26th August 2023

When it comes to “viruses“, it is obvious that the mainstream media have pushed the narrative for decades. Although those of us pointing out the lack of evidence for viruses and contagion have gained considerable momentum in the past three years, most of the public remain oblivious to it. 

However, a sizeable alternative news platform recently noticed something extraordinary about the media’s coverage of RFK Jr:

  • Why is the media completely silent about RFK Jr’s greatest “weakness”?
  • Answer:  Because it may expose the fraud of virology to everyone.


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  1. Thanks Sam great reporting,
    I would like to think JFK is wanting to stay a bit neutral for the election run up, so as not to scare away potential votes, and avoid getting lynched.
    It would reach so many more people though if he would only support the no virus truth, which could be a tipping point for change 🙂

  2. Thank you Sam and Mark
    The smear term anti vaxxer is both offensive and perjorative and should be outlawed. We have a corrupt corporate media and medical faction preparing the ground by preying on the inherent primordial fears of humans -swiftly followed by the panacea-hey presto! a highly profitable vaccine or pharmaceutical product. We witness the results of this insanity daily. A hitherto once in a year event -an emergency vehicle sounding its siren now happening just about every day , sometimes multiple times per day -where I am. Now I may be a peasant but I am not stupid!
    This dood -even using the term antivaxxer demonstrates how mired he is in the legacy mainstream propaganda not to mention his self professed ignorance. Thanks for your clarity

  3. If he even won the election – that’s a ginormous IF – he would be following TPTB’s orders and play his part as controlled op. He knows exactly what happens if he’d step out of line on his own. Besides, no one is elected to that position; they are always selected.

    He’s obviously not running in order to get the truth out about jabs. If he was, he’d be using this current platform to get as much info out to the public on the subject all the while knowing that the chances of being selected are slim to none.

    He’s a 🤡 through and through playing his part in the 🎪 by being used for diverting the public’s attention.

  4. Thanks for another informative and relevant video.
    By coincidence I have only just finished listening to a RFK Jr podcast “All Cause Mortality with Denis Rancourt”. Rancourt concludes that his investigations of excess deaths during the covid period prior to vaccine rollout shows no correlation to deaths from a “Virus”and confirms that there was no pandemic. RFK Jr was puzzled by this as it is in conflict with his own interpretation of the covid era and would certainly be at odds with the content of his new book. I do believe he will get there eventually as he is making an effort to talk to people with different views and look at data analysis that challenge his views, such as presented in the podcast with Denis Rancourt. A point they agreed on was that the alarming excess deaths since the vaccine rollout was due to the vaccine.

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