23rd December 2023

Mike Stone is the creator of viroLIEgy.com, which scrutinizes the world of virology and germ theory and exposes their gaping scientific and logical flaws. Mike is completely self-taught and woke up to the problems of virology after a particularly saddening personal experience. 

Once the COVID-19 fraud began, Mike felt compelled to share his own research findings and now has one of the world’s most extensive repositories of information surrounding alleged viruses. Mark and I talked with him for 2 hours and the time just flew by. He is honourable, humble and one of the kindest people you will ever meet.

Here is what he said about:

  • the censorship of his work
  • his background and interaction with allopathic medicine
  • his family experience with vaccines
  • the catalyst that started his virology research
  • his decision to speak out publicly
  • accusations of being a “psy-op”
  • the “diagnosis” and “testing” problem within the allopathic paradigm and how to move forward

and much more!

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  1. I’m currently watching this video, and I must say that Dr. Mark is spot on that there is a huge demand for the information that you grand folks express.

  2. Thank you all so much for this interview. Each of you has contributed to my newfound clarity and empowerment around health. I’m truly grateful for the information, and for your courage in sharing it over the past few years.

  3. I think the people who are claiming to be no virus and are nasty on the interwebs are gov’t agents of some kind. Some might even be bots.
    I have a friend who was in the military, so I know for a fact that the military has troops who are assigned to social media. Our tax dollars at work, ugh.

  4. Thanks for this post. I appreciated Mike’s candor and his ability to face what he viewed as his mistakes; an honorable man. This presentation has given me renewed motivation in forwarding the no virus information. One take away from this discussion is to remember that compassion, and patience are necessary when providing this information to others who are hearing it for the first time. All of you; Sam, Mark, Mike; exhibit these traits to a very high degree. I will be practicing these behaviors in the future when discussing why no pathogenic viruses exist. It reminds me of a directive made by Emmerick Vattel, a famous Swiss jurist; and author of The Law of Nations who lived in the 18th century; while discussing education “We shall here only observe, in general, that vice may be suppressed by chastisements, but that mild and gentle methods alone can elevate men to the dignity of virtue; it may be inspired, but it cannot be commanded. “

  5. I feel so encouraged, inspired and enlightened from this discussion. And best of all….not so alone.
    To hear so many of my own random thoughts being addressed …and questions being answered …. allowing them to slide effortlessly into the emergent (for me) paradigm of terrain theory, is really quite a rapturous experience. So, thank you for your courage and integrity to bring this knowledge into the public light. Truth will prevail.

  6. What a beautiful and revealing interview. Best Christmas present. Thanks Sam, Mark and Mike!

  7. This is a great interview. Listing stats and data is ok sometimes but these actual stories are more understandable and more relatable.

  8. Nice to hear Mark describing why he decided to make an online presence.

  9. What happened to Mike’s Son is identical to what happened to my son. It was also what started me on my path into questioning vaccines and germ theory. I have learnt so much from Mike, I was on FB when he first started posting and I remember thinking that he was incredibly knowledgeable. In fact, the information that I put together for the successful Bird flu Notice that is published on thebernician.net, was gathered from everything I learned from him. His conversations on twitter are fantastic and a such and informative way for people to learn.

  10. Thank you, Mike. I have given your video to lots and lots of people. I hope you “stumble on” (your words) the German New Medicine, as well. It will answer a lot of your unanswered questions about the causes of the diseases that conventional medicine treats with toxic meds, and so on.
    Here are a couple of references – I felt blessed to have “stumbled on” this years ago:

  11. What a terrible experience Mike has had at the beginning of his journey. Most of us are so trusting, until the unspeakable happens. Thanks for all your hard work, honesty and dedication.

  12. Enjoyed the conversation. I was always skeptical of vaccines, but great to have so much information now to fully appreciate all the baseless narratives so one can be totally free of fears of “pathogens.” All of the exposes have given me a more complete feeling of control of my health and well-being – even more than the level of holistic health awareness I had before all of this. I actively share all the Terrain Theory info I can on Facebook and when interacting with others. I have cards with links to theendofcovid.com, drsambailey.com that I give out. I probably should add https://viroliegy.com/ .

  13. Excellent as always, Mike is so humble and seems like a really kind guy.
    I hope you realise how valuable your videos are to us all!
    You and Mark, Tom, Andy, and all of the “no virus team” are spear heads for the truth and
    I thank you all so much.

  14. Thanks to Mike, Sam, and Mark for the great conversation. And thanks for the polite commenters – a rare thing on the internet. I’m surprised that you don’t have more trolls. Happy 2024 to everyone in the Bailey community!

  15. @Richard Dutkiewicz: You make a great point as it’s a real pleasure to come here not only to see the excellent videos, but to read the useful and polite comments posted. You should see the comments Mike gets on his viroliegy site, sheesh! Go there and see for yourself. Happy New Year 2024 to the Baileys and all the good people who read this!

  16. Having worked in virolie gy I know that viruses do not exist. I curse the day that Jenner was born worse still when corporate organised crime weaponised his deeply flawed hypothesis.
    But what do you say when a devotee asks (arms folded) well if viruses do not exist how do you explain pandemics like the great plague that predate toxin theory and injectables ?
    Stress, wars, poor nutrition, poverty, volcanic eruptions? I would like to get all my ducks in a row before the next- so how you explain ………..

  17. Philip Pearson…. ‘plagues’ … also think about radiation from meteor strikes… cf “What Really Makes You Ill” Dawn Lester and David Parker.
    Best Wishes.

  18. God was there to receive your mother in law Mike & He knows exactly what she went through & what is lies & what is truth. Testimony like this makes me incredibly scared of having anything to do with the medical machine. Unfortunately a whole lot of well intentioned people who have gone into the medical field with the finest of intentions are wrapped up in this story. They will be genuinely horrified if & when they ever discover what they have inadvertently had a hand in.
    By the grace of the work of Drs Sam & Mark Bailey & people like Mike go a growing army of laypeople intent of discussing germ theory/virology. #NoVirusTwitter

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