11th February 2024

We are now over four years into the COVID-19 fraud and while many things have changed, confusion remains the dominant theme. More people are coming to the realisation that there was no pandemic but there are also plenty of people ramping up “bioweapons” and “gain of function” narratives. Amongst this we have also seen the introduction of a new side-stepping argument that, “virus existence is not important”.

In 2020, we started investigating the virus model and came to the realisation that SARS-CoV-2 did not exist. In fact, there was no scientific evidence that any viruses existed, dating back to the late 1800s literature and the so-called Tobacco Mosaic “Virus”. Those critiquing virology have pointed out that no entity that meets the description of a virus has ever been physically isolated. In order to maintain the illusion, the virologists have not performed properly controlled experiments such as those proposed in the “Settling the Virus Debate” Statement. Indeed, Dr Stefan Lanka had shown that various indirect findings claimed as evidence for viruses are produced by the experimental methodologies themselves.

In 2022, Mark published A Farewell to Virology (Expert Edition), a formal refutation of almost every aspect of the virus model. As with other works that ‘no virus‘ proponents have produced there has been no direct response to the overall thesis. Instead we have only seen attempts to change the subject, cloud the established definitions of words or introduce new unfalsifiable hypotheses. There is no ‘third way’ when it comes to virus existence and this sophistry only distracts from the fact that no ‘pathogens’ of any type have been shown to exist. The real world human and animal experiments that set out to demonstrate “contagious” entities that cause diseases such as influenza and common colds were monumental flops.

In this video we investigate why realising that viruses do not exist is a pivotal step for reducing fear and creating a better society.


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  1. I absolutely applaud your commitment to the cause and the truth. I am sure there have been many times when you have been faced with doubt and had to go back and scramble through your mountains of evidence to get back on track again. Sometimes there seem to be even crazier ideas flying around than there were during covid. I am dissapointed at so many who initially seemed to be making the breakthrough understanding that viruses dont exist have turned out to be less intellectually robust than first appeared. Shifting the story iine is such a cheap and lazy political trick – and annoyingly easy to gret sucked into. I am grateful for your regular updates that keep me, and your other followers, on the path to good health and good sense.

  2. I am so glad to see your strong response to the idea that “it doesn’t matter whether viruses exist or not,” as I am convinced (through learning from you, Tom, Andy, Mike Stone, Christine, and others over the past 4 years) there is nothing that matters more–that people understanding this is key to ending not just the current efforts at global tyranny, but opening the door to us humans understanding that we need not fear those who try to have power over us ever again. I recently saw this “doesn’t matter” idea expressed by a popular Substack blogger, Tessa Lena (Tessa Fights Robots) and I decided to challenge her. I’m pasting below our exchange. I want to share this because it is so important to me, and I really only have one close friend who is on the exact same page as me on this. (It’s been rather lonely in the no-virus camp, I’ve found! But I keep trying to help people see.)

    Comment on Tessa Lena’s substack, 2-6-24

    I agree 100% that the “virus/no-virus” conflict has become a detriment to the efforts to say “no” to the Great Reset. I think that is happening largely not because it is a tempest in a teapot, but because there are voices in the discourse that are more interested in sowing dissension than in uncovering the truth, and that makes me even more certain that this is a key point to all aspects of the freedom movement.

    You say, “If our goal is “defeating the Great Reset,” then who effen cares whether viruses exist or whether there was a pandemic or not.” As I see it, there are several reasons why it is important to the very core of resistance to the Great Reset to understand that viruses don’t exist and pandemics are a construct.

    1. They will keep bringing out viruses and contagiousness as long as doing so generates fear. Yes, they will lie about everything. And the issue of health is so personal, so visceral, so directly linked to life and death and the most primitive parts of our brain, that it is the one with the highest potential for them to control us.

    2. Germ theory and all its corollaries, including especially virology, are part of a huge lie about health that has been told for centuries but especially the past 150 years or so. Why do we get sick? We are randomly exposed to “pathogens.” We have bad genes. We are unlucky in the roulette of cancer, heart disease, MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc. Nowhere in this narrative is there room for looking at any other cause of disease, so this narrative has kept us from looking at industrial toxins, microplastics, EMFs and other radiation, and other productions of the system we live in which are keeping us ill and killing us, as well all the conditions of our lives that take huge physical tolls, such as stress, inadequate sleep and poisoned food. To say nothing of direct deadly results of “standard of care” medical protocols.

    3. It is this false narrative of what sickness is and what causes it that, I firmly believe, is a main reason why so many aren’t connecting the dots about the huge rise in unexplained illness and death since the jabs rolled out. Injections by definition can’t cause disease, because microbes cause disease–if not microbes, the causes are “unknown” or attributed to bad genes or bad luck.

    4. The whole narrative mis-educates us about our bodies–they are flawed, prone to random breakdowns, needing regular insertions of foreign material to “protect” them and of surgery and toxic chemotherapy and doses of pharmaceuticals to keep us alive. So we don’t learn how amazing our bodies’ self-healing mechanisms are, or how much control we ourselves have over whether and how we get sick.

    5. To me, understanding that germ theory and virology are false paradigms is the key that unlocks the door of how we have allowed ourselves to be controlled, not just regarding our health, but in all the ways. We have been taught for centuries, millennia, that we are flawed, prone to being incorrect and incapable of knowing how to manage our own lives, cruel and selfish by nature, needing to trust experts to take care of us, rightly subject to the control of those who “know better.” Doctors. Religious leaders. Governments. The whole age-old notion that control of some by others is natural and inevitable is called into question once we open the door to seeing that we are not weak, random victims of microbes that want to kill us, but are more powerful as physical and spiritual beings than we have ever been allowed to believe.

    This understanding of who and what we are is emerging now, and is a reason for the frenzied efforts to maintain the germ theory narrative by those still hanging onto control by their fingernails. When one really entertains the notion that germs to not cause disease and contagion is a myth, vistas open up before us of what we are and what life is that were not visible before. It is a very potent, perhaps the most potent, way to collapse the whole charade of the Great Reset.

    Her response:

    But germs do cause disease, and contagion does exist, and that is true even if the notion of viruses are a model, which I think is shady waters altogether but regardless. It’s good to disagree but tyranny does not depend on virology. “Climate change” does not require viruses. Forced religious reforms have never required viruses. Political morals don’t require viruses, either!! And yes, there are many things in history that were perhaps the opposite of how we learned about them, and yes, it is important to know the truth, but the fight against tyranny is about something else, the main thing is that abusing other human beings for ANY reason is not okay!!

    My response to her response
    Tyranny certainly does not depend on virology. It does depend on keeping people afraid and convincing them they are powerless. Germ theory does that big time.

    Germs do not cause disease, but they can get out of balance when there is too much dead and dying tissue in the body, which is their food. They do not attack healthy tissue. Hundreds of experiments have tried to prove contagion and all have failed. The best-known are those by Dr. Rosenau during the Spanish “flu,” where he had 100 healthy soldiers sit with very sick ones, get breathed and coughed on, have the sick ones’ nasal secretions rubbed inside the healthy ones’ noses, etc., and not one healthy soldier got sick. Not one. This experiment has been done numerous times since then with the same results. Contagion is a myth and serves to make us both afraid of each other and believing we need injections and pharmaceuticals in order to stay healthy.

    Certainly abusing other humans is not okay for any reason, and that is the main message of opposing tyranny. What we have is a lot of people who accept abuse because they believe they must subject themselves to someone else’s authority, be it a doctor, a bureaucrat, a priest, a “ruler.” That’s how germ theory is used, to convince us that we can’t stay healthy on our own, and by extension we can’t make decisions for ourselves because we aren’t smart enough. I could be wrong, of course, but I see cracks in the acceptance of germ theory as letting light into all the ways we give away our power and allow ourselves to be abused by any kind of authority. That’s why I think it matters.

    She has not responded further.

    Thanks for listening, and for all you do to stand for the truth. Let the light shine in!

  3. I continue to be impressed with the quality and frequency of your videos. I am incredibly grateful for all that you do and happy to support your work. Also, I am very excited for your new book.

    A subject that I would love for you to explore in future videos, the challenge that naturally arises when we share the fallacy of germ theory with others, the appearance of transmission. Why do cold and flu symptoms present after being together with other people?

    I think shining your light on this subject would be a tremendous contribution in helping people, not just let go of germ theory but understand the power of resonance in human relationships. We are keying off of each other all the time. Most of us are profoundly impressionable and vulnerable to suggestion all of our lives, so that our biorhythms,
    emotional conflicts, cycles of stress and detox are influenced by and influencing those around us in ways that we are barely aware of. Without scapegoating other people as vectors of transmission, we are left responsible for our own reactions. Only then can we begin to consciously choose what we want to be influence us.

    I would love to share your wise and uplifting insights on this matter to friends and family who still don’t understand.

  4. Sheer brilliance as usual Team Bailey. What seems like an eternity ago now I had regard for such as Cummins and the Breggins for example. Long since evaporated.

  5. Wow, so Denis Rancourt has now come to the party! This is amazing news.
    Several weeks ago I asked him to honestly critique Mark’s Farewell to Virology, as a comment in one of his substack posts. From his interview with Kirsch it looks like he has finally dived in. Thank you so much Sam & Mark for this wonderful video.

  6. Hi Sam, thank you for scientifically challenging our partners in the health freedom movement whenever they consciously or unconsciously articulate misleading health information to their constituents. We all need to continuously practice moral and intellectual self-reflection, and it is very helpful especially for those who stick to a narrative that has been proven to be wrong, by providing your often repeated challenges to their erroneous ideas about virus existence. I certainly benefit from your many educational videos about the different aspects of the non existence of pathogenic viruses. Both you and Mark exhibit moral, scientific, and intellectual character of the highest degree; these values used to be the hallmark of medical professionals. Keep up the great work, it’s an inspiration to all of us so that we can also have the courage to speak the truth about this very important issue.

  7. Thank you Sam sooo much for opening my eyes to the truth I truly thank God for you ,Mark and all the others mentioned in this video in the REalTruth movement. I pray that you be blessed and strengthend in this fight.
    God bless you and yours family.

  8. As you guys well know, I have an insatiable thirst for technical literature, whether its Medicine, Engineering, Mathematics or just plain boring ‘vanilla’ Science. Through our disparate communications over the past few years, you probably remember my own personal journey that BEGAN with – “SARS-CoV-02 is clearly a lie” – through to, “holy crap, the whole of Virology” is a bloody whopping lie! Indeed it was the both of you who guided me on that journey. If I think about it – the process of ‘unlearning’ a lifetime of false science, which for me probably began at home at about age 6, then in Primary School Science followed by High School Science and then University – took the better part of 24 MONTHS! DESPITE being shown the truth in black and white print – it took my mind 2 years to FINALLY make peace with the truth. In many ways that journey reminds me of the process of psychological demoralization that Yuri Bezmanov describes in his famous 1985 interview on the same topic (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOmXiapfCs8). Society as whole has been indoctrinated with ‘Pasteur’s False Religion’ for neigh on a century. In my case – I am an Engineer – I don’t have a dog in this fight. However, there is a whole Trillion Dollar industry out there that depends on the Bogey Monster’s existence. Like me, some of the Practitioner’s of that False Religion might take a few years to come around to see the black and white print through the dazzling dollar signs. Some might take decades. Heck, some might prefer to squint their eyes at the inconvenient truth and instead remain attached to the Devil’s Teats.

    The two of you have been on this journey of self-discovery and scientific self-enlightenment for some years now. AND – You have taken the global scientific community with you. More to the point, you have done a remarkable job in shining a bright spotlight on the path of truth. However, you must keep in mind that there are hundred’s of millions of people out there who are at different points along that journey. Indeed some – like the both of you did, 10 – 15 years ago – are just setting out. Don’t forget that the process of turning ones entire cognitive framework is not instantaneous. Indeed, Cognitive Dissonance Theory tells us, that such a process may be so challenging for some people that they instead prefer to lash-out at the source of their ‘psychological perturbation’. So, unfortunately there are more rotten vegetables and fruit coming your way. But don’t sweat it – it’s actually a Lead Indicator telling you that your both doing a bloody fantastic job. So keep it up Bailey’s. You’re a God Send!

  9. Brilliant. I was a slow learner only learning the truth fully when I read. Virus mania in May 2021. Then the clothing was entirely removed from the entire allopathic medical establishment. My analysis of publicly available death data quickly told me there was no COVID pandemic.
    I now knew that government reactions were not just an over reaction, but a total fraud.
    My fellow countryman Ivor was out of the blocks fast tackling the overreaction with Gompertz curves, etc.
    As he admitted on Malik video he has too much invested in the COVID scam to admit the truth. He is little different from Drs and pharma employees. It is hard to admit the truth when your livelihood depends on not admitting ing it
    I truly admire your courage. You have young children like him are could earn a lot in the system . But are not afraid to tell the truth.

  10. i was initially fooled by cummins and later breggin and several others but since maybe getting on a year ago the shades have mostly lifted big time.
    it’s been quite the journey. with few companions, he said while about to supply much peripheral id info, although being a donnebrook from day one the insight perhaps started early.
    earlier than noting piggy criticizing mahon re erebus and the “i have been fed an orchestrated litany of lies”;
    i found kirk’s early demise a little odd despite his girth since he seemed bolstered by the stomach crimp;

    then there was bill sutch https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Sutch being hunted down by the security services for so-called feeding stuff to the russians, yeah right a former nz gov minister is a spy, well acttually i have insider info on his character from a now disceased close friend that fails to equate w that narrative;

    oh also not necessarily in time order the police batoning of demonstrators advancing down molesworth street towards parliament re all blacks and south africa in which i was disappointed to find a former school mate’s elder brother amongst the batoners;

    of course (more id) there’s always the “murder house” on tinakori road where unanaethetized dentistry was performed by trainee dental nurses on primary school children, now the offical pm residence, how appropriate given previous murderous pm; and of course my own observations of having “caught” a cold when i was isolated. my insights have not been well received by most
    friends, some of whom are well-respected in science but can’t quite go the whole way to no pathogens.
    i, otoh, see bacteria as cleanup crew who may cause a little dismay from side products in the process. i’m still a bit on the fence re spores while trying to eradicate athletes foot without pharmaceuticals but see that is mostly terrain, especially shoes toe damage over many years
    it’s quite a challenge, as i’m sure you both have experienced, to reject so many years of indoctrination.

  11. oops,! i meant david lange’s large girth and early demise, with the stapled stomach, not kirk. i think my tiny brain was singing “he was a big man yesterday” about big norm and got confused.

  12. I think the Powers that Shoudn’t Be are beginning to feel the heat. These false accusations are happening all over the alternative media with one ‘ enlightened ‘ side attacking the other as controlled media. Our job is to be very discerning and check out the evidence ourselves. Obviously the PTSB have decided on a new defence strategy…………………..If you can’t beat them , join them. We are going to have to be extra vigilant but that will do us all good. It’s good news in a way to see the scumbags are running scared.

  13. Good morning from California,

    Deep appreciation for your continued efforts to share the truth.

    I’m an health care practitioner (been in both allopathic and natural). Even though I have always been a bit skeptical about germ theory, it still took many hours and a deep-deep dive into the no-virus conversation to fully unravel my mental indoctrination. After watching all your videos (yes ALL), reading virusmania, listening to Kaufman and Cowan and Alex Zeck… it was finally after watching the Viral Delusion that I finally completely popped out of the trance.

    Given my history, I can my deeply understand the push back and resistance that you receive. For a while, my brain simply could not get it, even though I really wanted to understand. The belief in viruses and contagion is so deeply ingrained that even if you explain the fallacy of the “science”… the brain simply refuses to see. It was a fascinating process to witness my own deprogramming.

    It helps me have compassion for the scientists and doctors who just cannot accept it YET.

    I have faith that as more people spread the seeds, and share the information that many more will slowly GET IT and.

    If anyone takes the time, has an open mind and dives into what you share… they inevitably have to come to the same conclusion.

    Germs don’t cause disease, viruses have never been shown to exist and our models of disease are antiquated and wrong and we absolutely need a completely new system of health.

    I’m here in my own small way affecting change little by little, I share your information anytime I meet someone with a little crack in their line of thinking.

    Little by little we can build a beautiful
    New world based on kindness, sharing, reverence for nature, peace, trust and integrity.

    May it be so!

  14. Dr. Sam
    I have thoroughly enjoyed your videos and articles on Covid, viruses, etc.

    I have also read several of the books written by the freedom fighters such as the Breggins, Peter McCullough, Pierre Kory, RFK Jr., Robert Malone, to name a few. I respect Steve Kirsch

    I am in the no virus camp at this point but as you know there is an indoctrination in all areas and I hope that you give the people above some credit. They are fighting the war and have not yet come to the truth about viruses but they have sacrificed their careers by confronting the main stream narrative. It takes time but the truth will out.

    As an example, where are you and Mark with the climate change narrative, evolution, UFOs, etc.
    Do you buy into the CO2 hoax ?
    Do you believe we all evolved from apes
    Do you believe in UFOs

    If so, then you are also part of the indoctrination.

    As you can see

  15. Thank you and Mark for not lowering yourself to mud-slinging when people like Brady give snarky and rude answers like, “I don’t believe in atoms or molecules, you can’t see them in a microscope”.
    A related story to the 2020 Covid restrictions here in Michigan (we were on national news a few times for having such strict rules, like ‘no traveling to your summer home up north’). My story in 2020 was that I was helping out in my brother’s grocery store, including website and facebook administration. I talked with one young mother and father who told me that they had a separate “staging area” in their garage which included a refrigerator and freezer. They unpackaged EVERYTHING when they got home and washed everything with detergent and then stored everything in their own containers and bags. My eyes glazed over while I was listening to their paranoid tale.
    I once asked one of the check-out girls, “What is the capacity of the store”, because all stores were supposed to have posted capacities. When you were over the capacity, people had to line up outside. The check-out girls answered, “We’ve never figured that out because we wouldn’t follow it anyway”.
    My younger sister e-mailed me to ask, “Who is going to take down that nasty thread on the store’s Facebook page?” I didn’t realize anything was amiss. My brother who doesn’t usually have time to waste on FB, posted something as the small-town grocery store owner, “Come on people! Let’s be polite to each other in the store. If you don’t want to mask up, that’s okay. But if you see someone with a mask and they are obviously frightened, just give that person a little space. Okay? If you need to wear a mask, please realize that there are people who have reasons to dislike wearing a mask, and just steer clear of those people. Let’s just all have some common sense and manners, Thanks, Steve”. Oh My God! There were over 200 replies and responses, and a political battle was underway. There were comments ranging from “you lib-tards are idiots and will do anything the government tells you”. “You Trump-lovers are all the same”. “I have shopped in this store my whole life, but I’ll never shop here again if you enforce face masks”. “I will never shop in this store again if you don’t make your employees and customers wear face masks”. Holy Crap! I took the thread down immediately.
    One other story from that small town in SW Michigan; I was on the 4th of July celebration committee. We have fair rides and great food, fireworks, live music, and a big parade. The day before the start of the 4-day festival, two State Policemen showed up at our planning committee chairman’s home, in uniform and with guns on their hips. They said, “we’re sorry Bob, but if you go through with the festival we have orders to come and shut it down. Here is the order from Governor Whitmer”. After an emergency meeting that evening, we had to cancel everything that was sponsored by the Business Owner’s Committee. Since the food was outdoors, we let that go ahead as planned. No live music. The parade went forward because all the church groups and other groups already had their floats ready to go. A local citizen bought the $8000 fireworks show and that went on as planned. The parade was on all the local newscasts because all the other towns had canceled their parades and fireworks. I was proud to see my little hometown of Dorr Michigan standing up for their right to assemble.
    One more postscript – it doesn’t matter if the government is enforcing something that is good for everyone or NOT good for everyone. It is not the government’s job to manage our lives unless we are hurting others.

  16. Dear Dr. Sam.

    First of all, thank You and Mark for all your hard work.

    I know this sounds weird. I have known this for a long time and it is still hard to proces.
    We are being ruled and programmed for many generations, by an elite who is inverted. It is all of them. All high positions around the world.
    Inverted means, women are men. And men are women. It is from birth. King and Queens, politicians, actors and musicians.
    Try a search on Youtube. “transvestigation”.

    God bless all of You.

  17. We should never lay down the truth to make way for more of the same in the future. Keep singing it from the rooftops that Vl-RUSES do not exist and never ever have. There’s no proof of their existence whatsoever to be found in the controllers grim fairytale matrix.

    Sam and Mark, I appreciate the time and energy you both devote to speaking truth. It is brave and commendable, and you’re making a difference in ways that may not always be seen. That’s all that matters. Stay loud! Stay strong!

  18. When one is not scientifically or medically trained, like myself, but nevertheless an ‘outside the box’ or freer thinker, it is easier in many ways to have the veil lifted by such as Sam and Mark, Stefan, Tom, Andy and a dozen others. (I use their first names as even though I’ve never met them, they feel almost like friends in the sense of how personable and helpful they have been). The overriding help has been in directing us to the, for example methodology sections of papers and pointing out sleight of hand. Couple this with a basic gut feeling and 2+2 easily becomes 4. (Can you imagine what general education would be like if we were all taught from the beginning to look at things with an open eye!)

    I understand how those with a scientific background might need to nitpick and come up with counter arguments or alternative perspectives and I feel sorry for the mental storm that may be created through this process. But this, surely, is what it’s all about in our attempts to fathom the truth and fully understand (which may well not be complete until after death). As such, and being in my position, I have to remain open to a tiny 0.1% idea that viruses exist, even if as a uniform, identifiable part of cellular debris OR the label denotes something that nobody has thought of yet. However I am fully on board with the concept that, whatever ‘they’ might be, they are not pathogenic as biology is way beyond that and that kind of proof has been so admirably demonstrated by the above folk. Thank you!

  19. FAO Mark and Sam Bailey. Firstly, thankyou for all that you do. Your relentless pursuit of truth is much appreciated. In regards to pandemic fraud, prosecuting the fraudsters and solutions to corporate controlled, unaccountable government tyranny, would you be interested in having a chat with my good friend and fellow trustee, Michael O’Bernicia? All the best, Calvin – Trustee of UCT

  20. Wonderful presentation as ever, I applaud your professionalism and patience. I have wanted to like Ivor as I am Irish too, but I don’t. The other eejit, Malik needs to get educated. I am very proud to ‘know’ you guys. I find that I constantly say yes during your presentations. No virus is crucial to freedom, end of. Alison McDowell (Wrench in the Gears blog) does some amazing work on connecting dots for the bigger picture. No clue whether she has a ‘stance’ 0n virus, but she has been showing the planning in creating movement to various ‘camps’ – this is all in the context of tokenisation of life, the human bio field and the body as computer and its uses. It’s very high level and I am just getting bits, but eg Florida and Texas were the run to for Freedom but that is where ‘they ‘ are running huge projects like charter cities (fully tokenised). Her work explains what the control is funnelling towards and how advanced it is. The ‘freedom movement’ is a part of this plan and being able to manipulate opinions/emotions is key for financial prediction. Thank you, thank you, love and hugs. C

  21. As always I benefit so much from your videos which support my long held beliefs about viruses which began with my doubts at the time of the AIDS epidemic. Thanks to Dr. Peter Breggin´s book Toxic Psychiatry which I read as a young psychologist/therapist, I already had my doubts about corruption in the pharmaceutical and medical fields. In 2019, as a 75 year old pensioner, my immediate reaction was “this is a Control Experiment”. Everyone around me , except my children thank goodness, was pushing this old woman to get vaccinated but I also had doubts about vaccines going back to when my own children were babies. In my work with people with anorexia/bulimia problems, I began to study nutrition in more depth than was necessary for feeding my own family and became convinced that good healthy food, fresh air activities and good friends were the key to good health. It was marvellous to encounter Dr. Sam and her wonderfully radiant smile that stretches from the computer screen around the whole world. Before her, I felt quite alone in my beliefs and opinions which I could only base on personal beliefs and professional experience. The book “Virus Mania” produced by Drs Sam and Mark gave me the scientific evidence I had long needed to maintain my controversial opinions. I could even argue with my old friend who is the head of he Dept. of Immunology in a large German University.

  22. If there was a real virology science (c. 20:00 in the video) one step would have been an experiment that demonstrated that tiny dead/inactive things (called viruses) have the extraordinary ability to enter cells and hijack the cell functions for their own replication. Extraordinary claims require solid proof.

    No such experiment ever occurred, instead the amazing theory was accepted as virus truth by circularity and osmosis.

    Conclusion – virology is not a science, it is only a pharma-faith.


    I placed this in earlier, not sure if it stuck, th-Ithaca it got likes.

    It is curious that those with the no-virus position don;t emphasize this lacuna in the “science”, which shows that it really is not really a science,

    Steven Avery
    Dutchess County, NY USA

  23. Well stated, Dr. Sam. I’ll have to drop my support for Ivor at this point – he was pretty good at epidemiology and exposing much of the ‘covid’ fraud, but, as often the case, just can’t face the underlying facts about ‘viruses.’

  24. Thank you so much for your determination and to continue weeks after weeks to bring new evidence that support the no virus existence. I have a lot of respect for you and your husband Mark for everything your doing

  25. I think we need more ideas about how to counteract the questions we get from people who are incredulous at the idea of no viruses. So how do we account for the seeming contagion amongst family or work colleagues of a cold or flu?
    I know from growing food that potato blight appears simultaneously on potato or tomato plants but it doesn’t mean it spreads from one plant to another. It means that the right conditions in the environment have arisen to provoke blight. In the UK, that usually means a damp cloudy and warm spell of weather in July. It’s the same with insect pests, they arise due to the right conditions .

  26. We get seasonal influenza when our cells build up too many environmental toxins from what we ingest or inject. We cyclically create exosomes (we don’t “catch” viruses), to purge these toxins from our body, which brings the electromagnetic frequency (EMF) of our cells into balance with the changing EMF patterns in our environment. The catalysts are: 1) Seasonal earth tilt 2) EMF tech 3) Ingested/injected toxins https://talknet.substack.com/p/vaxx-to-killdisable-billions-over

  27. I certainly said BS on day one. Throughout the last 4 years I have always said, “there is no virus”. I have never social distanced, I have never QR coded, I have never put stuff on my hands, I have never worn a mask, I have never complied with any of their demands – yet i was nursing my sick mother over that time and had to take her to doctor, dentist, hospital appointments and never complied. It was a pandemic of Fear only – people need to take health into their own hands and stop relying of doctors and politicians for their well being, eat good food, drink good water, eat fruit, touch the earth and get some sun. Thank you for your continued work in this area.

  28. Dear Sam:
    In a small sector of the Spanish-speaking world interested in questioning the official narrative about pathogens and the pandemic, the discussion about viruses has also got very heated since 2020. Here, certain “experts” insist that viruses do exist but with a beneficial role for our lives, similar to that of bacteria that constitute the intestinal flora.

    They claim: VIRUSES are inert molecules full of information that cells use for different purposes. It’s time for you to discover the NEW biology.

    I share an article for you to examine. Certainly, I would value your answer about these friendly retroviruses? as a real Valentine’s gift between truthseekers. Greetings from Buenos Aires for you and Mark, two of my favorite researchers and scientific communicators of the world.
    Mariana Morena

  29. You guys are the best! I am also learning about the judicial system, contracts and ‘money’ (so far I have found biology much easier to grasp). I have a deep desire to claim compensation for various trespasses and harms caused to me and my family by the covid FRAUD. I do wonder if this is possible, but that won’t stop me trying once I sharpen my knowledge of the court system.

    Thank you for your well produced and honourable videos and written works. You help change peoples lives for the better and that is truely meaningful and human.

    Best to you and your family

  30. Another outstanding video by Dr Sam Bailey, for which I am grateful. Thank you.

    We often bump into variations of the claim that it doesn’t matter if viruses do or do not exist. Another version is: We can’t know if viruses exist with certainty; science doesn’t establish what is true, only what works. Virology is the best explanation we have, because it “works”.

    Of course the forgoing is epistemological confusion. Science does establish with certainty ideas that have been proven false; other ideas may be validated by a lot of experimental evidence and not (yet?) debunked by any contradictory findings. This method, broadly speaking, characterizes rational inquiry in all fields including those outside experimental science. Knowledge in all fields is open ended, subject to new discoveries that may change or refute prior concepts.

    Of course, virology has been logically falsified, starting long ago, and many times. To say virology “works” just means “everyone believes in it.”

    It is important to remember: Truth and falsehood are as important as life and death. For we live by thinking, to discover what is true, for the purpose of making appropriate choices that sustain and advance our lives. To live and to live well, one must know the truth. For without it, we will make inappropriate choices that damage and destroy our lives. Discovering and proving truth requires proper thinking, which entails respect for facts and logic, i.e. reason.

    Many thanks to both Bailey’s and best wishes.

  31. The Virus Myth may be the most devious weapon of “psychopathic authoritarianism” ever devised. Ask your dentist if Fluoride is good for your health and the answer will be “yes” because they’ve adopted the psychopathic narrative without questioning it. Ask almost any medical doctor if viruses “exist” and they will say yes for similar reasons. To say “no” is bad for business and possible career suicide..

  32. Thank You from Latvia, Sam!

    We hear You and Mark! And we learn from you.


  33. Funny to see how long it took Steve to pick up on what Denis was saying and that Igor Chudov chewed off more than he can handle. I also can’t see why people like Ivor Cummins refuse to see the value in addressing the argument of viral existence. If we can prove that they haven’t shown viruses do exist, and aren’t transmissable, then the whole, deeper fraud becomes visible. It’s a bit like waking up to the fact that the banks magic money out of nothing. .AIDS is a serious case in point that is highly researched in RFK Jr’s book The Real Anthony Fauci but it is hardly ever talked about.

    To me it all points to an organised collusion, or a master puppeteers play, between China and the West. If it can be ‘proven’ that China released a pathogen and lied about it with shots of people falling down dead while holding their hands out to save themselves ( https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7923981/Coronavirus-Disturbing-videos-claim-people-collapsing-Wuhan.html ), could it not be used as an excuse for war? Playing capitalism off with communism to ultimately financially decimate the world to achieve the goal of total world domination.

  34. I have written a comment 2 days ago but not sure why it’s gone now? I am sure I saw it posted.

  35. I would add Dr Shiva to the list of ‘it doesn’t matter if viruses exist’ from a recent Feb 2024 interview.
    Although he is definitely not lazy, he has his own systems agenda to promote. Much of which I find inspiring but feels tarnished by his disregard of the virus question.

  36. Hi Sam and Mark
    I am 100 percent in agreement with you. Just wondering if you have yet covered the exosome discussion- the exosome visually seems to be looking the same as the so called virus – and my thought is that the exosome is the cells response to an external toxin entering the body causing the disease and that the cell isolates and expels the toxin – is that correct
    Cheers mick

  37. It really is perplexing that people like Steve Kirsch, Peter McCullough, Joseph Mercola, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Del Bigtree, and others who are leaders in many ways in favor of liberty, against medical fascism, and against the Covid shots, and in many cases expose government and mainstream lies and fraud – won’t touch or consider the biggest lie and fraud of all.

  38. Perhap the msot difficult thing is for people to consider is that Covid 19 sickness was real but not the truth of what ’caused’ the sickness. Because no one is providing reasonalbe science on the cause of illness, people naturally want to know the ’cause’ and are vulnerable to being dupped directly proportional to the amount of fear and ingnorance they have been living with. Do Viruses exist? Rudolph Steiner shared that viruses are created from within a cell in order to clean and repair the cell organs.
    One might consider virus particles similar to enzymes in that they break things down and build things up. So maybe the word virus gets people all wired up and exozomes are intracellular enzymes. I haven’t read your book and look forward to doing so. Blessings, Dan Hegerich 6x Cancer Suvivor turned Heroic Performance Life Coach. I appreciate Tom Cowan as well!

  39. Interesting video. I wasn’t aware that there were people who believed virus’ don’t exist. I do believe covid and HIV/AIDS is a scam, but what about virus’ like chicken pox? I’ve seen the results of that. If a virus doesn’t cause it what does? I will be reading more of your work, I really want to know the truth. I’m not a doctor so it may take me longer to process everything since I try to find ways to substantiate or find additional confirmation of what I read. Thanks again.

  40. It’s interesting to see who has failed at the basic level of honestly and integrity when confronted with the simple facts over the non-existence of viruses – – and yet they all know they are participating in and propagating the lie!
    Jane Ruby
    Sasha Latypova
    Peter McCullough
    Ivor Cummings
    Daivd Martin (though when pushed he admits viruses do not exist)

  41. How about putting up some real science debaters. Dr Kevin McCairn has debated a number of these virus deniers and he always disproves their theories. Trouble is while these people put out these theories people take their eye off what is taking place before their eyes.

  42. It seems that when researching everything to do with the covid era, there is no background to what politicians and medics told us about the virus and then getting injected, it is just front of office marketing, any of those that talk about no virus have substance to their research. Those that say virus has been isolated, seem to base this on tests that are not dissimilar to me making crushed avocado on toast – and declaring it a full avocado! It is a nonsense, we seem to believe anything ‘authority’ tells us these days. Brush your teeth with fluoride, margarine is better than butter, diet foods are healthy,………………..

  43. Superb presentation. 🙂

    I became an “anti-vaxxer” in 1995 or 1996. I had already become a conspiracy theorist before that.

    I was immediately suspicious in early 2020 and didn’t trust what was happening, but in (I think) February, 2020, my son, who was a truck driver and was ~1000 miles from home, became extremely sick and couldn’t function. He was stuck in his truck, unable to drive, with no one to help him. He went to a walk-in clinic, but had to go back to his truck without much help. It was terrifying to me and two times, I was ready (despite having animals – cows and sheep and chickens- and chores to do) to drive out to take care of him. I did look up some information and with some suggestions from Dr. David Brownstein, made some recommendations to him. I also located an herb shop near where he was and I think he got some of what I suggested. He seemed delirious and unable to communicate at one point, which sent me into a panic of worry.

    Whatever it was, he did recover after a few days.

    In about March of 2020, I discovered David Crowe and within 3 months, I had listened to nearly all of his podcasts on The Infectious Myth. I already didn’t trust the narrative, but he filled in a lot of information.

    In April of 2020, we were having protests at our state capitol in Concord, New Hampshire.

    In the fall of 2021, my son came home for a two-week break. Within days (on his birthday), I got sick. Then he got sick too. We were sicker than either of us had ever been before for about two weeks. We could hardly get up and didn’t eat for about a week. I did make sure we drank and didn’t get dehydrated. Finally, in the third week, we began to do some simple activities, and finally recovered. There were some very scary nights during that time when I, as sick as he was, but without as high a fever, washed him in cold water to bring his fever down, because he was very concerned it was so high. I was less concerned. It wasn’t 105, and even so, I had heard high fevers were no longer the concern they had been when I was growing up.

    I have no explanation for what happened. I am willing to believe in viruses if someone can show me scientific evidence, but until then, I can’t believe in them. This does leave me wondering what happened to us. Food tasted horrible when we tried to eat. My son began craving pineapple, which, sick as I was, I got for him when I went to pick up some supplements from a chiropractor friend.

    The month before our extreme sickness, some friends’ son visited them from Florida. The same thing happened to them. They were all sick for about a month. Very odd. I didn’t find out about this until after we got well.

    Thank you for what you’re doing. You and Mark are a great couple and are doing vital work. Despite the harassment you get now, some day people will realize the truth and will appreciate what you have done. I’m anxious to get a copy of your book, but I don’t use credit cards or buy online or support Amazon.

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