2nd June 2024

The subject of immunology often appears very complicated with an ever-expanding body of literature covering cell types, immune pathways, and molecules such as antibodies. The latter is one of the mainstays of the concept of being “immune” to a disease but what is actually being measured in your blood? And while the vaccine promoters claim that the generation of antibodies is a good thing, what has actually happened to the recipient?

On other occasions, antibodies are deemed as “bad” and are used to diagnose one of the so-called “auto-immune” diseases or an invented condition such as Alpha-gal Syndrome and Lyme disease. The most feared of all is ‘HIV’ antibodies, supposedly specific to a deadly virus…that has never been shown to exist. However, even the HIV proponents admit that the “specific” antibodies can be found in dozens of conditions, including in recipients of experimental COVID-19 vaccines.

With all of the inconsistencies in the original hypotheses, it raises the foundational question of whether “immunity” is even a scientific concept? In this video we look at some of the historical aspects of immunology and why the whole thing is so crucial to the maintenance of germ theory and its beneficiaries. The good news is that we can safely ignore most of this fear-based paradigm and find a better way to health.


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  1. Thanks for this Sam as it tends to answer many of the notions that I have about the deliberate misdirection by the so called health professionals .

  2. Thanks Dr Sam, another great video. Allopathy is seems wants to fix everything when it ain’t broke! I have thought this for many years, and now there seems to be some sort of screening for everything and the contradictions in MSM are also amazing..
    For instance you may see an article titled something like “The Worried Well” and then next an article how one should keeping testing for this that or the other. People laugh when I say that I am not going to look for trouble. why put myself through that – there much more to life than constantly defending oneself against such,,, well, illusions IMO. I feel that
    THEY cause so many people to worry about something, whilst waiting for the results – and from your books and videos re testing etc. something worrying is always found! Isn’t worrying about something like visualizing it, and in that way like ‘praying’ for something you do not want? Like if somebody yawns in a group of people, and then everybody starts to yawn and/or feel tired! During convid so many people were coughing a lot. Well actually, I thought was too for a little while.. Probably not more than I usually do but… the mind can be crazy in that way. Psi-ops are strong even to old sceptics like me!

  3. Imagine a future scenario where someone feels unwell and after a period of time thinks they might get checked out for their body’s natural healing responses so go to see their ‘health adviser’ who tests for their level of antibodies (or whatever) and says, yep your levels are fine… your body is doing it’s work. Go home and relax. Or alternatively, your levels are quite low. How is your diet? Your body is asking you to ‘feed it’/fast. Go home and listen to it!

  4. I continually get more information from you and your site and I appreciate it very much. I also agree that the TRUTHS in the Bible can effect us in a positive way., But I wish you would for your own sake analyze the church in the same scientific fashion as you do your medical field. The Church has been lying to all of us and brainwashing us for centuries. With the scientific methods, check out the trinity, the immortality of the soul, the cross, hell and the earth itself. Please let me know what you find as result of searching for the anwers of these mother goose tales. I’m sure you will be surprised at the lack of evidence and the deception that most religions are perpetuating on the populous. Take care youg lady and please keep us informed. I appreciate you and your husband very much.

  5. “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.” William Shakespeare
    The likes of Schwab, Gates, Soros, Rockefeller and Rothschild are the visible end of this control agenda. So are the global institutions like the United Nations, World Economic Forum, World Health Organization and European Union. Then there are the bankers like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Layman Brothers that team-up with semi secret societies like the Bilderberg Club, Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome and Chatham House.

    Life Is Not Measured By the Number of Breaths We Take, But By the Moments That Take Our Breath Away

  6. Great work again Sam and Mark. Thanks for covering this topic. I wonder if anyone has “isolated” a pure antibody? Then has anyone put this pure AB in a test tube with the corresponding bacterial strain that supposedly induced the body to produce that antibody? Were the bacteria neutralised? I imagine this would be carried out in a simple blood-like medium.

  7. Thanks Sam ,
    I will need to listen a couple more times to try understand. Back over 40 years ago I was diagnosed with MS. They had all kinds of things to tell me why it was so; I still have balance problem at times but I am doing well. Since I started listening to you, I am reworking my think as I was a nurse for many years. would like to know if I have inflammation going on. I was also diagnosed with NHL stage 4, but did take 8 rounds of Rituxin over 25 years ago. How does one check for body inflammation. Thank you. God bless you, Mark and the children!

  8. Have you come across Germanic Healing Knowledge? This appears to consider trauma events as the ‘disease’ and inflammation and other responses of the body are considered the healing phase. I’ve also come across challenges to the periodic table, but I have not investigated this sufficiently to understand. I wonder if there are similarities here where certain atoms are not truly ‘entities’ in themselves but a potentiality for certain events.

  9. An interesting topic, antibodies and immunity, you have taken to examine, under the proverbial microscope, Dr Samantha, which deserves a spot on my current blog with your kind approval 😎

  10. Thank you Drs Sam and Mark for your continuing honest and open approach to the underlying and unproven theories that underpin our health industries – or should I more correctly say our “Illness” industries. Your attitude to wellness is one that I share and have done so for many years without the benefit of your fantastic research and fearlessness that I now enjoy. The use of semantics without a proper scientific explanation exploits the vulnerabilities of the general public who want to believe that their health departments are telling the truth. My own long experience has validated the idea that if someone is unwell, in whatever manner, the first thing to do is honestly look at their activities, diet, environment and social and emotional situations. Somewhere, in there, one will almost always find the underlying cause that is giving rise to the unpleasant effect. If we do that, we are on a better path than seeking a medical diagnosis to validate our discomfort and provide a quick fix solution. HOW LUCKY THE WORLD IS TO HAVE YOUNG, ENERGETIC TRUE SCIENTISTS LIKE YOU!

  11. Thank you Drs Sam and Mark.
    For exposing the myths on our Immune System !
    Same for “it’s Genetic” etc.
    You over came your medical indoctrination by going back to source knowledge and you are fearless in exposing the scams / lies.
    We are self healing beings
    unless corrupted.
    There is a forgotten life force to tap into which heals !
    A gift from our creator!
    Learn how to use it, it’s free.
    Go to Bruno Groning on Telegram, Facebook.
    There are 3 main video’s
    and a worldwide network.
    In NZ.
    We must learn how to manage our inner thoughts.
    The healings are spiritual and can’t be explained all verified by Drs.
    Non religious and non racial this will compliment your great efforts.
    Thank you both again.

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