12th August 2022

This is a special video dedicated to the legendary Dr. Stefan Lanka. 
How did the virologist come to realise that the pathogenic viruses he was chasing did not exist? 
We cover:
  • the misunderstanding of bacteriophages
  • refuting the HIV/AIDS dogma
  • the €100,000 measles court case
  • 7 points of how the virus story had already refuted itself
  • the end of virology…. 
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  1. if i followed the gov recommendations 4 last 4 years
    2xC19 jabs 3x boosters 1x new booster 4x uni flu vaxx 1x singles 1x RSV vaxx 1x Tentis booster = 13
    Gates may be rite millions may die in 2024

  2. Thank you Sam for this wonderful video, I absolutely love Stefan, his wisdom and his manner of talking, I have learnt lots from him over the last year.
    Thank you too for your work in helping to bring out the revelation that virus science is a fraud, it’s a tough one to bring out to the world and especially doctors and the medical establishment.
    The brilliant scientist Royal Raymond Rife invented ultra high magnification microscopes in the 1930’s, and what he observed did not fit with the official theory, and hence his revelations were rejected and his microscope was subjected to official disinformation. He was eventually ruined by the A.M.A. for curing cancer. If you don’t know about this history then it is a must, this link goes direct to a brilliant historical documentary made:

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