25th November 2023

The term “anti-vaxxer” has been around for almost as long as vaccines and is typically used in a derogatory sense. How many times in the last three years have we seen otherwise well-meaning people get on the defensive and exclaim, “I’m not an anti-vaxxer”?

Many of the older guard anti-vaxxers used historical data to conclusively demonstrate that vaccines cannot possibly be the cause of the vast decrease in sickness and death from many diseases. Now there is a new wave of anti-vaxxers in the tradition of Dr Stefan Lanka who continue to refute not only virus existence but also the wider concept of pathogens. This “upstream” line of reasoning brings down the entire notion of vaccination permanently.

Vaccines are being exposed on multiple fronts as more people wake up to one of the biggest swindles in history. Is it now time to embrace the “anti-vax” label?


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  1. Excellent video and great Rappoport quote at the end, we need to be on a war footing!

  2. Brilliant as always. I only wish I had seen more of the light when my kids were younger so they could have avoided these dangerous poisons.

  3. My favorite phrase of the entire Orwellian clown show is “vaccine hesitant.” Whenever I would get this thrown at me I would aggressively respond with: “I’m not vaccine hesitant, I have no hesitation whatsoever in rejecting an experimental poison from a serial felon.”

    I not only would never allow for this latest iteration of industrial poison to be put into my body I unequivocally reject all vaccines and have my entire adult life. Anyone who has studied the topic in depth knows that every aspect of the “vaccine story”, starting back in the 1800’s up to present, is complete fraud. Vaccines have done nothing but harm people and line the pockets of the medical establishment. Vaccines are barbaric- all of them.

    Further, as you go back and research the history of the “scientific discovery” of diseases and read the source material from the 1700’s and 1800’s you see point blank how flagrantly the scientists and doctors who are making these “discoveries” are quite literally making it up.

    They are lying about their findings every step of the way, throwing out what disproves and/or doesn’t fit into their already-decided-upon conclusions and are being rewarded for their crackpot theories.

    Anyone who has done this realizes the extraordinary level of foundational dishonesty that defines not only germ theory and virology but also the entirety of what passes for “medical science.”

  4. Doctor Sam. I have kept all of the communications from the Covid vaccine pedlars NHS UK. i quote ‘will not stop you getting it will not stop you passing it on/safe and effective and we THINK it might lessen the SYMPTOMS if you do get it (the in silco identified computer generated code) .It is my evidence for the future. The Convid toxic cocktail is proving anything but what was promised and we haven’t even reached the peak of manifestation of injurious concomitants.
    Inculcated doctors of the pharma variety must have misread the script. it is demonstrable that vaccines do not improve your health but do increase their wealth. Ask them all how much did you financially benefit from any vaccine roll out? Follow the money. And thank you for your humanity and sanity in a profession that is so heavily populated by oblivious fools

  5. Another great video Sam! I’ve been telling people all my life that Vaccines have never worked, other than to make some evil men rich. My family grew up following Bernard Jensen, who like Dr Ulric promoted great health advice, who helped my Mum recover from Polio in the 40’s. She’s been a Naturopath ever since.
    During my Naturopathic training, I went to a talk with Dr Vera Schiebner, who once worked for a Vaccine company and was hired to find ways of making Vaccines look good. She found the opposite, and then went around the world showing their questionable techniques with studies, manipulated to show positive results from vaccines. Talk about criminal how they can take any information and make something look successful!
    Next big hill to climb is the WHO agreement that could take away any freedoms we have with our health. They create an emergency world wide and can override govt powers?
    Are you looking into this yet?
    Thanks again for your brilliant research, Keep it up!!!

  6. Ban all vaccines for humans and animals. They are being used to destroy humanity-by design.

  7. Top notch as usual Dr Bailey. I found a film that covers Greg Beattie in depth I believe but has been Youtube censored and removed from the authors beautiful website (https://www.dreadedcheetah.com/). You can find it here though* and its extremely well made by a very talented Australian couple.


    “So glad to see you have managed to reupload your masterpiece to bitchute, as obviously it was way too dangerous and over the target for youtube and such censors. You should re-link it to your beautiful website DreadedCheetah with its soothing landscapes and your wonderful dancing routines. I’ve just come here from Dr Sam Baileys latest “A if for ANTI-VAXXER” video* new this morning, to recommend your movie, as I believe you had detailed coverage of Gregg Beatie and the wonderful Prof Viera Scheibner in your movie. So I wanted to bring it to the Baileys attentions, in case it had slipped their razor sharp Terrain Theory landscapes.

    Namaste & Inlak’ech & Mush Love, as with Mush Love Comes Mush Re-Spore Ability


  8. I have been embracing the term antivaxxer for at least the last ten years. It is term that means you have done the research and know that the whole so-called science of vaccinology is based on pseudoscience and you haven’t been brainwashed by Big pharma propaganda. In other words you have the retained the ability of critical thinking. It is something of which to be proud.

  9. Thanks Dr.,
    Your timing for this post came just when I needed it.
    The people’s inquiry into NZs covid response is tip toeing around this issue.
    I will be using some of your work in preparation of my submission.

  10. Romanian Language:
    “A” pentru ADEVAR. In limba romana cuvantul “adevar” incepe cu litera A.

    English Language:
    “A” for Truth. In Romanian language, the word “Truth” begins with the letter A.

  11. Brilliantly written and so true. We were all brainwashed !
    If I knew when my kids were young what I know now and have learned since Covid I would never jab a person with anything or for anything.
    Thanks Dr Sam you are a real trooper 🙏

  12. The people pushing the narrative (mostly with conflicts of interest) completely and so successful discredited anyone who had any questions using words like anti-VAXer, conspiracy theorists or climate deniers. Cheap shots, hitting below the belt & stereotyping at its finest. For what? To make themselves right, feel less fearful or to shut down & cancel the conversation?

    Thank you for all you do!!

  13. I would check what John Harvey Kellogg was accomplishing with his clinic/sanitarium around 1900 without much use of pharmaceuticals. Diet, exercise, and full sun exposure seem do wonders against the prevalent ‘diseases’ of the time………

  14. Thank You Sam (& Mark & Tom & Andrew ) For Your Courage & Your Unique Position In History – Really Appreciated

  15. Thanks for everything, Sam,
    You already know me, but here’s something for your listeners who might be interested.
    I am French. I have written a synthesis of Béchamp’s work in order to pass on his theory (based on scientific facts) which completely changes the way we look at micro-organisms.
    It’s a real paradigm shift!
    Here is an English translation of the book, which you can download as a pdf: https://www.bonnes-habitudes.fr/comprendre/la-théorie-d-antoine-béchamp/book/
    And here is a webinar with English subtitles to introduce the subject (set subtitles): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWyJf6onEx8

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