5th August 2023

For the past three years, the New Zealand “authorities” have been trying to work out a way to silence me including threats of prosecution.  It looks like they are having a final crack at me and have scheduled a public show “trial” in an act of desperation. Apparently, they are presenting “charges” that may result in me being struck off. 

In 2021, I elected not to renew my medical practicing certificate as I didn’t want anything more to do with allopathic medicine, so what is this all about? 

Let’s have a look at their farcical “investigation”, including some of their attempts to intimidate me and how I have foiled them…


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  12. Learn about Equity 👉 here.
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  1. Sure they`ll come up with something but they can`t strike you off the register as you`re already off. They can`t take away your medical qualification, stay strong.

  2. Keep doing what you are Sam as it is obviously working. Remember they only shoot at you when you are over the target, and by the way, your steps were rather steep but not totally unassailable.

  3. If every potential patient embarking on a course of allopathic medicine or consulting with an allopathic doc were to be informed that there would be no choice; no alternatives and no opt outs in the ‘advice’ and treatment plans; i.e. what the doc says, goes; ….just how many folk would say, ‘What? wait a minute..no thanks!’ Such a dictat would also be a ‘gross perversion of justice’. We have reached the level of total absurdity on so many facets of life, currently. What a laugh! But seriously, it does feel like it’s all meant to be; stir the pot and filter the results. Something is looking out for us all! Universal consciousness is clearing the decks!
    Sam; you go girl!

  4. This is one of your most enjoyable videos to date. Dr Sam and Dr Mark, you will go down in history as heroes who exposed the truth against what David Icke calls “An anti-human agenda”. I am sure with their efforts to discredit you it will have the opposite effect and make you even more popular. Please keep up the good work, we need our Heroes in these uncertain times. I loved the way Mark saw that slob that was out of breath climbing up the steps. He can report back he ran into Blade Runner today and won’t be returning, lol.

  5. It is quite comical how they keep burying themselves in their own willingness to defend the corruption of their owners. Kinda like the mafia operates, or exactly how the mafia operates. But what they don’t understand is how their owners will turn on them when the need arises. They are tying the noose around their own necks, willingly.

  6. My wife Krystal and I thought of you and Mark last week when we heard the news here in USA that Dr. Mercola has been “debanked” by Chase. His CEO, CFO, along with their spouses and children have also had their accounts closed down. My wife immediately said, “what about Dr. Sam in New Zeeland?” I told her that I didn’t know if the long arm of the US banks reached as far as New Zeeland. The ominous thing about the links between Pharma, government, banks, and media is the chilling effect on free thinking and discussion of forbidden ideas. No actual laws or regulations need to be passed when companies and individuals are frightened into shutting down every appearance of someone butting up against the Status Quo. Shades of George Orwell’s 1984; “Ignorance is Strength”. “War is Peace”. “Freedom is Slavery”.

  7. What a delightful joyful defiance of odious Orwellian tyranny, Dr Sam. Keep on smiling and sparkling! You out-shine them all. Love and best wishes to you and Dr Mark. Heartily cheering you on from England. “They” don’t own us! Not now. Not ever.

  8. I just absolutely love you and Mark — and the rest of the courageous “truth seekers” that continue to shine a light on the fallacious systems that have evolved over time to create the broken societies that we are currently living amongst. Keep up the great work. There are many of us that are incredibly in debt by what we learn from you and encouraged to march on. Thank you!

  9. Global crisis+ global solution+global suppression of dissent/censorship = global scam (Nick Hudson)
    We must all follow Sam & Mark’s inspirational example and keep pushing back, resisting and questioning the covid/virus dogma whenever we can as there is a long way to go before the scales tip in our favour!

  10. Thank you Doctors Sam and Mark Bailey!
    You are so inspirational. I just love your courage and determination to expose the fraudulent and tyrannical drug pushers who currently control “medicine” worldwide. You give me hope of a much brighter future for the practice of true health in New Zealand and beyond. Keep up the great work guys!
    I pray daily for your ongoing prosperity and success.
    God bless you and your family,
    Linda Manning

  11. Well done for your courage and willingness to do the right thing and highlight the nonsense of allopathic medicine. It is very difficult to educate when the vast majority are so brainwashed and persistence is important.
    I also accepted much of the bullshit until the COVID 19 overreach opened my eyes fully. Listening to you reading the audio book on Virus Mania in May 2021 taught so much. Learning the truth about AIDS and the Spanish flu were major revelations.
    My only regret is that I did not question sooner and consented to all childhood vaccines for my kids.
    Good luck with the hearing, although it is difficult to see what harm can come from being expelled from a corrupt club to which you do not wish to be a member.

  12. The last medical form in 2021 asked for my doctors name, I wrote Dr Sam Bailey. This form was for the Australian National Bowel screening. It was at this point I really wakened and realised I should opt out of all government based public screenings. I have my Terrain Therapy book, Virus Mania audio, Drs Bailey’s monthly Q & A, and a brain. I have been freed from the chains of the fear narrative and view our nightly National news channel as a comedy. Thank you for analysing the factual information for us. I note UK’s Dr Campbell has awakened to the pharma harms wait until he awakens to viral circular reasoning!

  13. Bravo! I applaud your spirit and stamina. And yet who wants to have to deal with these clowns at all! I am endlessly astonished at how uninformed people who purport to be part of the medical institution can be. Do they read nothing? Even the most enthusiastic vaccinator must surely by now be thinking there is sufficient evidence to at least pause to reconsider the covid situation. Surely now is not the time to be doubling down and persecuting those with a different point of view? What a truly mad situation.

  14. Fabulous video and SO reminded me of my fight in the airline industry regarding toxic fumes onboard. They tried everything under the sun to disparage me, frighten me, threaten me, and finally try to fire me. The comical part was out of a committee of 12 who were trying to fire me for the crime of bringing a safety concern forward only one had read the 400 pages of published scientific documentation that I provide all of them, plus an excess of 239 references… He was the one who spoke out and told them then were going to open the pandoras box that would only prove I was right. They were/are corrupt to the core and could not care less of the health of crew members or passengers.

    Loved listening and cheering you on.

  15. Love the example you and Mark are setting for not only to the world but also the children. I’ve come to realise why our children are targeted from a young age. They are the future and if we don’t stand up and show the injustices of the current systems of control and coercion then the snare of control will only continue to tighten. It’s an honour to have freedom fighters like you paving way the way and inspiring many others to continue in these dark times.

  16. It’s so great to finally reach that space where we can see the immense humour in it all and just laugh at them. It’s all so very Monty Python!! Even if they had a case, it would be against the juridical person, who is a certain class of public person: taxpayer, driver, occupant, applicant, patient, defendant, debtor, plaintiff, guardian, parent, citizen, voter, trustee, beneficiary, employer, licensee, “Doctor”, student, owner, consumer, lender, surety, guarantor, litigant, resident, etc to name but a few. These are all fictions of law, the words ‘man’ & ‘woman’ do not feature in any legislative writing, in fact almost all Statutes in New Zealand apply solely to “persons.” According to the Interpretation Act 1999: Definition of “Person”: includes a corporation sole, a body corporate, and an unincorporated body.
    Using the doctrines of legislative writing: ‘inclusio unius est exclusio alterius’ (the inclusion of one thing implies the exclusion of another) and ‘noscitur a sociis’ (the meaning of a word may be known from accompanying words), we can easily ascertain the meaning of “persons” and “personhood” in any Act.
    So, what is a corporation? In essence: nothing. A construction of words on pieces of paper. A contrivance without a soul, sentience or conscience.
    “The Sovereign in Right of New Zealand” https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/OE020656
    “Her Majesty the Queen in Right of New Zealand” SEC. CIK: 0000216105
    “When governments enter the world of commerce, they are subject to the same burdens as any private firm or corporation” – U.S. v. Burr, 309 U.S. 242
    And believe me EVERYTHING is commerce today!
    US v Minker, 350 US 179 at 187(1956) where the Supreme Court of the United States opined “Inasmuch as every government is an artificial person, an abstraction, and a creature of the mind only, a government can interface only with other artificial persons. The imaginary, having neither actuality nor substance, is foreclosed from creating and attaining parity with the tangible. The legal manifestation of this is that no government, as well as any law, agency, aspect, court, etc. can concern itself with anything other than corporate, artificial persons and the contracts between them.” Also cited in: Montgomery v state 55 Fl
    A Doctor may have had a contract with the Medical council but the private woman is not exactly synonymous with the Doctor. She can choose to speak & act for the Doctor if she wishes, it is a persona – a mask.
    The Law, (more so than virology) abounds in ‘fictions’ and often we are presented with an order of things which do not exist but which the law prescribes or authorizes. A fiction of law may be described as a wilful falsehood, having for its object the stealing of legislative power, by and for hands which durst not, or could not, openly claim it, and, but for the delusion thus produced, could not exercise-it.
    “A legal fiction is a device for attaining a desired legal consequence, or avoiding an undesired legal consequence.” – Blacks Law
    The point to take away here is one involving proper identity and proper jurisdiction. The courts can lie & use fictions, they can ‘deem’ you to be something you are not, which of course you must rebut.
    “When you talk of a thing being deemed to be something, you do not mean to say that it is that which it is to be deemed to be. It is rather an admission that it is not what it is to be deemed to be, and that, notwithstanding it is not that particular thing, nevertheless …. it is to be deemed to be that thing.” – The Queen (R) v Norfolk County 1891
    This is difficult for most to accept, we exist within a Wizard of Oz construct. All those years of indoctrination, the main reason for our public schooling is to firmly cement a lifelong belief in authority, which really doesn’t exist. The government requires your consent to regulate you.
    The past 3 years have exposed the many fictions imposed upon the public, those of us with eyes to see will never again partake in their ridiculous games of make believe. It is Nonsense!

  17. We have the same problems of despotic leaders in the USA too so you are not alone. In the USA we did not elect all the rulers or leaders ruling over us but in the USA this is not supposed to be, only those elected are supposed to rule and they must have integrity but non do.
    “When the nation’s leaders lose their integrity, the people lose their rights.”

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