12th August 2023

After thousands of years, apparently there is now a growing epidemic of people who are allergic to red meat. Strangely, they are claiming that you may be “allergic” to red meat and not even know about it!

How does this all tie in with ticks, climate change and globalist agendas? The story is so preposterous that I couldn’t help but see the funny side of the “science”. 

Let’s take a look at ‘Alpha-gal Syndrome’ and dissect the scientific literature into bite sized pieces…


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  1. Dr Sam, I have come to the conclusion you are ‘poison’. That is ‘Poison’ to big pharma. You must be their No1 enemy. That is a position I envy. Keep up the good work. This is another highly educational and enjoyable video.

  2. Well- we now have a fictitious disease Alpha -gal syndrome with its real target Alpha -male Syndrome? backed up by the flake science of corporate funded voodoo propaganda
    And -now we have ‘beyond meat’ lab grown and beyond reproach?
    In the UK we have what may become known as the Greg Wallace syndrome
    This tv cookery presenter(think Uncle Fester of the Adams Family) is alleged to have trialled and eaten lab meat from human derived cells
    Does that make him a cannibal? If so what are the legal implications?
    I simply dont know how anyone with two brain cells and one functioning synapse could believe this corporate deception
    Great investigative work Drs Sam and Mark👍🏻

  3. ” Feed The Man Meat ” used to be ‘the battle cry’ here in Oz not that long ago..!
    How ‘battle-cry’s’ change.. 😉

  4. As always,,, a fantastic strong Expose of the crimes that are taking place ,,

  5. Could you please consider doing some videos on the menopause? I realise you are not in that part of life yet but the medicalisation of the event is very worrying and it would be great if you could start to look at the phenomenon and comment on how our forebearers coped with “the change”. Very well I would suggest but now it is different…

  6. Thanks for all that you and Mark do for humanity. I still concerned and confused about alpha gal and what is really is. My daughter and her family all have it and her husband has had many anaphylactic episodes. All have been after eating mammal meat and it occurs 6 to 12 hours after consumption. Are you of the opinion that this allergy is caused by something else if so could you explain. My son in law has had it for more 15 years.

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