26th May 2022

“Monkeypox” – who could have seen it coming? 🤔

Our Virus Mania team has been warning about false pandemics for decades. However, I didn’t think they’d try something this extreme.
Is Monkeypox actually something you need to worry about or are they repackaging existing diseases through another fraudulent PCR?  🙈🙉🙊🐵

Read my Monkeypox article here

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  1. Excellent video. Can’t believe everyone is just falling again…over and over we go.

  2. Thank you Sam. Good points as always. Your 2 hour discussion group on Monkeypox with Drs Cowan, Kaufman, yourself, your husband and others came up on your telegram channel yesterday but it wouldn’t let me watch , said I had to upgrade. Please can you post it on here as I already subscribe to your channel here on subscribestar. Many thanks.

  3. Thank you Sam & Mark. Please keep investigating & reporting these FACTS. It’s good to have real evidence to show the sheeple; someone pushing back with evidence.
    I’m a ND & have NEVER believed the narrative.

  4. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise, refreshing. You just verified what I felt all along. My grandchildren are exposed to close to 70 vaccinations , which I find ridiculous and terrifying. Hope these jab creeps get exposed

  5. Thanks so much Dr Sam and your colleagues. Thanks for speaking the truth and calling out the unsubstantiated virus bs. I still find it hard to get people close to me see the truth. Many just can’t be bothered to look at the evidence which is very unfortunate because sooner or later they /we will have to face the consequences of their actions or inaction.

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