the Rockerfeller family over hundreds of years.

    I’ve even experimented on myself with regards to health and weight loss for 20 years trying to work out how the body works myself without the aid of medical journals and so-called “experts”.

    However, noone would believe or even listen to a non-doctor so I’ve been alone on my journey for years.

    You guys absolutely rock!

  17. Why don’t you organise a one on one with mark and Peter! That would be great to see.

  18. It is possible to disagree about viruses and still work together to stop the 70+ toxic, unproven, unsafe vaccine doses given to children.
    We have so little influence compared to the multi trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry why not work together where we can.
    Terrain vs germ theory/contagion is not a new debate and is not likely to be resolved any time soon. Hundreds of years ago when Samuel Hahnemann started the practice of Homeopathic Medicine as an antidote to invasive allopathic medicine viruses were not even an issue. The medical industrial complex doesn’t need viruses to continue to inflict harm.
    Seeking and speaking the truth is noble and necessary but so is protecting children now.
    We should all be working together to stop the insidious spread of bad medicine which starts before birth and intensifies the moment a baby is born.

  19. I don’t have the knowledge or skills to engage in this debate, but I do try to read & listen with an open mind. Good arguments, explained well, should resonate with most people in some measure.

    Bottom line: whatever causes illness, be it a weakened immune system (per terrain theory) or invisible pathogens (per germ theory), the efficacy of the treatment is what is most important. Is the root cause understood and treated, such as naturopathic and functional medicine doctors try to do, or are symptoms masked or mitigated (with drugs, etc.) without getting to the root cause?

  20. As pointed out, it is hard for any medical professional that has invested many years and in education (expensive) to admit the foundation of virology is baseless, since it is so integral to the pharmaceutical industry which they are embedded in. Unwillingness to face it and fear of repercussions both lock them into it. It is basic human psychology with the ability to believe in narratives that ‘work’ (make for a ‘successful’ life). As the dark humor goes related to new scientific paradigms (and there is a major one emerging now), the new paradigm emerges one death at a time (of the old guard). Some have been waking up, hopefully many more will be willing to face the facts.

  21. “It Is Difficult to Get a Man to Understand Something When His Salary Depends Upon His Not
    Understanding It” Upton Sinclair.

  22. A combination of Occam’s Razor and Cui Bono might help here, ie follow the money to the simplest explanation.
    This guy’s been on the worldwide “talk” circuit for over 3 years now, so who’s funding him? Probably not the truth movement.
    If he’s so averse to covid “vaccines”, how has he been able to travel to so many countries without one?
    He says he’s one of the most published, peer-reviewed doctors out there. Putting aside the odious appeal to his own authority for a moment, what is it worth to be known as the most prolific contributor to a system itself known to be highly corrupt and fraudulent?
    He doesn’t seem to be particularly worried about or targeted by the pharmaceutical establishment, like many others – why not?
    He also seems to be a bit too friendly with that other virus denier-denier, ex-CIA collaborator and mRNA inventor Robert Malone.
    Something doesn’t add up here, but the expression ‘limited hangout’ comes to mind.

  23. This was a great example of the use of logical fallacies in rhetoric and the proper application of logical reasoning. Sam’s video, does a great job breaking down Mark and Kevin’s arguments.

    I also enjoyed Mark naming the various logical fallacies committed by Peter McCullough like the appeal to authority, building a straw man, conflating the issues, circular reasoning, red herring etc.

    Mark pointed out that it’s a logical fallacy to expect the party refuting the evidence (for the existence of viruses), to prove for the none existence of viruses.

    I used to be an avid admirer of Peter but videos such as these illustrate the intellectual tricks used in order to perpetuate the narrative. Unfortunately many don’t possess an intellectual defence.

    Peter and Fauci has a lot in common: “I’m the science and whoever challenges me, challenges the science.”

    I doubt that an articulate and intelligent person like Peter McCullough is nescient. Rather, I would speculate that he’s playing his role, perfectly. At worst, he’s simply ignorant…

    Clearly, Peter is on a misinformation campaign and by perpetuating the lab leak theory / engineered pathogens / gain of function research / virus narrative, it serves a purpose and agenda. Cui bono?

  24. Presistence will get us there, and I thank you for that. I personally have witnessed numerous examples where people have been very sick and everyone else very close to them perfectly well. The whole simplistic concept of transmission of a nano particle making people sick is hogwash!

  25. I hope you don’t mind a layperson’s comment on this. I have little advanced knowledge of micro biology so can’t really comment on the scientific fine details, but just from listening to the rebuttals of Peter’s interview, I don’t think Mark and Kevin are always being fair. For example, Peter said the ‘no virus’ debate is more prominent in the UK, to which they disagreed saying that scientists all around the world are voicing these views. But can anyone see that BOTH statements can be true? I’m based in the UK and the freedom forums/channels are swamped with ‘no virus’ debate, much more than the North American channels for example. So I think Peter has a valid point there, and the fact that Mark and Kevin disagreed with it – even though their own point may be true also – shows that they were looking for any way possible to disagree with him. There are several such examples in this video where they either mistake, twist or take out of context what Peter was saying in order to find flaws. THAT, I think, shows a bit of bias.

    As I say, I’m a lay person with no views on the subject other than who appears to be arguing more fairly, and thus who I’m more likely to find convincing. I have no idea if viruses exist or not, and to be honest, I’m not particularly bothered. There are much more concerning and immediate problems facing humanity right now and I wish people here would keep the virus debate in context. Firstly, properly disproving virology could take decades (certainly years) and relies heavily on scientific funding and journal neutrality/integrity – neither of which are particularly in our control at present. So lets not put the cart before the horse. First step is to take back control of governments and rescue humanity from the brink of disaster. THEN we re-establish scientific objectivity. But in my opinion, as a lay person looking on, arguing that viruses don’t exist RIGHT NOW, just weakens our ability to wake people up to the more immediate and much bigger societal problems. It’s about choosing our battles wisely. This one is for another day…but very interesting nonetheless.

  26. Thank you!

    This was another fantastic video. I’m always impressed with your ability to stay calm and level headed in the light of the insanity.

    The truth will be revealed eventually!

    It is so obvious once you start unpacking the shenanigans.

    However, I must admit that I believe in contagion … not from a tiny particle flying out of peoples mouths but from toxic thought forms flying out of peoples energetic fields… I recommend everyone wear an energetic “mask” to protect yourself from the oncoming fear “contagion”… it is a bumpy ride getting to the truth! 🤣🤣

    The best medicine:
    Meditate/ pray
    Grow a garden
    Hug your friends and family
    Turn off the screen
    Laugh at the theatre

    Hugs and peace to all!

  27. Dr. Peter McCullough profits on products that he sales and endorsed that claim to fight ‘viruses and germs.’ His business sales and clients increased because so many ordinary people have distanced themselves from much of Allopathic Medicine’s pseudo-remedies, Vaccines and treatments. Since a large portion of the ordinary public still falls victim to the pseudoscience of the Germ Hypotheses, Peter McCullough becomes an outlet for their alternative cures. Dr. McCullough has been a guest on a local radio talk show in my city (Dayton Ohio) for a businessman, Rick Poole (Natural Foods Plus). Both men profit in similar manner and they are quick to support the pseudoscience of Germs because they sell Naturopathic products that claim to help fight or cure germ-based diseases. During the call-in portion of the WDAO radio program, challenged both Dr. Peter McCullough and Rick Poole ( who is a friend of mine) on the whole Allopathic Medicine’s Germ Pseudoscience/Hypotheses. I had followed Dr. Andrew Kaufman and I read, ‘What Really Makes You Ill, ‘Goodbye Germ Theory’ and most of ‘Virus Mania 1st edition’ at that time (late 2020), they both politely dodged my points, muted me and thanked me for my call, and then went on to support the virus myth…. This is typically how this subject matter is handled at so many levels. The western propagation methods are extremely formidable and effective. We’ve got to be committed for the long haul to destroy this new religious war (which is very similar to the Inquisition and Crusades period).

  28. Kevin,
    Thanks for the calmly laid out vital info.
    You and Celia and Jon Rappoport are Truth Freedom Heroes from the Past and Present.
    Please consider investing in a better microphone for a clearer sound.

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