13th May 2023

How many times have you heard that Robert Koch proved bacteria CAUSE diseases such as Tuberculosis? The problem is that almost no one has actually read his original scientific publications

Germ Theory promoters continue to rely on shonky science and Nobel prizes to perpetuate the lies. Our colleague Michael S managed to elicit some interesting responses from the New Zealand institutions who are supposed to understand such scientific evidence. 

Let’s have a look at their bungled responses and the parallels with supermarionation…


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  2. 1905 Noble Prize ceremony speech”, Professor the Count K.A.H. Mörner
  3. Die Aetiologie der Tuberculose”, Dr Robert Koch, 1882
  4. Koch’s Postulates: Germ School Dropout”, Dr Sam Bailey, 2021
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  8. The Truth About Virus Isolation”, Dr Sam Bailey, 2021
  9. Sequence-based identification of microbial pathogens: a reconsideration of Koch’s postulates”, Fredericks and Relman, 1996
  10. Koch’s postulates, carnivorous cows, and tuberculosis today”, Hawaii Medical Journal, 2011
  11. Virus Mania, 3rd English Edition   
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  1. Surely , even the ill-informed must find it strange that almost every migrant to Australia from areas of the world that are officially have much TB prevalent, never get the said disease TB in Australia !

  2. What does cause tuberculosis? Our daughter was diagnosed with tuberculosis and was on antibiotics for 6 months. She travelled between Africa and the UK. However, she was not malnourished nor impoverished in any way.
    Whilst you rebut other theories and causations, you don’t provide any yourselves.

  3. Hello Tonyandsarahss, I sense the frustration in your response. However sam has freed you from the need to use antibiotics by showing that this or any disease is NOT caused by a bacterium. This is important because 6 months of the typical antibiotic combination used would have damaged the liver, the gut bacteria and the endocrine system and therefore also and your daughter’s ability to remove toxins from the body via liver and (possibly kidney) damage. Question: were the AB’s isoniazid, rifapentine and rifampicin? These are often used in combination because of the made up story about “bacteria developing resistance to one drug”. For the original cause you need to step back and find out what poisoned your daughter’s lungs. There are hundreds of ‘harmaceuticals that will do this. A link to diabetes has been discussed which I have not personally verified. For example the high level of diabetes in India per the higher than average use of sugar followed by the associated high levels of “tuberculosis”. Many food additives are not adequately tested. So now put this together. The original cause was a poisoning but only your daughter can figure that out. The end result of the poisoning and the AB drugs was the inability to remove these poisons via the liver, kidneys and the lungs. Hopefully she didn’t suppress any fevers or use antiperspirants because that would now be a total of 4 mechanisms of removing poisons that have now been compromised. Hopefully she has heard of “sweat it out”. I digress a little in saying that, in addition the aluminium in antiperspirants introduces a carcinogen and neurotoxin called aluminium chlorohydrate. There is a section on tuberculosis in “What Really Makes You Ill” which is where you can find the same information with more detail. They also expand on the damage caused by antibiotics. The biological benefits of sunshine, producing essential hormones, can be understood via the 3 main portions of the solar spectrum. The visible “rainbow”, invisible longer wavelengths that we call radiated heat or “infra red” and invisible shorter wavelengths known as “ultra violet”. The UV portion helps us synthesise vitamin D. Melatonin is produced via IR wavelengths that penetrate the skin as well as from the visible portion of the spectrum that eyes that unconsciously stimulates the pineal gland. BTW fluoride will poison your pineal gland and you’ll suppress melatonin production – which makes you more ill plus you can’t sleep properly. Your daughter should remove herself from the Rockefeller Roundabout (vicious circle). Read Terrain Therapy and help your body recover naturally. Good luck.

  4. With respect and in response to tonyandsarah above, if the TB bacterium is everywhere but managed to proliferate in your daughter (as a clean up crew) then the diagnosis of her ‘having TB’ is a red herring. You would have to know her whole story to understand what caused the TB bacteria to proliferate; what was it in her environment that made her unable to properly detox and therefore for the bacteria to grow. A ‘toxic state’ may even have been building before she ever started travelling and the act of travelling itself was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. It often happens that way; (the stress of travelling!) It’s not easy to get your head around, necessarily. I was ‘diagnosed’ with cerebral malaria, years ago but have since learned from Tom Cowan that I didn’t ‘have malaria’. I’ll never know what was going on with me back then. It’s about mislabelling things and getting confused between cause and effect. So the TB bacterium was not the cause of your daughter’s health problems but a (necessary) effect of her health/environment. And incidentally, please consider, if you have an inclination, the effect of antibiotics not just on the microbiome but on the very mitochondria in the nuclei.
    All the best.

  5. i am grateful to all the helpful and enlightening comments from all dr.sams’ followers,it shows great concern and humanity for your fellow people,(i will not use the word ‘citizen’)

  6. As far as failure of Koch’s Postulates to stay up to date with modern germ theory, I guess when I failed a couple of O’ Level exams back in the late 60’s I should have blamed the examination for not being modern enough to cope with my lack of study or lack or interest in the subject matter. Gosh, with a little modernisation of the examination and college entry system we can all be “tested positive” for genius…but wait, the “Educators” are already doing that!
    Hello Sue Marriot, as far as malaria goes, in that part of Africa all kinds of “anti malarial” toxins are administered all the way from pregnancy to 59 months. Amodiaquine and (say after me) sulphadioxine-pyrimethamine are often administered door to door. Now add vaccine RTS,S to add to the toxic brew. They sleep under nets that have been sprayed with insecticides like carbamates, organophosphates and organochlorines. Their bodies are thrown into chaos. Western medicine has a field day diagnosing all there “diseases” like malaria and AIDS so they can administer even more poisons. This is essentially the familiar “health” model of vaccinating kids, ensuring chronic illness, which then requires poisons to treat. I don’t know if Dr Sam has covered malaria? Thanks to Dr Sam and her extended family.

  7. These little lessons that the doctors Bailey provide are informative and very welcome. They point out glaring errors and enormous holes in the theories commonly held. Yet, there are questions that are not answered although I continue to look for them.

    I am a Councilman for a small, feisty Cherokee group here in the U.S. It is my job to know Cherokee history and use it for our benefit. So, I know that 200 years or so ago, the red man was beset by something or somethings that came with the white man. These “somethings” devastated the Cherokee way of life.

    The first wave of attack (completely by accident) launched against the Native Peoples of North and South America was not with guns and dogs. It was accomplished by something the white man brought with him from Europe.

    Prior to the European appearance in the New World, the people there did not know about smallpox or measles or diphteria or ANY of the horrors that were so common to the white man. They lived healthy lives, ate good food, breathed clean air, drank pure water. Difficulties they did not understand were mitigated by the various tribal medicine men or women. The medicine persons were truly the lynchpin that bound the tribes’ physical and meta-physical worlds together, which enabled them to deal with the world around them.

    With the advent of the white man, something went terribly wrong. Suddenly, conditions NEVER SEEN BEFORE were showing up everywhere. The worst of them were called smallpox and measles. While I realize that it is dangerous to use modern day clinical understandings of “disease” processes to describe diagnoses from 200 years ago, still, something was suddenly attacking and killing the Cherokee people (and any other tribe that came in contact with the Europeans).

    The native peoples, particularly the ones of a given nation, all seem to have a very similar genetic structure; something about their haplogroups, which have to do with their mothers. Because of this genetic similarity, if one individual is susceptible to a condition, then all of the members of that group are susceptible. Therefore, this “smallpox”, etc. swept through the tribes like wildfire. Literally thousands were killed. There are log accounts of people sailing down the coast of the New World and seeing skeletons lying on the beaches. These would have been the unburied remains of the dead, which, in Native thought, would have been absolutely unthinkable. If they were unburied, then it meant that there was no one around to bury them. Their entire village would have been wiped out by the unseen assailant.

    Everything the medicine persons told the tribes to do was wrong and, indeed, tended to make the situations worse. So, not only were they being attacked physically but spiritually as well. In the end, being completely beaten down in every aspect of their lives, the tribes gave in to the pressure of the white man.

    So, my question is: where did the “diseases” come from? If the “bugs” were only a clean-up crew, as Terrain Theory asserts, why did they attack the Cherokee, (and others) who, for they most part, were in terrific physical shape?

  8. Thanks to the like of Sam, Mark, Tom, Andy, Stephan, Dawn & David, the truth is going to spread across the world and nothing can stop it. Del Bigtree, Joe Rogan, JFK jnr, and all the so called expert doctors are sooner or later going to have to have to admit that germ theory is total fiction. The convoy of truth is rolling!

  9. David Chaote; This may well sound like a cop out but it has to be asked…. how do you know that what was written down in the history books were factual accounts?! Imagine living peaceably for generations and suddenly being invaded by a bunch of marauding and strange looking persons intent on pillaging, raping and murdering. The stress and fear would be enough to take out a good portion; somewhat akin to the stress and fear caused by the plandemic. Skeletons left on a beach sound exactly like an illustration of such an attack.

  10. Hello David Choate, I have asked similar questions. On page 119 of “What Really Makes You Ill” is a section about smallpox that deals largely with what really happened to the indigenous peoples of the Americas – to the best of our knowledge based on contemporary observers. It mostly covers South & Central America and Hispaniola. It cannot answer all your questions but it’s a good place to start. If you follow their reasoning (that it could NOT have been germs) and their references to books and articles it should help in your quest. Losing access to natural healing and being superseded by white man’s poisons would amplify the prevalence of illness. To your point about the folly of naming a disease; hundreds of years ago “syphilis” might now be diagnosed as another disease like leprosy. Best wishes.

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