26th May 2021

Dr. Sam summarises the differences between Germ Theory and Terrain Theory 🧫vs🌲

1. Virus Mania – 3rd English edition
2. Impure Science – Steven Epstein
3. Wikipedia – Germ theory of disease
4. Wikipedia – Germ theory denialism 
5. The Germ-Theory of Disease – Prof H. Bastian, BMJ April 10, 1875
6. The challenges of modeling mammalian biocomplexity – Nicholson, et al: 
7. Origins of “opportunistic” in medical literature
8. Second Thoughts on the Germ Theory – René Dubos, Scientific American, May 1955
9. Anthrax incidence – United States

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  1. I Just finished watching the presentation on “Terrain Therapy” . I could not help but copy and past many of the sayings of Dr Williams as presented. there. I just could not wait to receive my copy of the book!

    I am not a stranger to the dialogue between Antoine Béchamp and Louis Pasteur, having read many of them in their original language, nor am I a stranger to the haste to use dangerous petrochemicals ( also referred to as pharmaceuticals) , yet I find Dr Williams remarks and his life very sobering , refreshing and inspiring indeed!

    My prayer is for you to keep your fortitude in the face of tyranny.

    I hope you are in touch with Dr. Maryanne Demasi in Australia.

    Please keep me on your mailing list.

    Note: the French pronounce the name Béchamp with a silent “p”.

    While awaiting the delivery of my copy of “Terrain Therapy”, I send you my best regards and appreciation of your work.


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