18th March 2023

The United States Government purports to be investigating the “origins of COVID-19”. But how do you investigate something that doesn’t exist?

Unfortunately, many health “freedom” leaders are claiming that this is the smoking gun for gain of function lab leaks. Although, they admit that there has been a huge amount of fraud going on during the scamdemic, why are they propagating virology’s pseudoscience? 

We’ve been going over the fundamental flaws in the virologists’ methodologies for quite some time and it looks like we still have more work to do…

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  1. That was a fabulous review…. thank you Dr Bailey. The logical question I will get when I attempt to explain this is the obvious… “so what made so many people sick?” From what I understand, it was no more pathogenic then the common cold or flu…. deaths did not surpass or even match 2018 where there was no pandemic. (I think it was 2018) … So many lies…. then the vaxx came out and harmed million and killed thousands 4 of my relatives dies and explosive cancer within 3 months of their booster. A high school olympic class swimming buddy of mine suffered horribly after his second jab… it took two years of complaining and today they removed over litre of fluid from below his lung… oddly there are scientific papers that describe exactly what he had caused by the vaxx. I could go on and on… but most are blind and still believe the propaganda. I agree, slowly people are waking up but I hope the parasites that rule don’t destroy it all before we have our say.

  2. Dr. Sam,
    I’ve to let you, and therefore everyone else, know that this is my very first on-line reply ever! I take my privacy VERY seriously (to the point of shredding the name and address portions of my mail prior to it meeting the trash bin – who does that?!).
    Your, and your husband’s, research are top flight. I like that your team called out Del Bigtree (although I’ve a great respect for what he is attempting to accomplish), and that your team referenced Dr. David Martin! (I’ve had the pleasure to shake hands with Dr. Martin on two occasions. He’s humble, super intelligent, and very smart – yes, there’s a difference between intelligent and smart).
    I’m just a regular guy ruled by common sense, nothing special (except my sole), but I can’t figure why NO ONE talks about and applies Kock’s Postulates to this, and other similar situations. Goodness, a proven practice developed (and refined) over a century ago and NO ONE wants to use nor reference it (let’s just generate “things” out of a computer model).
    As I read between the lines at the beginning of this “thing” (early 2020), I was never scared nor worried. I’ve worked every day since (yea, one of the lucky ones), my children stand tall with knowledge, and we continue to develop our lives knowing we have a great and wonderful future on this planet (no matter the depressive goals and messages of the WEF).
    If I may continue. I’ve always had the outlook (my mom was a surgical RN) that there are trillions of “things” around me, and billions of “things” inside me, and my body along with everyone around me (and you), work every second of every day to figure what to do with these trillions and billions. I don’t know, seems like common sense to me.
    c0v1d = the flu! People die. My mother and father have died (by the way, greatest parents on the face of the earth – no jaded opinion here!). I’ll die. We’ll all die. Get over it.
    I sign off wishing you, your husband, and your team the best of great skills and good luck as you move forward in your young lives.
    P. S. I like your “Statement”!

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