29th October 2022

Jim West is a legendary researcher and author, although he tends to keep a low profile. You may have seen his work, but not known where it was from. He has uncovered a massive amount of evidence to support his hypothesis that persistent pesticides caused The Great Polio Epidemic, post-WWII.

Much of his research has led to the same conclusion that viruses are being used as a cover story for the real causes of disease. Jim ties together science, psychology and spirituality and I could listen to him all day.

With no political or career conflicts of interest, he is able to critique the professional medical establishment in areas of scientific truth that most people are too afraid to go near.

Here is what he said about: 

  • His journey of discovery and greatest influences
  • The virology scam
  • The Polio/DDT charts
  • The corruption of the medical establishment
  • The health freedom movement – virus promoters vs no virus group
  • History of germ theory and the need to protect industry (going back to the Bible)
  • Political vs Scientific Truth
  • What individuals can do to combat medical tyranny

and much more!


  1. DDT/Polio: Virology vs Toxicology – Jim West’s Book
  2. Jim’s Website
  3. 6% Global Income Big Tech: How the EU is Forcing Twitter to Censor (and Musk Can’t Stop It)
  4. Jim’s Blog
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1 Comment

  1. Surprisingly for me
    Jim West blames the fate of Steve Jobs on emf and now speculates about Elon Musk also being sick from emf not from toxins

    I am not denying that strong emf may have health effects but it seems to me that other emf-activists seem to be too singleminded and have redirected attention away from toxins too much.
    (It has been speculated by some that heavy metals and emf may have a combined effect but, if so, the chemistry-part of it must not be omitted)
    And I suspect that the singleminded focus on emf has been encouraged by those whose motives are to block chinese competition for 5G 6G etc until the west has caught up and will continue using it just as much.
    Either way the focus on emf decreases awareness about toxins and also decreases awareness about the undermining of the habitats for all living things
    Fewer larvae due to modern forestry means fewer birds. They sometimes have to seek food so far away that they might succumb and die if the wind is unfavourable
    This actually did happen for groups of birds who attempted to reach waters richer in fish. They failed and fell down and died
    emf is blamed for birds dying and falling down from the sky like that.
    Domesticated bees are less capable of chasing out parasites and therefore get wiped out, while wild bees are more fit to protect their hives.
    Emf activists blame evrything on emf and nothing on toxins or natural explanations

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