30th September 2023

Kelly Brogan, M.D. is a holistic psychiatrist, author of the NY Times Bestselling book, A Mind of Your Own and Own Your Self. Kelly has faced intense censorship and smear campaigns for speaking out against the medico-pharmaceutical industry and was wide awake to the COVID fraud early on in 2020. She has transformed the lives of thousands of people by helping them stop psychiatric medications including through her online healing programs. Kelly is one of the world’s best advocates of terrain theory in the way she models health and wellbeing.

Here is what she said about:

  • why she quit mainstream psychiatry
  • her natural cure of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
  • the role of victim consciousness
  • her decision to see a naturopath despite her allopathic training
  • “deprescribing” (getting patients off all mental health medications)
  • the “chemical imbalance” myth
  • anti-depressant and benzodiazepine addiction
  • the global escalation of anti-depressant prescribing
  • how to achieve mental health and wellness naturally

and much more!

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  1. I joined Andy Kaufmann’s Truly Living community. It is a lot cheaper than Kelly Brogan’s course. There are a lot of health courses on offer these days.

  2. I have heard Kelly say, to the effect, “The only disease that really exists is ‘Victim Consciousness'”. When you peal it all back, I think she is right! Her conviction to demonstrating that truth and her courage to help so many of us discover that truth has been inspirational to me. I do agree that she has an extreme approach that can make her wisdom difficult to digest…..but, in my view, she is not wrong!

  3. Men AND women can easily undergo mental health problems and at EVERY age of life.

    Some may say psycho babble but talking through how we feel to others can be a big part of working through to what, from the outside, is a largely invisible problem. And this is where, often, men’s therapy can differ from women’s. Many men men simply don’t recognise their own emotions, so talking through some weird concept of feelings is surely a women’s thing, right? No! Often men believe they are rational, problem solving super heroes, but are actually blinded in their childhood social development in not recognising that ALL motive stems first from underlying emotions.

    I must succeed or I’ll be a failure. Thats self esteem right there.
    People won’t like me as much if I’m no good at anything. Self esteem again. And FEAR of missing out.
    I want to get drunk because I want a good time. That’s failure to recognise an underlying feeling of sadness or stress or fear of social anxiety etc.
    I must succeed at school because I want a good job. Fear of failure, also a belief that life will be sad without a good income.

    Men are often raised in childhood to ignore emotions and therefore don’t reach full maturity or human potential. Without understanding emotions men often see emotions in limited dimensions, anger can dominate. Anger can lead to violence. Therefore when mental health issues arise they don’t understand what’s happening to them and certainly don’t want to seek treatment, and that’s a big problem right there.

    Women, on the other hand, are more prone, but not always, to be overwhelmed by emotions, often easily expressing those emotions, but the big kicker here, is that they are at a loss to understand why they feel that way and or powerless to do anything about their situation.

    Mental health remedy can be seen in easy life style steps everyone can do:
    #Friendships and having someone to talk to. A councillor can help at times so you don’t burden your friends too much. Kelly Brogan’s program may indeed help.
    #Eat healthy, no snacking, especially if overweight.
    #Sleep well
    #Exercise. CARDIOVASCULAR exercise is 100x better than pharma drugs for mental health
    #Spiritual beliefs that are healthy. A belief in a judgement of our soul to access the afterlife. Christianity has Jesus, he taught forgiveness and that is one mighty gift he gave to the whole world. Believe it and he can heal you, that’s not available to modern delusional pathless psychology credentialled lost soul can ever give you. Note for Christians: judgement doesn’t occur on death but at the end of the age.
    #Find contentment in doing good things, hobbies, or especially helping others.

    Take care all

  4. @ Kevin Slattery: I wouldn’t disagree with the Health Remedy points you make above but it’s all just common sense really and doesn’t need all that psycho babble to justify it IMO. As an older person who never even had a television to flop in front of , had to walk miles to school , ate very basic good food and really didn’t have time or the inclination to make myself the centre of my universe , I just got on with it. Maybe I’m old fashioned but nontheless I’m an extremely active and healthy old fart. Maybe as I’m English it’s the ” stiff upper lip ” that makes all that American type soul searching deeply irritating. Sorry.

  5. Thank you Dr Sam for this video. Another beautiful woman to be admired. You both are not ‘just’ pretty faces.

  6. Breathtaking,

    BTW ex Korokoro
    And what you are doing too Samantha,

  7. Kelly and Sam
    Amazing Interview!
    Sam, first of all- I have never yet commented but you are my star ( and Thomas Cowan). I have listened to many especially in the last four years but have stopped pretty much nearly all of them but you and him:)
    I strongly connect with the path coming from mainstream doctoring myself ( got out 12 years ago) to starting to peel the layers off and rejecting the entirety of it, without aggression towards it but just no more sensical to me, none of that parallel combining of both systems or replacing the one with the cleaner better version but same thinking of body ie nature is weak and fails us. Agree with that at basis of all is presumed victimhood, yes! we always have a choice, ie there is never ‘no choice’ . Also went on to realise that it’s not for us to look after the stranger victim as Kelly put it, all we are here to experience is our own choices, in turn they may radiate out and be a beacon to others and the ones that seek us out.
    To me one of the main problems with the so called awake health community is lack of willingness to change. They seem to find their new truths and stop changing, rather holding on, just like mainstream medicine. Only the one who is prepared to keep asking and questioning their own and other truths to me is really seeking it. We must never stand still and say ‘ now I know’ there will always be another layer.
    Lots of Love and thanks to both of you from London

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