16th December 2023

This is Part 2 of the film version of Dr Mark Bailey’s essay A Farewell to Virology (Expert Edition), produced by Steve Falconer. Part 1 of the film can be found here, and Part 3 is currently in the early stages of production. The essay can be downloaded from here. (French, German, and Spanish versions are also available.)
While many will be aware of A Farewell to Virology, the history of its development is known to only a few. In 2021, Heterodoxies Society led by Dr John Bevan-Smith prepared an extraordinary legal take down of the perpetrators of the COVID-19 fraud. The plan was to not only expose the meaningless case definition and manufactured numbers through the misapplication of the PCR but to demonstrate the foundational fraud of SARS-CoV-2 existence. John had done a brilliant job in his critiques of virology but he was advised to get Mark involved to ensure that the scientific case was watertight. Shortly after this PCR expert and microscopist Dr Robin Wakeling was also welcomed into the team. The Statement of Claim weighed in at over 200 pages with around 500 references and Mark described it as like nothing the world had ever seen.  
As a supporting essay, Mark and John also published The COVID-19 Fraud & War on Humanity in 2021. Originally meant to be around 5000 words it rapidly expanded to over 14,000 as the two authors went back forth with additions. They lost track of its distribution after it reached over 200,000 people and had been translated into several other languages. I then produced a three part video series of The COVID-19 Fraud which also gained hundreds of thousands of views despite being banned on mainstream platforms. 
By the time they published The COVID-19 Fraud & War on Humanity essay they were able to report that the epic Statement of Claim had been blocked by the courts:
“As part of the process of peacefully taking back that which belongs to the people of NZ, Heterodoxies Society Incorporated filed a proceeding on 6 August 2021 in the Auckland High Court, CIV-2021-4041599. Regretfully, since then, on the basis of a legal contrivance that has no apparent statutory basis or value to the law, the case has been stayed, that is, confined to the equivalent of legal quarantine.”
Other nefarious events also took place in the background which indicated that interference in the case was authorised at the highest levels. 
Perhaps as Marvin Haberland discovered this year, the public courts are not going to allow the pseudoscience of virology to be placed on trial. After all, Dr Stefan Lanka embarrassingly exposed the lack of scientific evidence for the measles “virus” in 2016 with the German Higher Court accepting that none of the presented virology papers followed the scientific method. It would certainly be interesting to see the entire virus model on trial with Drs Andrew Kaufman, Mark Bailey and Stefan Lanka cross-examining the world’s top virologists in front of a jury. 
In 2022, Mark and John planned to follow up with a second COVID-19 Fraud essay. Mark was tasked with writing a systematic refutation of the claims of SARS-CoV-2 existence and John would document the wider aspects of the global fraud. However, as the year progressed John was increasingly busy with his work and pursuit in establishing whether government agencies would uphold supposedly inviolable civil rights in New Zealand. Mark felt that the timing was right to publish an essay so it was agreed that he would publish a refutation of the virus model as a stand alone treatise. It was modified to go beyond refuting just SARS-CoV-2 and A Farewell to Virology was born.
While we have seen many awful things during the COVID era we continue to focus on all the gifts we have been given. For many of us it has been a true awakening and the revelation of the path to complete physical and spiritual well-being. It has been a privilege to have so much support across the world and many supporters have been incredibly generous with time and resources. The new friendships we have forged have been invaluable and had it not been for the tyrannical measures employed by the New Zealand government from 2020 onwards it is unlikely that we would ever have known Dr Bevan-Smith and Dr Robin Wakeling. Now they are like family to us, as are other members of this wider community we find ourselves in. While the supranationals, governments and their stooges can try on all the deception in the world, they will never defeat the ideas and way of being that comes from a place of truth, love and friendship. As our good friend Dr Tom Cowan would say, “we got this!” 
Part 2 of A Farewell to Virology is very technical in places and it takes a film maker like Steve Falconer to turn it into something that captivates the audience for over two hours! I hope you enjoy it as much as Mark and Steve enjoyed bringing it to the world. Thank you for all your support and we look forward to producing more. 


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  1. I think people are starting to believe the jabs are bad because of that Romanian study of 17 mill dead from the jab and the New Zealand leaks of information that is punishable by jail but isn’t actually true information but misinformation and is still however our (the NZ version CDC) information.
    I’m seeing a lot of the ones I know to be jabbed have something like a nervous breakdown. they are suddenly thinking every little pain to be death approaching. I’m getting a lot of weird looks too because they all know I’m not jabbed and don’t believe Anything without proof, the looks have that “I hate you for being right (And I’m unlikely to admit I was wrong) but here’s a smile with anger in the teeth and eyes and those ever so slight digs at a persons character. Have to admit I got 2 tetanus injections in life, But that’s near 30 years ago and unless they got me as a baby in the 70’s, I’m free of all other vaxjabs (even convinced the school nurse that I got jabbed in hospital when in school years back, all my mates got that gatlingun of an injection, I was a kid afraid of everything but sneaky as hell, but that all changed when life then showed me that fear and pain are not the worst it has to offer. Hitting 50 now, gonna do a 6 week parasite cleanse and see what happens. I’ve already been doing everything outside of “Metformin” in Prof David Sinclair’s slowing of aging (got to say I don’t notice a diff here until I stop taking the things like NMN and NAC. Only then do I notice I am slower).
    Thank you Mark, Sam and Crew for all that you’ve done and continue to do, Don’t ever become another Malone or McCullough or Mikovits and many many more… Psy-op on all sides, hard to know what to trust, but at least viruses not existing makes perfect sense, that and nukes – We can’t find atoms and quantum mech would suggest that reality is made of waves and they have done everything possible to make their theory of particles fit, when the whole thing is nothing but a focused wave of potential.

    Or climate change caused by co2, when in truth warming happens – Then co2 rises and it takes up to 800 years to do so. I could go on.

    History written by the victor, We know only lies yet so many are adamant on their personal/emotional investment.
    They refuse to even look, and some who look can’t see it, due to the ever persistent suggestions from the deepest reaches of the mind by the one you think is you. I must sound insane, no need to tell me I don’t, I’m happy like this.

    Stay strong people. Things may have to get a lot worse before the cowards and fools begin to realise they have no choice left. So train hard and live healthy.

  2. @Fionn McNamara & anyone else who cares to know the truth about the Climate Crisis fraud: the surest way to cut through the nonsense is to know that in physics, planet Earth is modelled as a blackbody system, whereby the equillibrium temperature, the global average, is a function of the incoming and outgoing radiation. Period. No substance in the blackbody has the capacity to alter the equillibrium temperature. In a rotating body, such as a planet, all that different components of the system may do, is ameliorate the extremes, the day and the night temperatures. Next time anyone tries to sell you the idea that ‘greenhouse gases’ such as CO2 have the ability to raise the global average temperature, ask the person if they understand the concept of the blackbody in physics.

  3. Thank you for your work, the importance of which cannot be overestimated. You are the tip of the spear in this most important arena.
    So I confess to merest nitpicking when I complain that the intermittent giggling of the narrator was very off-putting.

  4. Sums up very clearly many difficult technical concepts and techniques – especially sequencing. It can take a long time to put all this information and knowledge together from primary and secondary sources; having it here in one place, in this format, is priceless. Enormous amount of work put into this video by all concerned. Deserves millions of views across the world so that people can understand the issues behind the ‘no virus’ conclusion.

  5. But again, the parachute failure clip. Brilliant video, brilliantly detailed information… why THAT clip of someone accidentally either seriously injured, or more likely killed outright? If the clip is real, it’s an ill-judged inclusion in an otherwise outstanding piece of editing and narration. Hope not to see it for the third time in Part 3.

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