9th December 2023

In the last four years we have witnessed the “authorities” going all out to cover up the COVID-19 fraud. Pointing out flaws in the scientific evidence has resulted in accusations of spreading “misinformation” or even being struck off.
Just when things appeared to be cooling off with COVID-19, New Zealand whistleblower Barry Young released a secret dataset containing information about vaccination status and death rates. In response the NZ government has cracked down once again as they scramble to hold together the “safe and effective” mantra.
However, will ignoring the upstream fraud while focussing so heavily on the COVID shots bring about any real change? In this video we examine the much wider issues and there will also be an update on the establishment’s war against Dr Sam!


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  1. Wow dear Sister Sam, you are radiant, living proof to back up every word and thought you proclaim, is it any wonder you have such a large following..!!
    (I did watch Tom’s presentation the other day and sort of giggled a little as I just knew he’d come up with his own unique critique on the ‘current situation’)
    Thank you deeply and Yah bless you and your family <3

  2. Thank you Dr Sam. I am a little disappointed Barry Young failed to present his data properly. But as you said “his heart was in the right place”
    We know from people like you and Dr Mark, Tom Cowan and Edward Dowd who is probably the best at presenting data and graphs, that deaths sky rocketed when they rolled out the Liquid Filth called vaccines.

  3. Gorgeous Sam. You never fail to impress. You and Mark have been leading lights in this horrible scam and death system.
    Can’t sign off without a word for another of my favourites – Tom Cowan. Well done fellas xoxo

  4. The hardest I’ve ever seen you go Sam. Well done
    . Sadly what “they” have done to Barry Young isn’t the first, and won’t be the last time “they” suppress facts from the people to financially benefit corpirate interests.
    When the US court forced the release of the pfizer data documents from their bogus trials, I tried to download them, but was “blocked” from doing so. Government saving me from myself I suspect.
    Whenever government put restrictions on information with seemingly excessively severe penalties, you can guarantee they are hiding the truth.
    As I have posted numerous times, “Truth does not mind being questioned, A lie does not like being challenged”.

  5. Another great run down of events Sam! You’re right, there’s no changing their corrupted ways while they still in powerful positions. I believe we all have to choose our direction. There’s a split in timelines coming, which will divide us into a higher vibration state or lower vibration state. Like Dr Cowan says, “Live and breathe your own truth, Show the way, and they will follow”.
    There will be further division between us all in the coming years, but that will also bring likeminded people together.
    Maybe this is the way forward…. Very disruptive on families, but necessary for us to progress.
    I’m not very religious as such, but didn’t some famous man say (instead of fighting your foes) ‘I am the way, the truth, and the light’?
    Inferring ‘Be the light for those people that are lost to follow’ .
    You’re our strongest light at the moment Sam, keep pushing xx

  6. I watched Kirsh’s presentation and had the thought after reading a critical evaluation of the released data similar to Sam’s that our dear whistleblower is actually an agent and this episode a psyop. “Stolen” “bad” data to embarrass Kirsh created the situation where pro-vaccine headlines can be written once again. Ugh.

  7. Sam, you are a brilliant light! There’s no doubt here that” I’ll have what she’s having!”. Thank you for all you and Mark do!

  8. It is good to see every effort to stand up for valid medical data. Keep up the good documentation through this information war!

  9. By the way Drs Bailey you are doing the world brilliant service and I really get a giggle amongst the horror the powers that Shouldn’t be are causing us with those micro clips of so many relevant additions to your words of truth.

  10. Dr Sam
    May the God that most certainly exists and loves us bless you and your family for your dedication to truth and your courage when after discovering the truth and finding out it will harm your finances you still did the right thing.
    I read in Mans Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl that good people will always be in the minority, unfortunately I suspect that will always be true.
    I do know it only takes a tiny minority of good people to overcome evil.
    You are amazing, God bless you.

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