23rd February 2023

Eric Coppolino is an experienced investigative New York based journalist, who has an incredible history of exposing scientific fraud and environmental pollution cover-ups. One of his earliest career breaks was his exposure of the dumping of dioxin in the Love Canal. He has also been documenting the COVID-19 fraud with his comprehensive COVID Chronology

The recent East-Palestine train derailment disaster has meant he is back working around the clock to get vital information out to the public.

We talked about:

  • The East-Palenstine, Ohio train derailment
  • What dioxin is and how it is made
  • Health effects of dioxin
  • Previous dioxin disasters & agent orange
  • What the people of East-Palenstine, Ohio need to do
  • Dioxin treatments

and much more!

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  1. Thank you for what you do Mark & Sam. Exposing the lie that is virology is absolutely vital, before they play the “pandemic” card again, and further destroy our food chain under such guise also. Would be neat to catch you in person at any events you may be present at in Christchurch. It would be really good to explore further the aspect of detoxing with the water you mentioned recently, does the silica in the water bind with all metals? There is a guy called Darko Velcek, that is really going into the same line of remedy/ investigation, perhaps you are familiar? Well worth a look anyway.- https://www.bitchute.com/video/IdRcY7q3Xj6K/.
    Cheers Guys, God bless

  2. Yesterday’s UKColumn news: https://www.ukcolumn.org/video/uk-column-news-22nd-february-2023 featured Debi (nursing correspondent) talking about the Ohio disaster from -41:30. She mentions, -38:10 (N.B. the minus sign)( but as yet has not confirmed) that Agenda 2030 would allow govt to seize contaminated land and move the citizens (to 15 minute cities).

    For what it’s worth, Gavin Mounsey https://gavinmounsey.substack.com/p/glyphosate-and-dioxin-detox talks about detoxing from both glyphosate and dioxin:
    Quote: “Roman S Shapoval (who writes “The Power Couple” commented “Since dioxin is fat-soluble, certain fats in the diet can help with chelation, such as grassfed clarified butter. I make it at home, super easy. Just simmer butter until it foams, keep simmering for 20 minutes, then strain through a cheesecloth. Shelf-stable forever.

    FYI: In one study with 88 subjects, 48 of them underwent a 7-day detox of ingesting ghee (clarified butter) while on a no fat, meat or dairy diet. The researchers measured 9 different environmental PCB dioxin toxins and 8 pesticide toxins.

    They saw a significant reduction in the 9 PCBs and the 8 pesticides after the 7-day ghee protocol: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/12233802/ ” End Quote.

  3. An interesting interview. I wish the speaker or anyone out there could offer a rational explanation for the predictive Netflix show White Noise about a toxic train crash, filmed in the same location a short while before. The town of East Palestine implementing a digital health track & trace the week before the event or, as some have observed, that vinyl chloride apparently burns with white smoke.
    I currently have the whole thing catagerorised under probable media hoax (likely including burning train props). Some voices I respect are suggesting it is a real disaster, but I haven’t yet seen those 3 points logically explained so remain on the fence as to it’s authenticity.

  4. Thank you for covering this weighty topic. As sn Eastern NY resident, this is concerning to me.

    This may be worthy of looking into as a possible way to mitigate dioxin toxins.

    The Weston A Price Foundation (WAPF) gave me a 5-hour DVD set with my renewal and a modest donation.

    On the DVD, they spoke about people on the British Isles who ate an ancient diet rich in animal fats. They happened to have thatched roofs, have fire for heating and cooking inside their homes, and no chimneys. This possible lead to a high dioxin lifestyle from smoke.. I believe the WAPF mentioned dioxins and that these people did not get sick probably due to their diet rich in animal fats.

  5. My comment is similar to Sue Marryot above. According to Dr.Lee Merritt, the train wreck is a staged land grab. I have the utmost respect for the Baileys. But like viruses, we no longer trust the science regarding dioxin

  6. Nothing that happens, on a dangerous scale, happens by “accident,” but is accused as such, as a “Coverup,” of something else!

    I’m a “conned-spear-EYE-see” theorist, for 60 years of my 74 years of this life! I actually lost 1/2 of my “graduating” class in Vietnam, and 1/2 of them, or 35 of them were from “Agent Orange.” And NOW Mosanto is doing it again and again, just like Pfizer being “suied” over 40 TIMES, Monsanto (Man-satan-O,) can afford any, or all the law “SUITS,” it loses!
    Genetically Modified ORGANISMS are “ORGANISMS,” that are NOT “natural or nature made” and HARMFUL as DIXON, and are DEADLY, to human, and animal. and plant, and “beneficial” insect life!

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