14th January 2024

Rebecca Culshaw-Smith is a medical researcher and author of the book The Real AIDS Epidemic. After starting her academic career with a mathematical focus she became drawn into the area of HIV/AIDS and quickly discovered that it was a world built upon deception and mistruths. Rebecca is motivated to end the harm being done to vulnerable individuals who are being used to sustain sales of bogus “anti-viral” pharmaceutical products. 
Here is what she had to say about:
  • discovering that the HIV/AIDS model was scientifically bankrupt
  • going public with her book and the repercussions/smear campaigns against her 
  • how the COVID-19 “pandemic” is related to the AIDS “epidemic”
  • the scandal of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) drugs for a virus that does not exist
  • the misunderstandings concerning probability and medical tests
  • the pitfalls of antenatal “screening”


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  1. Why I Quit HIV – Rebecca Culshaw on Lew Rockwell Website (2006)
  2. Science Sold Out – Rebecca Culshaw (Amazon)
  3. The Real AIDS Epidemic – Rebecca Culshaw-Smith (Amazon)
  4. Open letter to FB from 50 LGBTQ organisations
  5. How a Drugmaker Profited by Slow-Walking a Promising H.I.V. Therapy (New York Times Article on Truvada 2023)
  6. False positive Down syndrome screening — more common than you think – Substack
  7. When They Warn of Rare Disorders, These Prenatal Tests Are Usually WrongNew York Times
  8. Newborn screening blood tests kept by NZ Police
  9. Newborn heel prick blood test (Guthrie Card) – what happens to the blood and genetic information
  10. The Origin, Persistence and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory – Henry H. Bauer
  11. When AIDS Began – Michelle Cochrane (2003)
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  1. Wow Sam, ‘Punchy’ is exactly how I ‘d describe Rebecca, wonderful interview, getting close to ‘best yet’, thank you…!!!

  2. Great interview. I was unaware of Rebecca’s bòok though have read quite a few books covering AIDS scam.
    MSM still mostly keeping a lid on truth about many topics for benefit of certain interests.
    AIDS is obviously false but cover up continues obviously with cooperation of MSM AND most independent journalists.

  3. Very interesting to see this approach from a mathematician’s perspective… and to hear her say how mathematics doesn’t prove stuff! Also very interesting to hear how the stats for HIV in Africa came largely from antenatal clinics where pregnancy causes false positives. There is a big discrepancy between the notion that abounds in the West (press/people’s minds) of a Continent rife with HIV and the reality that comes from the mouths of Africans themselves. (Same with Covid!)
    Thank you Sam and Rebecca.

  4. Very interesting interview with a truly passionate woman! Why am I not shocked or surprised about her thoughts around prenatal testing? I appreciate why she might not answer her own question around “why” these tests are necessary and more importantly, why they may create the false positives. I have my own answers to those questions and they run along the same lines as the pcr testing and how unfit for purpose they are. But for the prenatal tests, the ‘positive’ results for Downs Syndrome etc may be linked to the abortion industry in very nefarious ways. Just my thoughts…

  5. Thank you Dr. Sam for letting your guest speak with minimal interruption.
    “Instill fear!” I opine that this is the most significant short phrase to understand in this almost hour long presentation, and the most important thing that We, the Spirits of our world need to understand.
    If we’re in fear, we are under control! And this control is not of our own.
    Apologies Dr Sam, but not ONE mention of Jon Rappoport’s book, “AIDS Inc.” (Scandal of the Century)? The proof of the lie your guest speaks of.
    Please stay true to your Spirit with respect and your Temple.
    Much Love To All. Kev

  6. http://www.whale.to/c/science_sold_out__does_hiv.html I missed this in my years of reading on this encyclopedic site but did not miss Virus Mania which featured thereon in PDF. Only as the scamdemic built up in 2020 did I rush to buy a hard copy of what was then still the 2007 version. It arrived in NZ from Australia the day of our first lockdown in March 2020 but to my relief the Courier still delivered to my door.

  7. That was a belter of an interview. Sadly the conmen orchestrating and growing rich and famous from the lie of HIV/AIDS, convid, cancer, global warming, etc, will never be held to account for the harm they perform, it is the truthtellers that suffer at the hands of these criminals.

  8. I remember being scared irrationally by all the AIDS fear hype. Seems to me that testing and AIDS is one some of the original sins of the medical machine and mass manipulators. These medical sins like so no Virus COVID hokes need exposing to all the freedom craving populous, especially as the likes of Alex Jones still pumps fear about a worse virus instead of making it absolutely clear that the previous one was a statistical con and that its only the “shot” that is to be feared.

  9. The entirety of the modern biology model needs to be thrown out with the garbage. Nomenclature has destroyed our minds. Greed has destroyed humanity.

  10. Enjoyed the interview very much – always great to see more aspects exposed of the medical fear-based narratives that have been spinning out for many decades. So many people have yet to realize how bogus these pharma-stories-for-profit are. As the body of science-based information grows at some point there surely will be a “tipping point” as Malcolm Gladwell would put it.

  11. I’m sorry if I’m wrong but my impression of Rebecca Culshaw-Smith is that she might be still believing in the existence of a virus that causes AIDS. She talks about the high false positive rate of the HIV test but if you know that AIDS is not an infectious disease caused by a virus that can be tested by the so-called HIV test, the false positive rate is always 100%.

  12. Thank you for yet another informative video! Rebecca’s take on the existence of the HIV virus is worth reading:


    Her view is consistent with the microzyma/sanal theory of Bechamp and Bong Han Kim, that posits virus-like particles as animating agents of cellular processes, including cellular death. It is these particles that are mis-identified as viruses.

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