16 February 2024

In this episode we address the following:
  • DNA contamination of mRNA vaccines (08:20)
  • Warts – causes and treatments (14:42)
  • “Flesh-eating bacteria” (20:19)
  • Prolapsed bladder treatments (26:01)
  • Receding gums and jaw bone loss treatments (32:37)
  • Bipolar disorder and medications (41:12)
  • Common law, legal fiction, equity – where to find good information? (51:55)
  • Hard science behind Terrain Theory (59:16)
  • If not a virus then what is the cause? (1:06:07)
  • Hashimoto’s, Thyroid Antibodies, Thyroid biopsies and Thyroid Meds (1:14:50)
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  1. I developed warts between my toes on both feet over the last several years, until I went on vacation last July. We drove from Kansas to Rocky Mountain National Park. I noticed the day after our first hike that my warts were completely gone. Like a thief in the night. Not gradual at all. They haven’t come back since. All I can think is that it is somehow related to humidity, altitude, or air quality. I was certainly wearing sandals quite a bit as well.

  2. Dave Stetzer disagrees with Clint Ober about grounding. Dave says grounding to the earth isn’t good for us due to the “stray” voltage created by the electric utilities. He starts talking about stray voltage in the below interview with Patrick Timpone around the 36 minute mark.

  3. I had a wart on each of my index fingers. One I had for 4 years. Compound W was not effective for me and very harsh on the surrounding tissue. Black banana mash also not effective. I found an ointment at a health food store: [Naked Newt] coconut oil, beeswax, oregano oil emu oil, celandine, red clover, comfrey, dandelion, mullein, buckthorn, bloodroot. It took 5 months with a small tape wrap at night and they are completely gone.

  4. I developed genital warts some years ago. During that time I was in a sexual relationship with only my g/f for some years and she was clear from them therefore even if I believed in contagion, that couldn’t have possibly been the cause. I read about Braggs ACV with the mother in it so I gave it a go. Very effective treatment I thought! By generously applying ACV 2 or 3 times daily, in a matter of 2 o r 3 days they were gone! Unfortunately they came back at least a dozen times over the space of 2 years but I kept using ACV every time and it worked! Every time though it took longer and longer for them to go and the very last time I had them I was still applying ACV daily at least twice a day on them and it took 3 months for them to go. Now I’ve been clear from warts for 4 years.

  5. I hear there’s a contageous entity spreading around the world on a par with the ‘100 monkey’ syndrome. It’s called the No Virus Camp. Hope it becomes a pandemic!
    Well done and thanks, guys. Keep it up.. We love it!

  6. To the comment above about Grounding/Earthing:
    As Mark said Grounding is safe and there is much misinformation about it.
    Please go to http://www.earthinginstitute.net in the Research menu to read about the Misinformation that is out there and what the real story is.
    Grounding – otherwise known as direct contact with the Earth – is totally safe and fortunately can now be done indoors due to the excellent inventions of Clint Ober available at http://www.earthing.com

    Also please see:

    and all the 5 misinfomation links at:

  7. My son had a wart on the bottom of his foot. I cut a piece of duct tape the size of the wart to cover it. Don’t make the tape too big because you don’t want to cover good skin. After 7 days, the wart turned black and fell off. There was no hole, and the wart never returned.

  8. For the bipolar question, I would like to suggest the work of Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. She links psychological suffering to an unhealthy micro biome. Please see her book, Gut and Psychology Syndrome, and her many interviews on YouTube. Complete and total healing is possible. Not easy but there is hope!

  9. Another great Q&A. Something that slapped me in the face as I was reading a few months back was this:- The events of Asa’s reign, from start to finish, are recorded in the Scroll of the Kings of Judah and Israel. In the thirty-ninth year of his reign, Asa developed a foot disease. Though his disease was severe, he did not seek the LORD, but only the doctors. Asa passed away in the forty-first year of his reign. 2 Chronicles 16:11-13. Maybe it’s time to stop worshiping the science and the scientific method and start worshiping the Creator.

  10. Just love these Q,&A sessions they are so informative I always learn new stuff and absolutely love your openness and honesty thank you

  11. Most of your reply to the penultimate question was simply re-stating that viruses are not the cause. It would be good if you could give some more actual examples of what was the cause in cases which might normally be diagnosed as a viral infection. What in a classroom would cause the chicken pox symptoms, for example.

  12. I weaned myself off of thyroid medication after 10 years of use. I knew that no doctor would agree with my choice, so I didn’t ask!
    Prior to that, I cleaned up my diet, my toxic job, etc…basically everything, and I feel like this is what allowed my body to come back into balance. I know of many people who have done this for “thyroid issues” .
    Also, Dr Cassie Huckaby has a case where someone returned to normal thyroid levels after total gland removal. She’s getting phenomenal results with all kind of “ disease labels”. If you want external guidance, maybe check her out.
    All the best, you can do this for sure!

  13. @Anthony Hunt.
    That a bunch of children in the same class had similar symptoms such as a “chickenpox” rash can be explained by many other things that are not related to any “virus”. Some environmental toxin is one possibility. Without knowing all their movements prior to the “outbreak” it’s hard to pin it down. Here’s a simple possibility: those that showed the rash had come in contact with stinging nettle, for instance while playing in the school yard, or perhaps while playing some sport together. Basically there’s a plethora of possibilities for the “common” symptoms other than a “virus” and to pin it down needs a deeper investigation, which first requires an open mind to other posibilities than the narrative(s) we are fed.

  14. Hi Anthony, I’m sure you can appreciate that with these anecdotal examples we are given very little information about the particulars and hence exercise caution when commenting on the likely cause(s). We can say that the literature describing the condition known as chickenpox does not reveal it to be a contagious condition. Additionally, as we have covered many times over the years, the diagnosis of these claimed “specific” diseases is problematic. Undoing the viral paradigm should not be underestimated because in all of these situations declaring that it is a “virus” leads to those involved failing to investigate other causes. Perhaps, as said, the easiest examples to understand are bouts of gastroenteritis that affect half of the diners and a food toxin that they all ingested can be identified.

  15. I had a bout of warts on my hands starting with only a couple. My gp at the time listed my issue with warts as a psychosomatic problem which subsequently made sense later as the warts began prolificating at a time I was stressing out over my final school exams. As soon as the exams were done with and I was on holidays, the warts vanished and not seen again. I have experienced similar outcomes with hayfever and dyspepsia which my Dr also had on the list of psychosomatic problems I had. As a positive, I was able to use this list to avoid being conscripted into national service on medical grounds.
    “The Body Keeps the Score” by Bessel Van Der Kolk and several other publications have discussed the much-researched and proven link between stress and poor health which has been poorly understood and applied by health professionals.
    Thank you Drs Sam and Mark for these very helpful q & a’s. Blessings, Graeme Mack

  16. Raw potato works on Molluscum contagiosum. My little son had these on his knees and legs. Raw potato on just a few resulted in all of them disappearing in a few days. I bandaged a slice of raw potato on a wart over night and removed it in the morning. Doesn’t seem to work on plantar warts.

  17. My wife had a sore big toe and went to her doctor. He told her that she had about thirteen plantar warts and he would have to remove a third of her toe. We were growing wheatgrass, and I ground some in the hand juicer and applied it as a poultice. After a couple of weeks, the warts came out with no toe missing.

  18. I see in the background the book, the Final Pandemic. Who is the author?

  19. RE THYROID PROBLEMS: This is really interesting for me because back in the day I was convinced I had hypothyroidism as I was tired all the time and displaying many of the symptoms associated with that diagnosis. Blood tests at my local GP surgery were deemed ” normal” and no treatment advised. At the time I was doing a lot of researching on the internet and stumbled across Dr Broda Barnes who was of the opinion that blood tests didn’t actually reveal the whole picture but that temperature was a more reliable indicator. Temperatures lower than 36.8 C was a good indicator of the presence of an underactive thyroid in his view. Mine was always about 35 degrees Centigrade so I insisted that my doctor treat me for the deficit which he did, He prescribed Thyroxine and I was happy. When no improvement occurred I once again resorted to the Internet and learned about T4 and T3. My doctor wasn’t having any of this extra expense out of his budget and told me it was thyroxine or nothing. So twenty years ago it became just that……………..nothing. I’m still here and having retired from a demanding job feel better than I ever did. I try to eat sensibly and live in a natural way and feel good. Incidentally, I have done the Barnes temperature test on many friends and members of my family out of curiosity and have NEVER found anyone ‘ s temperature to be above 36.8 Several questions arise from y experience:
    1. Were the Barnes’ Clinical Trials’ participants black? If so is it possible that those originally from hot countries have genetically higher core temperatures than Northern Europeans? Did Northern Europeans learn to survive with lower core temperatures? If this is the case the temperature test would be irrelevant.
    2, Does the Internet encourage dissatisfaction with doctors and actually encourage overtreatment?
    3. The Internet NEVER told me though that Fluoride in the water could have been a significant factor. We are fluoridated here though these days I avoid tap water like the plague.
    4. Is it always better to do NOTHING other than eat , drink and live sensibly and leave ones own bodyto sort the mess out?

  20. Thank you Michael McKay for those links about earthing/grounding. I’m still studying this grounding thing myself so at this point, I don’t know which side of the issue is correct. I posted the Dave Stetzer interview as food for thought, not that I’m sure that Dave is correct about all his ideas.

  21. Regards the suggestion about celery juice being a potential help for teeth/bone health – commercial grown celery is one of the heavily sprayed vegetables (along with asparagus/onions). So please, ensure it’s organic!

  22. Application of the yellow sap of herb Celandine, removed my finger warts many years ago and they have never returned. My grandmother had great knowledge of herbs and it was her suggestion. I broke a stem, applied the yellow sap (which turns brown) and covered with a sticking plaster. The warts basically fell off. Also, duct tape (as someone else suggested) was a total success for an ingrown wart on the bottom of my foot. Always have duct tape in the cupboard . It has many applications 🙂

  23. Have u looked into German New Medicine? If u have iv Dr Kelly Brogen I’d be surprised if u hadn’t come across it, she’s a proponent. Dr Hamer’s 5 biological laws & conflict shocks & body adaptations. I feel it fills in the gap that terrain theory has in explaining illness. It downgrades importance of diet & lifestyle (still important but not in preventing illness) which u may not like. I’m hoping you haven’t pooh poohed it. Dr Melissa sell is great to listen to about it. On Insta. I love it. Hope u will look at it. Thank you.

  24. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Tom Cowan and Dr. Andrew Kaufman for helping me understand the work of virologists. I also want to thank Dr. Mark Bailey for his clarifying words: “Just to clarify, when we say viruses don’t exist, we’re not saying that the particles virologists arbitrarily point to on electron micrographs don’t exist, but rather that viruses as defined by virologists, i.e., ‘a replication-competent intracellular parasite capable of causing disease in a host such as human,’ don’t exist. The particles they arbitrarily point to on electron micrographs are at most simply dead cell debris.”

    When I understood what virologists actually do, you know what? What they do is exactly like a recipe for making a cake.

    – 1 cup white sugar
    – ½ cup unsalted butter
    – 2 large eggs
    – 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
    – 1 ½ cups all-purpose flour
    – 1 ¾ teaspoons baking powder
    – ½ cup milk

    Step 1: Gather all ingredients.
    Step 2: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Grease and flour a 9-inch square cake pan.
    Step 3: Cream sugar and butter together in a mixing bowl. Add eggs, one at a time, beating briefly after each addition. Mix in vanilla.
    Step 4: Combine flour and baking powder in a separate bowl. Add to the wet ingredients and mix well. Add milk and stir until smooth.
    Step 5: Pour batter into the prepared cake pan.
    Step 6: Bake in the preheated oven until the top springs back when lightly touched, 30 to 40 minutes.
    Step 7: Remove from the oven and cool completely.
    Step 8: Enjoy! (cytopathic effect, the virus is there, isolated and purified, and proves the cause of the disease).

    Then publish the aforementioned method in a scientific paper, incorporating specialized jargon to confound the reader while instilling a sense of grandeur about the paper. Subsequently, peer reviewers will scrutinize the document, adhering meticulously to its delineated procedures to authenticate the results. Following this, medical practitioners will peruse the paper, embracing its findings as compelling evidence and incorporating them as foundational tenets in their clinical practice.

    Medical doctors take the findings as beliefs and will continue to uphold the system. So that’s why our medical system today is so entrenched—it upholds fraudulent scientific findings!

  25. I do hope your new book will be available in the UK – As to warts I saw a video on YT that said that nail polish had been used by his family for the last fifty years and he thinks it worked by excluding air – he said it always worked!

  26. I do hope your new book will be available in the UK – As to warts I saw a video on YT that said that nail polish had been used by his family for the last fifty years and he thinks it worked by excluding air – he said it always worked! Can you tell me why my comments are being met with a message that tells me my cooment appears to be a duplicate of one I already posted??

  27. For bipolar and “mental illness” I would look into high fat carnivore diet 80/20 (fat/protein)- look up Elizabeth Bright- adrenal, trauma- must look and address trauma, especially childhood trauma- look up therapies like somatic experiencing, internal family systems (IFS), EMDR, trauma. A high fat ketogenic diet would be highly promising for you. I have been in the psychiatric industry and they what they are doing is absolutely terrible for people. Please look into diet and trauma. Medications are not the answer and will create a lot more problems.

  28. I really enjoyed this video. Thank you so much Dr. Sam and Mark for sharing your wisdom with us all.

  29. Regarding gums,,.squishing coconut oil in the mouth for 2 to 3 m twice daily can be a great Help.

  30. I had warts when I was younger, especially at about 15 yrs old. Seems they had to do with periods of hormonal changes (maie). I had some cauterized and a couple treated with dry ice. Later I had a few planter warts and found that using castor oil or castor oil + baking soda paste worked well – which I have used to remove skin blemishes many times.

  31. My wife used “Atomadine” (atomized iodine) to cure a hypothyroid condition that the specialist wanted to cure by “putting the thyroid to sleep.” He was quite surprised when her condition ‘disappeared.’ This is a remedy from the readings of the famous Edgar Cayce (“The sleeping prophet”). I have used a number of his remedies which have worked well (castor oil packs, glycothymoline, etc.). He was in fact a counter-part to Ulrich Williams who gave information while in a trance state that proved to be remarkably accurate and remedies that have been used successfully by thousands, despite having had no formal medical training (actually quit school after the 8th grade to work on his family farm). His dietary recommendations are very similar to Ulrich Williams, and healing philosophy in general.

  32. When I was in my 20’s I had dozens of small warts up and down one of my arms. Someone had told me that the ‘milk’ from Milkweed, at the right time of the summer, would get rid of warts. I was hiking at a park when I saw some Milkweed. So I broke-off a stem and dabbed the milk over every wart I could find and let it dry. I had no idea if it was the “right” time for the milkweed, but within about three days all the warts disappeared and never returned.

    Though I realize, it could have been the power of my mind that removed the warts, because I did remove a large brown spot on my face later in life by sincerely telling myself that I didn’t need that spot any more.

  33. Dear Sam & Mark, I hate taking pharmaceuticals and 2.5 half years ago I weaned myself of anti-depressants. It took a while to get rid of the awful withdrawal symptoms but I am doing well without them.
    The only other meds I am on is Levothyroxine 50 mcg witch I take 4 times a week rather then daily. After listening to your talk on thyroid issues, I would like to get off them without telling my GP as they probably think I am mad. I never had any symptoms, no extreme tiredness or hairloss and I am thinking do I really need this stuff! What would you advise please?

  34. There’s been a connection made when it comes to Thyroid issues to fluoridation of water. There’s a lawsuit that has been on going in the US in regards to Fluoride being a Neurotoxin, the latest one just finished around the 17th of feb 2024….

  35. Hi Guys, I would love to understand the causes & treatment for cysts. I have a large (1.5cm x 3.2cm) cyst on my spinal cord which impacts sphincter control. I have other cysts internally as well. I have to have this drained & am booked in for April because it is growing in size & my symptoms have worsened over the years. I would seriously like to deal with this without surgery, but I don’t know how. Please help me understand and find a solution if possible.

  36. Thank you, I enjoyed this.
    I had warts under my foot, two foot baths with sea salt made them disappear without a trace. ACV helps, too, but it takes longer.
    They made it a law to register your children in the country I live in, you’d get in trouble for not registering them, I haven’t looked up what kind of trouble. We don’t have Common Law here, outside the Commonwealth, things are different.
    My gums started receding while I had braces in 2016-17, had to brush well to get food off. I get tartar if I don’t brush twice a day. But only on my front teeth, curiously. Never had a cavity.
    Regarding spirituality, I believe the Bible, but not the church with their trinity doctrine. I consider myself a Biblical Unitarian (not unitarian universalist).

  37. To Diane, I know of people in the carnivore community who have had their cysts shrink or disappear altogether. Please check out Dr Anthony Chaffee and Dr Ken Berry, they both do live Q&As, lots of resources on their youtube channels, and read comments from people, filled with testimonies.

  38. Homeopathic Thuja tincture has worked on some of my small warts, but not on others. Urine has also helped reduce some.

  39. Receding gums. My dreadful amalagams caused this. Improving now I have had them removed. Poison in the teeth for 40 years in my case… Bone broth and increasing my animal fats is helping with repair. I am currently learning about oxalate damage to tissue. Toxic Superfoods by Sally Norton is a great book to understand damage that can be caused from some foods. Also xylitol , advised to gargle the crystals then spit out. Is supposed to improve the microbiome in the mouth,

  40. Hi Sam and Mark
    from a GNM perspective-warts/or skin problems like rashes, “chicken pox” type lesions-conflict shock to do with separation conflict shocks. Could be why when primates are removed from their environment, they suffer a type of separation conflict, as well as kids going off to school /preschool etc. i’m no expert, just done my own readings on GNM

  41. Thuja tincture or ointment applied externally to warts is the classic herbal treatment for warts.

  42. My wife had bi Polar. After our first child she had an episode. Very scary. Hyper moments followed by dark depression self harm.
    Doctors said have no more children. We now have 8 beautiful non vaxed children.. As far as drugs go the one that did help in some way was Lithium which is really a mineral. They prescribed it in carbonate form along with a whole lot of other drugs.
    I came across Lithium oratate and slowly weaned her off Lithium. With a good high fat meat diet, bone broth and I would make her liver pate she was able to come off all drugs and stay healthy. This was the diet she would follow while pregnant and while breastfeeding. Not exclusively meat. We have the book Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. Highly recommend it for what to eat and how to prepare it. This is how God intended us to eat, partaking of all foods He provided.
    Interaction during delivery of babies was also a trigger for my wife. If the birth was dramatic then she would follow it up with a depressed episode. So avoid being induced and let nature take its course. So find a natural based mid-wife who’s on the same page.

  43. A note about contagion. There are some things that we can say are a sort of contagion. Yawning, for example. We see another person yawn and we unconsciously tend to yawn as well. I have “Vasal-Vagal Syncope”, and if I even just hear someone telling me about their accident or heart attack, I can pass out from just the thoughts Placebo effect is, perhaps, related. Even deeper, there is evidence that mothers and babies will have their heartbeats synchronize when being held so much of the time. Women who live with each other are said to have their menstrual cycles come into sync. These could be called types of “contagion”, which are almost certainly of an “energetic” nature. Smiling is contagious, as can be anger is one isn’t extremely conscious and “present”. I’d love to hear your take on these kinds of “contagions”.

  44. I highly recommend listening to Dr Andrew Hubermann’s episode about oral health, found on YouTube or podcast. It covers all that the Baileys mention, and also talks about how cavities can self heal. Remineralisation, use of xylitol to inhibit strept mutans, not using mouthwashes, effect of diet and sugar and much much more. It’s very informative. Thank you so much, Sam and Mark, wonderful research and really appreciate all your effort. Might apply for that research job!! (Except I so enjoy being retired!☺️)

  45. Regarding uterine/bladder prolapse:
    When my wife was put on prescription drugs or high BP, her bladder prolapsed, but as soon as she discontinued the drugs, the prolapse corrected itself.

  46. Great video, I appreciate your work.
    Regarding Bipolar, I did a deep dive on pediatric bipolar not too long ago. Hundreds of hours of lecture, seminars and conferences. Then hundreds more of personal stories. There’s many diet and nutrients and lifestyle things to help but solely with switching a 7y/o to low carb (wholefoods) and higher animal food intake, I personally saw symptoms of moderate to severe pediatric bipolar disappear after a few weeks.
    Dr Georgia Ede (Change your diet, Change your mind)
    Dr Chris Palmer (Brain Energy)

    These Dr’s really open up the field of psychiatry. All have interesting anecdotes and data. Palmer puts forward that mental illness is a brain metabolic dysfunction.
    Short answer would be that the first stop treatment should be low carb/keto/carnivore wholefoods, animal food heavy, diet. Plus exercise/sauna. Anything that increases mitochondria.

  47. My wife, a Registered Nurse, was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, high blood pressure, depression, and a few other things. She was filling 8 prescriptions treating all these “ailments”. In 2012, after studying what a natural human diet is (principally the San peoples in Southern Africa, and early Australian Aboriginal diets), we decided to change our eating habits to essentially something similar. Our diets became largely carnivorous, focussing on red meats, some organ meats, some dairy and a VERY few fruits and honey. All vegetables were eliminated due to problems with plant defence toxins such as lectins & oxalates, together with farming production and food storage chemicals used in the industry. We were also horrified to discover that certain chemicals are allowed in organic food production and storage. Organic pasture fed meat production involves no chemicals, and is greener for the planet as well due to the sequestration of CO2 and clearing land is not required (a win win). A natural consequence of this adjustment to our eating habits was quite a rapid weight loss period. After about a year, she was able to ditch all her meds and has not looked back since and neither of us have needed to see our GP for 12 years. We are both nearly 70 and are more active than ever. We walk or run 5km per day and are extremely fit people who also sail regularly. We have refined our eating over time to eliminate things like mushrooms (all mushrooms are toxic to some degree) seeds, oils and nuts. We cook nearly all our meals on wood/charcoal BBQ and only use animal fats for cooking.

    It opened our eyes to what health really is, but not only that, the foundations was already laid for us to be suspicious of all vaccines. My wife left nursing after sustained pressure to take the flu vaccines, even though she never ever got sick. About a month after leaving, the so called Covid pandemic was launched upon us, and of course we were wise enough to recognise it for what it really was…

    Thank you Sam and Mark for all your good work! Keep it up!

  48. Hello Doctors Bailey!
    So very much appreciate all you do!! Also, your sincerity and honesty are uncommon and wonderful.
    Perhaps you’ve heard that the use of chlorine dioxide on warts supposedly eliminates them? My husband and I are trying that just now for warts on the fingers. He has had one on the thumb for a good 30 years. Both his and my much newer wart are nearly gone since we began applying it only very sporadically two months ago.

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