9th September 2023

The lack of scientific evidence is catching up with those clinging to germ theory and virus existence. We are now seeing some of the “pathogen” promoters lashing out rather than being prepared to discuss the long history of failed experiments. How much longer can they maintain this façade with their audiences?   

Germ “theory” is a fraudulent misnomer as it is a refuted hypothesis rather than a scientific theory. In this video we examine five of the arguments being used by the germ proponents…and why they have all flopped spectacularly.


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  1. My wife continues to vaccinate her dogs even after all the theatre of the last 4 years. So frustrating.

  2. Thank you Sam. You are the best at helping us understand how to combat the “invisible enemy” promotors’ arguments and deceptions. I’ve overcome several health issues following the terrain therapy approach. I haven’t been to a regular medical doctor since the fall of 2019. I take no drugs yet I have completely defeated my diabetes and high blood pressure thanks to you and Mark and your colleagues who helped me understand how to manage my own health.

  3. Brilliant Sam as usual!
    There is a business man in Germany called Samuel Eckert who is offering 1,5 million Euros (or about $ NZ 2,5 million!) for anyone that can present a scientific proof that Covid-19 viruses exist. Sam’s listeners of course will not be surprised that nobody has been able to claim it since the offer was established over 3 years ago in 2020.

  4. Dr. Sam,

    Most of your videos are right on point and most of your info is fabulous. However, in the case of the “smallpox” effects on the Native People of the Americas, you missed that one completely. I am a Cherokee Elder and, as such, do not get my information from PBS. The truth is that hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of Native People were killed by something that came about at the same time that the Europeans arrived in the New World. Blaming PBS for the input is below your usual standards.

  5. Well, that doesn’t prove that there was anything contagious that Europeans brought to you. How about a poisoning of some and mass murder of the rest. Then write the story yourself and blame it on fantasy material. How do we know things.

  6. Replying to Elder David Choate, there is one fact that points toward why Native People in the New World died by the thousands after the arrival of Europeans. That fact is the introduction of pigs which the sailors brought onboard as a source of meat. Many pigs got loose and migrated inland quickly, reproducing along the way. In many areas, the pigs had no natural predators to control the pig population. In addition, the wild pigs evolved into a much more wild form, with large tusks that helped them dig into the soil. These wild pigs devastated native gardens and fields, leading to starvation. As a result, the Europeans found deserted villages because the food supply was being gobbled up by all these wild pigs. That’s just one explanation that doesn’t conjure up microbes.

  7. i love the humour mix in the videos,we need to laugh more,especially at some of the hilarious so- called scientists.

  8. Great Video. I watched Vernon Coleman’s ridiculous video. Attacking the No Virus Drs. (which he claims are not doctors) for not having any scientific evidence while supplying none in his blathering diatribe. He does appear to be an expert in the use of logical fallacies as I pointed out in my response on Twitter.
    Thank you so much for your work. I share it every day.

  9. Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.
    3 John 1:2

  10. Dr Sam,
    If you have not already seen it :
    A Summary of the Proofs That Vaccination Does Not Prevent Small-pox but Really Increases It (S616: 1904) by Alfred Russel Wallace of Darwin and Wallace fame,
    and a more recent comment by an Italian professor at the end of Wallace’s paper.

  11. I wasn’t aware vernon coleman was in the ‘virus’ camp as opposed to no virus. For someone usually so smart and open minded.

  12. Dr Sam,
    All prospective medical students should be forced to pass a rigorous course in the history of medicine with an emphasis on the past 200 years taught NOT by some old fogey in a medical school but by a historian of medicine.
    with the underlying theme being ,”..apart from acute care ,modern medicine has killed more than it has saved”.

  13. Dr. Sam,
    PT Barnum said it best:

    “But however mysterious is nature , however ignorant the doctor, however imperfect the present state of physical science , the patronage and the success of quacks and quackeries are infinitely more wonderful than those of honest and laborious men of science and their careful experiments.” ~ P. T. Barnum

  14. John Norris mentioned his wife, taking there dog receive shots, do have any suggestions on how to care for animals, they go to Doctors too?
    I posted this on VivaBarnes on Locals, tonight, and Barnes said you were very good during the pandemic. Then he said to Viva, we should have her on.
    Viva and Barnes, Please look at Dr Sam Bailey on Odysee. Virology is the biggest fraud that was ever conceived.

  15. To David Choate. You make a very interesting point about the history of Native Americans following the arrival of the Europeans. I don’t live in the USA but the story you relate is the accepted narrative where I am. But is it true?

    Perhaps you have access to sources not available here that support your case about the widespread deaths of the natives centuries ago. Maybe you can also argue for the probable cause of those deaths?

    I don’t have any answers but I am inclined to believe Dr Bailey’s arguments. So where does that leave the virtual wiping our of the natives by contagious diseases brought from Europe?

  16. Gratitude for your several minutes of answering that old “Bovidae” Coleman. In 2020 attracted by his video “We Are Victims of the Greatest Crime in History ” I used as part of my election flyer. Very soon however gave up listening to or reading him as it became apparent he was not supportive of the “no virus”truth. Will now hasten to amend my reference to him.
    Yesterday paid my nomination fee for this years General Election and today celebrated becoming an octogenerian. One guess as to what topics will top my list of speech points. The Bailey duo continue to be a highlight of my week.

  17. Will someone who knows where to find Vernon Coleman’s videos, please post a link? Veterinarian medicine is heavily steeped in allopathic medicine and probably always has been. Veterinarians, like pediatricians, are robots when it comes to promoting all sorts of vaccines for dogs and cats. Like licensed MDs they make a good amount of income from vaccine sales. I had my cat’s “tracking” microchip removed last year due to massive skin inflammation that the vet could not diagnose. She has had no skin problems since. Vets, like dermatologists, can only offer antibiotics and steroids for such symptoms. If and until we start to recognize the fallacies and dangers of allopathic medicine for both ourselves and our pets, we will continue to vaccinate and take suppressive pharmaceuticals and give the same to our pets. These drugs do nothing for the underlying cause of the symptoms and, in the long run, makes us and our animals sicker. Ever wonder why our pets so often succumb to cancer in old age? Ever wonder why your grandma at the age of 75 suddenly succumbs to metastatic cancer? This, I propose, is the result of long term use of suppressive medications which kick the can down the road until the body is so toxic that it gives up.

  18. To David Choate,
    As others commented, there are many reasons the Native Americans died in great numbers at that time. Making the assumption there was “Smallpox” brought in as a contagion is just that, an assumption based on really nothing except observation of disease which means nothing. There are countless reasons they could’ve become ill just as there are in every case. Dr. Bailey has not dropped the ball on this one. All illnesses are essentially the same…..poisons, toxins, are physical trauma. Sometimes we seem to need a “one cause” explanation for things, makes it simple and upholds our beliefs. Doesn’t make it true.

  19. For me, BOTH sides of this argument are wrong…. and both are right. The way I see it, viruses are like the wind. Just as you can’t “isolate” a virus, you can’t put the wind in a box. If you try to do so, it immediately ceases to be the wind. You can’t see the wind; you can’t tell exactly where it came from and you don’t know exactly where it’ll go next. But you CAN see and feel the effects of the wind. We clearly need to rethink our understanding of what exactly viruses are. The problem lies in seeing them as a different form of germ.

  20. I’m glad you repeat yourself Dr Sam. The way you do it is easily assimilated. Please keep making the efforts to educate us. Your rationale can be recalled and explained when I am challenged on my knowledge based stance. I nearly said opinion then, but it’s not opinion is it, it’s fact.

  21. Dr Wilner, author of Deadly Deception did a press conferences in 1994 where he took blood from a HIV positive patient and then stuck himself with the needle to show it is not the cause of AIDS. Unfortunately he died of a heart attack just six months later, but his press conference was a spectacular effort to show the world the truth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iA-5XB2Bqds

  22. Thank you for your videos. I first became aware of what you are talking about from studying Dr. Hamer’s German New Medicine. Following that, I found my way to Dr. Stefan Lanka, who also knew Dr. Hamer. They conversed a lot on this subject, learning from each other’s expertise, no doubt. Lanka has published a lot of articles on the lack of proof of the existence of viruses – mainly in German, but also in English. I’m happy that this has been picked up by some MDs, like you. Next, it would be great if people could get to understand the real cause(s) of disease. If this interests you, please contact me, and I will connect you with the created of the GNM Institute.

  23. Would love you to look into Qortal and start a community there so your content will always be accessible. Sayer Ji and Mike Adams are both advocates from the alternate health community.

  24. Thank you Sam Bailey! Soooo fed up with this germ nonsense.. took me 2 years (and 20,000hours probably!) to sort through the ‘truthers’ to get to the truth. Most of them are invested or still work in the vaccine industry, and are just against the “current” ones already given. (So the ‘next’ ones will be ‘better’). Vonderplanitz was my first glimmer of hope, but was really chuffed to find someone still alive who spoke sense! Your videos are very educational, and entertaining. Muchos respect.

  25. Ps…and yes i know 20,000 hrs is over 2yrs ! ..i meant in all from 2018 (when i was listening to RKJ ) through 2020( D.Cahill +WDA) 2021(D.Bigtree)2022 (P. Mcculoch)to now (September 2023) i would give none of them the time of day now. Just thought I’d clear that up.

  26. David Choate I like people like you free to express your opinion. The interesting thing to note here is that none of your detractors came up with any provable or sensible argument? I presume people know that viruses can be seen under an electron microscope.

  27. Tim – they are seeing ‘exosomes’ under the electron microscope and not a virus.

  28. There are a lot of people for whom authorities and science are basically their religion, or like their religious leaders who they beleive it blasphemous and a massive sin to ever question. The reality, which is that much of what the authorities say, and much of science, is basically BS contrived for selfish purposes (i.e. someone’s agenda for power and/or wealth and/or to simply make other people miserable), is not something they’re willing to consider so they reject it immediately. They will only go with what confirms their beliefs, and automatically reject antyhing that goes against their beliefs. This means that much of “science” and what comes to us from government authorities, the news media, science websites, and various corporations is in fact a cult system with psychopaths on top and believers below who worship the psychopaths and have been trained to view anyone who contradicts them as the one who is a lunatic.

  29. Rohan, EVs such as exosomes can be similar size to viruses. Both can be seen under an electron microscope.

  30. I’m with you, Tim, we know it’s a virus in the picture, since there are arrows pointing to it, or a red circle around them! There are even more clear (computer generated) pictures. We can see the viruses with our own eyes!

  31. Alex, seeing something on a slide doesn’t equate to that something carding illness.

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