27th May 2023

Meningitis is up there with Rabies and Tetanus as one of the most feared conditions. However, somewhere along the way the inflammatory condition was hijacked by Germ Theorists and has been misunderstood ever since.

Why did Neisseria Meningitidis become implicated as the cause of Bacterial Meningitis? Why is the foundational paper that claims to provide evidential proof missing in action?

We now live in a world where the true causes of Meningitis are being ignored due to this fraudulent war against microbes. Let’s find out what the science actually says…

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  1. Thanks Sam, always nice to see you giving germ theory the respect it deserves. Today (Jan 15) we lost a grandchild in the extended family to meningitis, though what actually caused 12-year-old Melody’s death, well, that trail will quickly go cold. We’re told only that Melody got a cold, which led to meningitis, which led to death. I stopped getting colds four years ago when I stopped believing in them, so you’ll understand my skepticism about Melody’s death-path.

    Without knowledge of the kid’s pharma trail and head trauma, we can only suspect that her being in a divorced situation led to certain stressors. Though at this point I’m more on board with Abraham Hicks’ disrespect for death as “croaking,” something eternal beings do when they’ve done their bit here in incarnation. In a divine comedy sort of way, the child’s death is preposterous and lovely all at the same time, and allopathic doctors scratching their heads, even here in extremis, does nothing to lessen my instinct for humor in the whole song and dance. –David Thor

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