10th May 2022

RFK Jr has been a tireless campaigner in warning the public about the problems of vaccines.

However, with regards to the viral existence problem, he has been reluctant to get involved.
Let’s find out what happened when he was drawn into the debate in a recent Q&A session…👇

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  1. RFK was intellectually lazy and cowardly in his response.
    He knows the FOI system well, it having cotributed greatly to his early career.

  2. Since the early 50’s, the American Natural Hygiene Society published books and articles that explained that germs were like flies attracted to garbage and garbage doesn’t cause flies. Natural Hygiene authors explained the mistaken ideas popularized by Louis Pasteur. Natural Hygiene authors also explained that so-called “viruses” were cellular debris and were not a primary cause of diseases. As the causative factors of disease, besides hereditary influences, they listed poor nutrition, poor life habits, and environmental toxins that we breathe and drink. It is refreshing to hear Dr. Sam and friends explaining these ideas. But, they are not new ideas.

  3. Hello Sam and Mark, I bought your book “Virus mania” but haven’t had a chance to get stuck into it. It looks a bit daunting. I am persuaded by your condemnation of virus theory as a reality but am struggling to see how the differentiation between symptoms which virologists give names to by way of calling the sets of symptoms “viruses”. Whether certain high frequency EMFs can be matched to other specific factors to explain the diseased states? I am aware of some of the effects on health of 5G as well as Wifi – for example that 5G has been found to displace iron from haemoglobin as well as interfere with the development of neural pathways in young children. But I am struggling to properly picture how so-called-virus diseases cam be explained in terms of non-germ theory ways. I am not questioning the idea that viruses don’t exist, I am looking for alternative PLAUSIBLE explanations for the various sets of symptoms for which viruses are popularly blamed. Can you please point me to one or two or more examples of plausible alternative explanations? I’m guessing EMF’s would have a big part to play as well as toxins in the standard diets of populations such as glyphosate etc. I guess you are still ok with explaining bad bacteria in food can cause food poisoning?
    I am particularly interested in connecting how EMF’s and which toxins cause a disease that is described as ‘virus a’, say. Do you know if anyone has determined the combination of effects particular EMF’s and particular toxins for example that would explain a virus such as RSV or COVID which are quite different from each other. Also whether there are other factors besides these two. I am aware of ‘frequencies’ as explaining disease and that many of the world’s orchestras were at one stage ordered to change their pitch to make them more toxic.
    So I’m looking to find a conversation(s) somewhere that plausibly ties these aspects with a scientific explanation to describe particular specific diseases that are being called particular viruses. Eg. “COVID” in my view seems to be the label given to people dropping like flies in the street when 5G is turned on in certain areas and what the other likely cofactor(s) could be even if it’s just poor health; and what factors causing the poor health might be considered to be – eg glyphosate in food, flouride and chlorine in water supplies and other toxins. Another example is that of malaria which seems to exist in warm humid unhygienic regions – are you aware of a non-germ-theory explanation for it? (is the concept of hygiene also taboo in this conversation!??)
    SUMMARY: Are you aware of any plausible sets of factors that explain particular diseases? Or can you point me in the direction of names of people I could try to follow? PERHAPS YOU HAVE SPECIFIC VIDEOS YOU YOURSELVES CAN RECOMMEND TO ME, please?
    I am fairly confident the so called COVID virus can be explained in terms of 5G but cannot envisage other specific factors. Maybe no one can? Many of us would like to understand the various vectors involved in the new diseases being released on populations so we can take specific action to avoid and or heal from them! Actually I think the next global one threatened is a fungus???
    I hope you can make sense of my questions and thank you for taking time to look through the above. Cheers, Mary (Melbourne metro, Victoria, Australia)

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