19th November 2023

Roman Bystrianyk has been researching the history of diseases and vaccines since 1998. He co-authored the book Dissolving Illusions in 2013 and continues to expose many of the false historical health stories we have all been taught since childhood. I recently interviewed Roman as he prepares the 10th anniversary edition of Dissolving Illusions. As always his research data is impeccable and now he has turned his attention to the inconsistencies of germ theory as well.

Here is what he said about: 

  • how the book Dissolving Illusions came about
  • his journey of awakening
  • problems with germ theory
  • polio, smallpox and the white plague
  • his health recommendations
  • censorship and vaccine laws

and much more!

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  1. Such a lovely, humble and intelligent gentleman, thank you Sam, the perfect guest for your welcome show.!
    Yah bless <3

  2. I think the world owes people like yourself Dr. Sam and people like Mr. Bystrianyk a debt of gratitude. I grew-up under the mistaken impression that most of the people in this world stand for the truth and for professing it without fear of repercussions. Sadly, the opposite is true.

  3. Thanks for interviewing Mr. Bystrianyk, he makes it sound so easy to compile historical data, but, its not and it requires a special person ,thankfully, he has focused his skills to bring us the historical data and information as additional support to improve our health by Not doing something. I will be looking forward to reading his new book. I am especially greatful to Dr. Sam Bailey for providing a platform where those who question the legitimacy, of the virus/germ idea can speak openly.

  4. Great book. Looking forward to reading it. Us egineers seem very prominent in debunking medical myths!

  5. Engineers love their critical thinking and obsessions. I too quit doctors, only listen to the de registered ones.

  6. A very unassuming man who’s up there with (all) the others who’re doing us all great favours. I’m so glad to see he is ‘on the turn’ re germ theory. I got very frustrated reading D.I. with the constant references to viruses but well worth the historical perspective (history repeating itself?!) and the very illuminating graphs which we now know have not been questioned, so far.

    When he talks about ‘microbes’ entering the lungs/blood and causing problems, I wish he would think about the idea that they are there anyway and the adverse environment of imbalanced, unhealthy or dying tissue is causing proliferation of the microbes who are on the job of cleaning up or possibly being opportunistic and gourging (and eliminating). If we focus on killing the microbes we are missing the point entirely. If we focus on cleaning up the environment in order to get rid of the microbes, we are still missing the point. For me it always comes back to reminding ourselves of the limited number of ways the body has to detox from what we are doing to it (and life) and can get overwhelmed. We have to learn when to step in to assist and when to stand back and let the body do its thing.
    Thanks Sam and Roman.

  7. I developed polio and meningitis as a child post the polio vaccine spending 3 months in the infectious diseases hospital comatose. In those days also there was a prevalence of DDT use against mosquitoes, so could have been caused by one or the other or both.

  8. I have had this book for many years and at the the time no one knew about it so i am very encouraged that it is becoming well known. This is a great sign. Engineers are humble and excellent at finding patterns. We do more than just geek out!

  9. Thank you both for this interview. I have pretty much every page of the book dog eared and highlighted. ( old school) I look forward to the undated edition. The more I hear this information, the more it just becomes my truth. No more doubt or fear. I love the humility that you all express, and at the same time, I hope you realize the huge impact that you’re having. Much gratitude.

  10. Early 1900 NYC Parks opened public swimming pools with out chlorination. FDR reportedly caught polio after swimming in the Hudson River. Dr Benjamin Sandler MD 1951- Diet and Polio. Poor diet with its high starch content made people more susceptible.

  11. Another fantastic interview!

    I’d love to pre-order the new version of dissolving illusions.

    Im delighted that more and more people are waking up. Here in “progressive” San Francisco… sadly the awakened ones are few and far between. I work tirelessly to sow seeds of doubt…

    Hugs and peace to all!

  12. Really enjoyed this interview Sam, and thank you for asking the right questions.

  13. Sam, you and Mark are the best! I have seen all you videos – actually I have them – such a great resource. And thanks Mark for “providence” – just the perfect word when discussing the non-existant “virus”. Thank you!!

  14. That was really a good interview! It can be considered as an interview companion for “Dissolving Illusions”. Thank you Sam!

  15. It’s worse than most medications are just experiments on people. It’s that the medicines sit in the middle of an invented model of the cause of a health condition – and that is used to justify the sale of those drugs. The models are defended at all costs because they enable huge profits. So it’s a deliberate and lucrative deception rather than an experiment.

  16. Roman should take note: no-one today should waste time checking a manuscript for grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. That’s the job for AI chatbots. You can use Claude Instant 100K, with a 75000 word context, for free on Poe dot com. You will have your book proofed in seconds!

  17. I always enjoy your interviews, thank you. Grateful for Roman’s efforts. Regarding his understanding of microbes he still has some illusions to dissolve.

  18. Very interesting interview. However the most interesting part for someone who has the book is there is no mention of Dr Suzanne Humphreys the co-author. Dr Humphreys did exceptional work in exposing the lie of the vaccine but she disappeared over the Covid period.

  19. Dont know how i missed this back in november. Such a great interview. Such great information. Every time I hear about “vaccines” I learn a little more and the first unbelievable lot sinks in a bit more firmly.

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