11th November 2023

The COVID-19 fraud has many aspects and we have focused our energy on exposing the pivotal “upstream” issues. These include the lack of evidence for an infectious particle known as ‘SARS-CoV-2’, the misuse of the PCR and lateral flow tests and the non-sensical COVID case definition.
However, we still get questions such as, “but what happened in Italy in 2020?” On 31 October this year the Health Freedom Defense Fund published an article “Italy 2020 – The Preposterous Pandemic” that looked at the detailed regional breakdown of the COVID-19 deaths or more specifically the deaths officially attributed to COVID-19. Even on their own terms, the article has exposed that the claim that there was pandemic is nothing less than preposterous.    


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  3. PCR Pandemic: Interview with Dr Claus Köhnlein”, Dr Sam Bailey, 27 Oct 2020
  4. Rapid Antigen Tests – Making ‘Viruses’ Real Again”, Dr Mark Bailey, 24 Mar 2022
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  1. I was deeply suspicious of the pandemic before the lockdowns started in my country but I held my tongue until they extended the lockdowns because I had reasoned that if this was NWO stuff they would keep etreching it out as far as they could. I tried to warn everyone after that it was a hoax and the coming vaccine would be a Bio Weapon and not to take it. Almost no one listened except the Police they noticed but they came for me and came to my home and detained me under the fire arms and terrorism act with a made up story. They searched my home without a warrant, violated my privacy and inalienable rights all in an effort to shut me up and lock me up if they could but my nose was clean. I told every one what the Bastards did to me and still almost no one listened. We are in the most terrible danger and the population is blissfully unaware.

  2. In early 2021 as far as I know the UK Column News journalists looked into Italian death rates for Italy. They got hold of the governments official death graphs showing there was No increase in Italian death rates in 2020 then there were in 2019. Straight away I knew it was con job. They also examined the government death graphs for most EU countries including the UK and Ireland. Here again all data showed No increase in deaths in 2020 than from the previous year 2019.
    It was a plandemic built on lies using PCR and media scare mongering . Unfortunately as much as 75% of the worlds populations took the liquid filth they called “vaccines”
    From the the dates they rolled out their bioweapons that point showed deaths rising, soon most countries were showing a least 20% increase in deaths. It is getting worse and people are still rolling their sleeves up. The most sickening thing is they take their kids along to be poisoned too. It seems most people lack the ability to do critical thinking.
    Great video Dr Sam, thanks for providing information about Italy I did not know about.

  3. I will be very interested to see from which angle the house of cards eventually tumbles; folk waking up to the covid fraud, the climate crisis fraud, the attempts at complete digitization, something utterly more nefarious. We must keep on pushing and videos like this really help to jam a foot in the door to enlightenment.

  4. Another great contributing video to the collective awakening of human consciousness Dr Sam. Particularly significant date to publish it too (11:11), from an astrological point of view. (Opening a portal to a higher level of consciousness.) Do keep doing what you’re doing Sam (and Mark) as you are both hugely important to the evolution of human consciousness. Hope to meet you both in-person some day soon when we are coming out of the current collective psychological chaos!

  5. Yet the Big Lie of the Covid Scam has been deeply programmed into the psyche of the world. An embedded traumatic tsunami of encoded ‘child abuse’ of humanity. The psychological repression is now entrenched, like rock strata. Orwellian Ogre false media narratives march on. Dystopia is endemic as the New Normal. We have been divided into Myopic Matrix Minions and Awake Anguished Exiles.

  6. Hi Sam, I researched Italy in early 2020 and found that that area had particularly bad air quality as did Wuhan and that the number of elderly hospitalizations was typical. Thanks for revisiting this as Italy’s numbers were used to hype up the fear world wide.

  7. What about Stefano Scoglio’s claim that a new vaccination drive preceded the pandemic declaration in both Italy and Wuhan?

  8. I can only watch 58 seconds of the video. Not sure why. I’ve tried various engines but no luck. God bless

  9. I was right from the start about this fraud plandemic . Sadly to many sheep are still lining up for there kill shot

  10. it was a similar case in ireland,we asked ,if an alien landed on our country and we told him-we had a viral epidemic in one of these past 5 years, which one do you think ? 2017-2018-2019-2020-2021 , he’d say ‘2018’ ,why do you say that we said? it’s obvious he’d say, there were more deaths in 2018 than any of the other years.

  11. Thank you Sam and Mark for all the work you do to keep us informed and up to date on medical issues, based on science.

  12. Nice work, thank you!
    The famous picture of dozens of coffins was actually from a ship wreck of African migrants killed in a shipwreck off Lampedusa island in Italy. The photo was taken on October 5, 2013, at Lampedusa airport.

    There was a second image of “Italian” army vehicles “ferrying coffins”. Fact checking organisation AFP reported that the trucks were seen in the Parisian suburb of Charenton-Le-Pont, in Ile-de-France. I found the actual phots at verifiles…

  13. Terrain theory proven. Take a seventy year old man, me, eat clean, then every day for a week eat chocolate, ice cream, “suddenly” I got a throat infection, dizziness, must be the C.
    That over I eat (stress), 3 ice sugar lollies every day. A few packets of biscuits.My nose swells with inflammation. A sign my immune’s gone. Makes me think of Dr. Drop Acid, David Perlmutter. Fructose elevates levels of uric acid, clogs mitochondria .
    Walla, pandemic.

  14. They (the evil ones) are hoping to eliminate billions on the planet so they can utilise the rest as slaves. They haven’t reckoned that the ones left will be the enlightened ones full of fight and knowledge. Sadly i know several sheep who just baa in my face and tut and shake their head at me, with my efforts to turn their heads around to the truth. At some point we must begin the surge against the few, and the many who stand around waiting for ‘instructions’ will just have to step back or be done with. Just a huge thank you to both of you Sam and Mark, for helping those of us with spirit, to see through the rubbish and stand against the instructions with common sense and truth. May we all come together some day and chat about our journey to the better world we created.

  15. Thorough presentation, though a bit confusing because of all the long, long names of regions 😉 One annoying omission – THE END OF THE ARIA!!! (Vincero)

  16. I was in Italy at this time, in the Toscana region, I left in the last week of February just before the country went into lockdown, which happened in the first week of March. I had flewn to Israel, upon landing we heard that a plane from South Korea had just landed, but they were not allowed to disembark, eventually the plane had to leave and fly back. I suspect if I had flown a week later, I would not have been allowed to enter the country. Israel went into lockdown towards the end of March, presumably time was needed for the Virus to make its way to Israel. Thanks Sam for putting this together. I for one never paid attention to scare mongering sensationalist news reporting, I just looked at the numbers in different categories like you did, and then I compared the mortality rates for the previous 5 years in the UK, which is where I am from and concluded, I had nothing to worry about, but just in case, I decided to eat right and exercise. I have had no illness since Jan 2020, I have remained jab free since 2005.

  17. This is to David Kerr! David, we are no longer a Democracy. The World Trade Center was a false flag in order to pass the Patriot Act. This effectively took all our individual right away. Then the nail in the coffin was Obamas National Security Authorization Act. Our non-representatives keep spewing the language of Democracy, without any Democracy. The virus is only infectious to Unicorns and Dragons, plus Unicorn horns are sharp so let’s keep clear of them, right? The virus, the Unicorn, the Dragon, the flat earth and the moon made of cheese are as valid as a virus and germ theory. The Police all over the planet have been militarized and this is why they came for you. Speach is not free, freedom does not exist any longer, and this is the cage they are putting us in. Kill off most of the population, enslave the rest under biological, technological, surveillance prisons. The Great Reset is actually the murderous reset. Democracy like the dollar is a thing of the past. As soon as the digital currency is in place, they will not exchange whatever cash you have for digital currency. If people think hording cash will save them, it will not. paper money will only be useful as toilet paper, wallpaper or for starting fires. Jack.

  18. Good topic – very helpful to see reviews of key events that characterized the plandemic. I first became aware of the fraudulent nature of the scare when I came across Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi’s e-book, Corona, False Alarm? Facts and Figures, by he and his wife, Karina Reiss, in April 2020. After many months, then coming across your information, Dr. Sam (and Mark), was the greatest quantum jump in understanding, even though I have practiced holistic health nearly all my life (1970’s –> ). The Germ Theory has been baked into even holistic health practices, so one silver lining of all this chaos is the Terrain Theory emerging now. It is very freeing, thanks to the work of the two of you and the network of those bringing it forth.



  20. Sam. Read this!
    What Really Happened In Italy? – https://bit.ly/3FF6tbC

    between December 2019 and January 2020, 1.2 million influenza vaccines of a new type were also administered in the Lombardy region.

    “The widespread distribution of vaccines through pharmacies and the good adherence of general practitioners are reaping good fruits. The influenza [vaccine] campaign launched by the ATS is in fact already recording record numbers, and is not yet completed. With this new model we have dispensed 1,183,660 vaccines in the entire Lombardy Region.”

    This experimental vaccine was presented by the ISS as a “brand new quadrivalent vaccine” and was injected into the bodies of 1.2 million Lombards (most of them elderly). This was an unprecedented amount of vaccines in all of the area’s history. Additionally, for the first time in Italy’s history, these vaccines were distributed to not only hospitals but also to general practitioners and pharmacies.

    Within a few short months, elderly people suddenly began to get sick and die in Lombardy and adjacent regions where all of the initial so-called COVID deaths were reported. On top of all of this, there were NO AUTOPSIES ALLOWED BY THE ISS in the early stages of the pandemic.

  21. The covid hoax was concocted by the Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, World Economic Forum, and many others in their cabal. Their purpose is, according to Bill Gates, to reduce population and add to their fortunes by owning big pharma vaccines. Gates said that vaccines are is best investment…he get a 20 to 1 return. Pretty fantastic.
    The hoax is a crime against humanity and I hope someone somewhere will figure out how to prosecute and jail those responsible.

  22. It was created to nullify our rights as human beings. Depopulation is definitely a motivation, but much of this has been under way for a long time. I am covid fatigued and hope we can come back to reality. However, that is not possible anymore. Most of my family took the vaxxes and warning them did not work. In fact, I was labeled as a nut. I have no idea what to do anymore, really. But it is enlightening that there are people who don’t buy into this hype. The governments are still steamrolling this through and it is like they are in a different world. An untouchable world. Actually, when I heard you and your husband talk about this stuff, it was refreshing. But I still despair for my family. I just somehow, hope they get lucky and survive as long as they can.

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