2nd September 2023

Dr Mark Edmond is a former Olympic athlete and was a popular family doctor for 18 years in Christchurch and Wanaka, New Zealand. In 2021, he gave up his career as a GP rather than being forced to take the COVID-19 jab and spoke publicly about his decision. The Medical Council came after him and at one point even threatened criminal charges. Now he works as a holistic healthcare consultant, coaching people towards a life full of vigor with autonomy from the allopathic medical system. 

Here is what he said about: 

  • Becoming an Olympic athlete
  • The brutal G-forces on a bobsled
  • How he became a GP
  • Waking up to the problems of allopathy and vaccines
  • Speaking out about COVID-19
  • Attacks by the NZ Medical Council 
  • His awakening to the true cause of illness and becoming a holistic health practitioner

and much more!


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  3. Wanaka Sun Article Nov 2021
  4. Dr. Mark Edmond’s Consult Service – thegooddoc.co.nz
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  1. Thanks Mark Edmond and Sam.

    Tyranny comes when the people comply, so thanks Mark for standing for freedom. You not only stood for yourself and your family, you stood for the silent majority who are too weak to fight for themselves.

    YouTube video, “Dr. Jerry Tennant: Healing is Voltage — The Physics of Emotions | EU2017”
    Posted by https://m.youtube.com/@ThunderboltsProject

    This is a good introductory to the foundation of biology being electrical in nature.

    Mark may like this video to help guide newbies into aligning with his own thinking, potentially increasing his book sales. It certainly opened my mind. So I immediately agreed ‘tuned’ in (pun intended 😂) to when Mark spoke about resonance and the nerves being an electrical conduit.

  2. An afterthought on my first post:

    That YouTube channel I linked to below, https://m.youtube.com/@ThunderboltsProject should be on everyone’s radar for thinking people. It blows all the science out of existence in the fields of physics and astronomy in similar ways that Terrain Theory does for virology and health.

    Our world lives in darkness while believing it’s an enlightened age, it’s just sad.

  3. Such an inspirational vid Sam.
    I am sure you have heard of Dr Robert O Becker and his books Cross Currents and The Body Electric. IMO a genius who like Tesla, you, Mark and Mark E.-marginalised vilified and persecuted for his research into among many things electro- healing and tissue regeneration. I tried to alert Dr Tom Cowan to his work years ago but to no effect. We are as you know liquid , gel and ‘solid’ crystal, electro beings.I do pray that a cohort of awake physicians will discover Becker and build on his research. So much suffering could be alleviated in such a short space of time. We are moving in the right direction

  4. He says the pain had been there for 12 years, why was the pain there is the question we need to ask and not just take it away

  5. In other words, Dr. Mark is a heretic, he has been excommunicated from the medical Cult!
    I hope he will survive the inquisition.

  6. Does anyone know how many spaikprotein there should be on a Corona virus and what the sequence looks like they say PS there is no virus then what are they saying. For the virus should have about 30000 live. And the lever has? And how many? I can’t find these answers so hope someone has this.

  7. What an inspiration to listen to this man. I applaud him although he would not accept it! Thank you Sam. I hope we will hear about about Mark in the coming times. I am going to look at his site now! Thank you a wonderful discussion.

  8. Loved this so much
    Thank you Sam for interviewing Mark Edmond
    Super inspirational. My Mum immediately said she wanted to go and visit him 🙂 he will I suspect get a lot of enquires after this !
    Love to hear of these fellow Kiwis who are separating and standing firm in the truth. Xx

  9. First off, great interview as usual. Love this stuff. Ever encouraging seeing people coming forward with their stories of awakening.
    If the is anyone out there who knows of GPs/ ex GPs such as Mark, Sam and Mark, that still wish to fulfill their purpose in life by helping those in need medically but have had their livelihoods stolen by the bent medical council and are from the South Waikato, please let me know. I don’t trust the Drs that stay in practice and cowtow to the medical tyranny, and I certainly don’t like patronising surgeries or hospitals that DON’T follow the sience and try to force mussel wearing.

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