28th October 2023

The COVID-19 “lab leak” narrative has been in play on mainstream platforms since early 2020. However, many in the so-called freedom community are portraying the story as a high-level cover up. They allege that the research has spun out of control with “engineered pathogens” on the loose.
However, what evidence are these claims relying on? Do they really understand the pivotal “gain of function” virology papers? In this video we will see why all “viruses” originate in laboratories but why you have nothing to worry about.


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  1. Another revealing video Dr Sam. I used to watch Rand Paul attacking Fauci. Pretty soon I came to realise they were a ‘double act’, they were creating theatre.
    Kary Mullis openly stated “Fauci knows nothing, and I will tell him that to his face”. It’s no wonder Kary died shortly before the plandemic was set in motion, he would have been very outspoken, revealing the Fake Science. My guess is they played a role in his demise.
    Kary Mullis was a brilliant scientist and if he were around today I am sure he would be involved with the Baileys helping to expose Mr Fake Science (Anthony Fauci)
    You and you and Dr Mark walk in his footsteps, I think he would be very proud of you. Keep revealing the Truth because ‘they’ hate the Truth.

  2. Thanks for once again exposing the completely fake science of virology!!!

  3. Do you think fermented foods make for a healthy terrain? Foods like saurkraut, yogurt, blue cheese, etc.

  4. It’s hard to believe that, right up until the ‘pandemic’, I was a typical stooge for the medical/industrial complex. It’s a very hard thing, in one’s mid 60s, to realize that the people you’ve trusted most in your life–doctors and scientists–have largely just been stooges, too.

    Neil deGrasse Tyson is fond of saying “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” He also claims that the ‘scientific consensus’ is the highest standard of evidence (WTF?). In his world view, anything that goes against the ‘scientific consensus’ requires extraordinary evidence, then. I now know that the existence of molecules that are not alive, but act as if they are and can infect people, invading their own celluar biology and making them sick, is an extremely extraordinary claim. Yet, thanks largely to you, Dr. Sam, I now know there’s scant evidence for it all.

    Keep up the fight. I read a recent Substack from Peter McCullough in which he said he was actually beginning to seriously question “vaccine ideology.” I can’t help but wonder how big a part you and other Terrain Theory warriors played a part in that. Denis Rancour has said that he’s open to Terrain Theory over Germ Theory and that he’s looking into it but just isn’t quite convinced, yet.

    You guys are making a difference.

  5. Hi Sam,
    This was great. As you say, they are relying heavily on computer models. This is the same with the other pseudosciences (I am beginning to believe they all are.), such as Climate Change, Earth’s shape, Astronomy, overpopulation, etc. What do you think? Have you looked into the other scientific malarkey? It’s vast.

  6. Thanks Sam and Mark. One earlier hint about this fraud was during a talk on 2nd December 2021. Freedom Talk with Andy, Stefan, Tom and Dean. I had to go hunting for it…


    At 1 hour. when Dean asked Stefan Lanka about the future and his third round of control experiments, Stefan says they (the Fan Wu team) used a “dirty PCR” driven by certain primers. “They are constructing something which in reality they have not found”. “All virologists are proving they have not found a viral genome.” I don’t think the rest of us really grasped what Stefan meant at the time (well I didn’t – except for the silly idea of using a contaminated sample to claim a pure isolate). But I don’t think anyone understood how deep the deception had been pushed. It goes way beyond not properly isolating a sample, not running controls and ignoring Koch’s postulates etc. that we usually talk about.

    Last week Tom Cowan said that the raw data from the Fan Wu paper (the millions of base pair “reads”) was recently examined by a mathematician familiar with these procedures to try and reassemble the same famous genome that was declared to be the deadly virus. This recent attempt, to use exactly the same short “reads” to assemble base pairs into all possible long genome combinations, did not produce any outcome remotely like the one Fan Wu promoted. Nobody had bothered to check it before! Tom’s conclusion was that this SARS COV-2 genome was not just contaminated but completely made up. In other words having very little to do with the original patient’s lung fluids. This would make absolutely sure it was completely different to any previous viral genome in order to embed the idea of a man-made virus into future discourse – and to be easy to find! I look forward to seeing not only the paper published but the book and the movie!

  7. I concur with your findings and analysis. I have worked in virology and found it is a fraudulent nons(ci)ence. May I draw to your attention that those with a scientific training in this fake specialist area will grasp what you are putting forward and I applaud your comprehensive expose of the virus confidence trick I question whether the man or woman on the upper deck of a Clapham omnibus would be equipped to do so? Is there a way that this could be made more accessible to the ignorant. I mean ignorant in the non pejorative meaning of that word. I am so grateful for all that you and Mark are doing. Best wishes

  8. Sam, Mark and all involved: THANK YOU!
    On a less serious note I couldn’t but note the video clip with the hospital beds. That patient in the back on the right really tried hard to look sick by violently shaking his legs. Brought a smile to my face.
    Keep up the awesome work!

  9. Good vid, again. A lot like Alaine said further up, it tends to make you want to question other areas of science so-called, which many did after the last 3 years.

    Online, especially on facebook, many people, likely from the alpha agencies, when you deny covid exists, they say “you must also be a flat earther too”…………….well, in this day and age of deception, I, along with many other virus deniers such as Dr Andy Kaufman, Dr Amandha Vollmer and Dr Kelly Brogan, all hold to the flat earth model themselves, as do I know. When they lie about one or 2 things, you can pretty much be sure they are lying about just about everything.

    Once you see the bigger lies, you begin to see the whole picture. We are now being run by high priests of scientism, not science.

    IMHO, the 2 biggest lies going around are virology and heliocentrism. Both so easy to disprove to those humble enough to be open and investigate.

  10. Do these new revelations also mean that the epidemiological support mechanism is likewise prostituted? Epi is the support element of so-called scientific research and its justification for some of these fictional entities is likewise a very big sham also. It has substantiated some of our wild ideas about “viruses” and is obviously a co-conspiratorial adjunct to the fictional blather we are exposed to.

  11. Wish a few Virologists would post here and put it on the table. Lets see what you have WHERE IS THE VIRUS
    That is not an unreasonable request is it

  12. The AI arm of Meta, the owner of Facebook, has recently released Llama-2 70B open source, free pretrained large language model, as an efficient, open competitor to ChatGPT. This model can be fine-tuned by the user, to give the model new capabilities, which may go completely counter to the original capabilities and indeed intent of the model vendor. That means the model may be fine-tuned on scientific papers and their critiques, in order to create a model that will speak the truth about the unscientific nature of studies that do not meet the proper standard of the scientific method. I urge those who have an interest in taking the fight against virology forward in a decisive manner to investigate this path as one of the weapons in our arsenal against the fraud.

  13. Isn’t it just astonishing how people adore their ‘monsters’ almost as if they were locked and chained into profound psychological avoidance? People I know simply refuse to engage in the debate or examine the thesis.
    Far easier to irrationally attribute the constellation of dark forces committed to surrounding us in tyranny as a “viral assault” than the rational and calculating supra-national coup d’état of an ensemble of corporate, bureaucratic and governmental parties, the WEF/WHO/UNEP/BMGF and their malicious needle barrelled murderous assault. And how sad to consider that so many professing to be engaged in healthcare are transfixed by the unethical and unscientific narrative of virology and ‘germs’, and are mindlessly willing to act as uncritical jailers, to be devoted to the cause of tyranny.

  14. I’m wondering how people “catch” “contagious” flu bugs if there are no virus’s ?
    I have something right now that’s made me the sickest I’ve been since about 25 years ago.
    Of course people are trying to tell me I have “covid.”
    People forget that we could get sick long before covid. I remind them that the year “covid” came out, the flu statistics disappeared.
    I am sure I caught it from someone who was very sick at my horse barn.

  15. I wanted to tell Dr. Bailey that I have asked all the groups and individuals about the proof of any virus. I received no answer at all, not from Kennedy, Dell Bigtree, Rand Paul or any of the supposed heroes of the covid scam that are supposed to be the truth tellers, and defenders of our health. This is the perfect plan to keep the real truth from the public. Nothing ever comes from all this finger pointing, no charges, no trials, nothing but people choosing a camp to belong to, then comment to each other. Much ado about nothing. They never question the complete lack of scientific proof of the existence of any virus. Why they do not address this is the point! They are playing their part in the real scam, distracting so the truth never comes out. Just as Mccullah stated that he has a photo of a virus, and yet has not shown it to anyone right? What about the inventor of this technology, Dr. Robert Malone! He worked for the DOD in developing this verry technology for his entire career, then comes out as another champion of truth and medical freedom, not. I want to thank Dr. Bailey for finally being the one person to uncover the real truth about this virus scam. All the others are just Manchurian Candidates, placed to fool the public by pretending to be the freedom fighters, when they are actually defenders of the big lie. Jack Williams.

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