28th January 2023

“Viruses” have been used as a cover story for over a century now. There are so many vested interests and smoke screens that it can be difficult to get people to look into the “science” for themselves. They are content to believe second hand accounts from the media, governments and so-called health institutions.

Artificial Intelligence or AI platforms have been on the rise recently and millions of people are now engaging with them. We decided to put some questions about “viruses” to one of the most powerful chatbots currently in existence – ChatGPT. Are these platforms independent arbiters of truth or have they already been corrupted?

Is Artificial “Intelligence” even possible?


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  1. The term “Artificial Intelligence” is being sorely misused in the media mania over so-called “AI”. One of the hallmarks of AI is supposed to be the ability of a computer to teach itself and even bypass its original programming. That is not what we are seeing in AI stories in the news. We are seeing clever programming, but not anything that is self-teaching beyond the limits of the original programming.

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