6th April 2024

Daniel Roytas has qualifications in naturopathy and human nutrition. He has 10 years of clinical experience as well as being a former lecturer at many of Australia’s leading natural medicine colleges and universities.

In 2020 with the onset of the COVID-19 era, Daniel started questioning much of what he thought were scientific facts and embarked on a new phase of private research. He launched the Humanley platform and has featured discussions with many of the world’s foremost heterodox thinkers in health and science. After facing professional difficulties for publicly sharing his research findings, Daniel decided to forge a new path where he would not submit to scientific dogma or other people’s rules.

As part of this journey he has just published an incredible new book titled “Can you catch a cold?”. It is the culmination of several years of focussed research and takes its place as the most comprehensive account of human contagion experiments ever seen. This one-of-a-kind book is a must read and reveals many of the buried and inconvenient clinical experiments that go against germ theory and the mainstream claims. I had the honour of writing the foreword for “Can you catch a cold?” and will also be recording an audiobook version later this year.  


  1. Humanley – Dan’s Website
  2. Can You Catch A Cold – Amazon Hardcover
  3. Can You Catch A Cold – US Paperback
  4. Can You Catch A Cold – Australian Paperback
  5. Can You Catch A Cold – UK Paperback
  6. Can You Catch A Cold – France Paperback
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  1. Thanks. Sam, for another important interview. I’ve got to make some room on my bookshelf for this and several other books I’ve recently learned about

  2. Sold! Listed as a best seller at Amazon. They tried to talk me into buying the Final Pandemic and Terrain Therapy too but I already have those.
    So many books, so little time.

  3. Sam,
    I am so grateful to you for presenting people who are on the front lines of exposing the germ theory for what it is. It came as a surprise to me to learn that influential doctors of the past had wanted to oust the germ theory from mainstream medicine!

  4. been on a good low carb’ diet for over 2 years & not a sniffle in that time + not even a headache

  5. When pondering some of the shortcomings of our modern education system, one of comments or observations made by Daniel struck me as particularly insightful. It seems to me that over the course at least half a century, the modern western pedagogical model seems to be seeding a notion that our scientific predecessors possessed a lesser, or at least less complete, understanding of the scientific field of play. When in fact – as Daniel goes on to observe – the antithesis appears to be true.

    Oh – and is just me – or does Daniel come across as a bit of a modern day Ernesto Guavera – both in terms of likeness and philosophical predisposition?

  6. We’ve seen how the infighting develops over the idea of virus/no virus, never mind ‘germ’/no ‘germ’ or bacteria being clean up crew! But if you put yourself for a moment in the shoes of a layperson who is not yet awake; taking on board the idea that there is no contagion is absolutely fundamental and underpins all else; turning the recipient of the idea inwards to ask questions about their own health and responsibility for it. Add to that a historical perspective showing humanity had grown to understand this until it was overthrown by the likes of Pasteur et alia then the result is gobsmackingly inspirational. So well done Dan Roytas. It is so frustrating to hear people say, I caught x from my relative or I have this condition because of my genes. So hopefully I’ll be able to pass this book around when I get it. Dan started with the notion that when you hear the truth, it resonates. Yes, even for those not necessarily educated in the ideas that the truth speaks of. It is a moment that I’ve experienced a number of times over the last couple decades and gets me very excited; a fundamental understanding of a fraction of the truth that makes up our world. I’m sure this book will give such moments to some of those who need to receive such knowledge. Thanks a million, Sam and Dan.

  7. Thank you for introducing us to this amazing man. It’s exciting to see more information being shared, more brave souls writing books, and hope rising that we can be healthy as we’re meant to be.

  8. Can’t wait for this book to come out on Lulu. Books.com as I don’t support Globalist Amazon either!

  9. Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) was a great sanitarian. Her work continued after the Crimean war right up until her death aged 90. Surprisingly there was no celebration of her 200 year birthday in 2020 despite her being a famous woman – I wonder why? Biographies by Cecil Woodham Smith and Mark Bostridge are well worth reading. In her later years she knew everybody and had a very great influence in the planning of hospitals and public sanitation projects in places such as British India.

    I very much enjoyed the interview and will be buying the book, but like others would rather not patronise Amazon!

  10. The knowledge about health is written and described by Ellen Gould White in her book “Counsels on Diet and Foods” and was written “decades before many physiologist were concerned with the close relationship between diet and health.” it’s a sunrise for many, when Daniel Roytas promotes the “hidden knowledge” again from the past.

  11. I already have this book in my hot little hands!

    I opened it up and read in the middle and am already inspired. Wonderful and inspiring interview.

    Thanks you for spreading the “virus” of love truth and wellness.


  12. Yes! Another awesome book I have to get. Much respect for this man’s thorough work & looking forward to reading about the obscure lesser known studies.
    I said I would live to see the scams of net zero/climate change & germ theory fall down. This book makes more confident on the latter. I’m about the same age as Dr Sam lol. We still have a few years left & the longer I stay away from Drs & allopathic medicine the longer I’ll live.

  13. Am trying to buy this book & it seems to be only available on Amazon. Amazon not loading up or crashing when book is selected. I won’t sound like a conspiracy theorist but this might be a deliberate effort to at least slow down sales. Will try on my computer & delete & reinstall the app to see if that changes anything.
    They (big Harma & big daddy Gov) don’t want us getting this book.

  14. My partner was deeply unwell with a cold – headaches, shivering, sweating, amazing high temp, very sore throat, fatigue, no appetite and took a rare day off in bed. I had no hesitation being around her or even no fear of being coughed on in the middle of the night, all because I now know that I couldn’t catch it from her! What helped? Plenty of water, rest, sleep, hot water bottles and an unexpected vase of Spring tulips.

    I haven’t suffered the same cold even slightly.
    During the scamdemic, as some of our 7-strong household fell ill, it was always individually- there was definitely no ‘wave of infection’.

  15. Isn’t it mind blowing that we are coming back around to this knowledge just now! I have the book, I am impatiently holding off reading it for when are are away on our boat next. So looking forward to it. Thank you once again.

  16. Another great conversation – thank you! I have been investigating vaccination, the ‘theories’, disease and health for over three decades and I am so pleased to see more discussion and books emerging in recent years on germ theory, contagion etc. Any opportunity I am given I sow seeds, whether it be in the mind of another parent or an academic. For doctors and even some holistic practitioners they are reluctant to let go of their belief that symptoms are a sign of the body going wrong etc – and yet as Daniel points out many doctors from the 19th century had a much greater understanding of what causes disease. Around the end of the 1800s the medical world was led astray by the birth of the pharmaceutical industry and adopting Pasteur’s theory leading the public to believe that they were not responsible for their own ill health – that it was caused by a germ and that they must turn to modern medicine and vaccines to avoid death or disease. Both your books ‘Can you catch a cold’ and ‘The Final Pandemic’ are very important and I hope the sales continue to increase and your important findings become common knowledge!! Thank you.

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