26th May 2022

Monkeypox” – who could have seen it coming? 🤔

Our Virus Mania team has been warning about false pandemics for decades. However, I didn’t think they’d try something this extreme. 
Is monkeypox actually something you need to worry about or are they repackaging existing diseases through another fraudulent PCR?  🙈🙉🙊🐵

Read my Monkeypox article here

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  1. Excellent video. Can’t believe everyone is just falling again…over and over we go.

  2. Thank you Sam. Good points as always. Your 2 hour discussion group on Monkeypox with Drs Cowan, Kaufman, yourself, your husband and others came up on your telegram channel yesterday but it wouldn’t let me watch , said I had to upgrade. Please can you post it on here as I already subscribe to your channel here on subscribestar. Many thanks.

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