21st October 2023

Antibiotics are often hailed as one of the greatest discoveries of medical science. They are credited with saving scores of soldiers in the World War II era and millions of lives since then. However, there are major problems with this story that has been promulgated by the medical establishment and the pharmaceutical industry.
In this video we look into the history of penicillin and the state of the scientific evidence, including recent concerns about ‘antimicrobial resistance’. Are antibiotics ever useful and why do they seem to work sometimes if there are fatal flaws in the germ theory of disease?
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  1. Thank you Sam, you are a good teacher and we appreciate you…!!!

    Yah bless <3

  2. Great video. The service you all do demolishing the foundations and pillars of allopathic medical establishment is Herculean!

  3. As a former health provider with allopathic training, it took a minute to truly understand what is actually occurring in cases of “ infection”. Due to your clear teachings, I finally understand to the point that I can explain it to others. Thank you and Mark for all you are doing!

  4. Hi Sam ,

    How amazing. I have taken antibiotics so many times in my life. But looking back the times I became ill was when my terrain was altered.
    I am really looking forward to a video on rheumatoid Arthritis.
    At the moment I take tofacitinib 5mg oral use twice a day. But the drug is marketed by Pfzer as Xeljanz.
    I don’t trust Pfzer and really don’t know what to do.
    Kind regard

  5. Dr. Sam,
    I have viewed, enjoyed, and greatly valued your YouTube lectures for at least five years. I very much appreciate your reports on COVID-19, which I agree does not exist, and is fraudulently diagnosed with the PCR test. Kary Mullis was very vocal in public about opposing use of the PCR for diagnosis. Frequently he challenged Dr. Fauci to public open debate on this issue, which of course Fauci refused. , He died in 2019, but I saw him on several interviews during those final years, and he looked in good health to me. Using the deep state euphemism, I believe he was disappeared.
    I am an 86 y/o retired physician (pediatrics), so dealt a lot with infectious disease. Beginning with my brother and I at ages five and six with strep . My brother had scarlet fever, which a doctor misdiagnosed as measles. So when he was close to death, he finally was taken to the hospital and received IM penicillin and recovered. This was about 1942 and penicillin was not readily available. A prominent well-known, and I believe well documented complication of systemic strep is rheumatic heart disease in glomerulonephritis. I believe with you, that antibiotics are frequently inappropriately used. However, I also believe that better control of strep diminish these complications, unless improvements of certain diseases like polio, which I have heard may have disappeared more as a result of better hygiene than the vaccine.
    Then there was my experience with haemophilus influenza meningitis during the late 60s through the early 80s. I treated during that perhaps 25 or more infants and toddlers with meningitis established by abnormal LPs and growth of H. influenza in the spinal fluid. All of my patients received intravenous Chloromycetin — all did well with permanent cure, and I believe, fairly rapid cure at that, especially having presented being moribund and diminished consciousness.
    As the 70s advanced there was greater and greater worry about the complication of marrow suppression with Chloromycetin (irreversible aplastic anemia). During those years ampicillin came out, in addition to a growing number of new cephalosporins. We started referring to each new cephalosporin as Ceph-a-wonderful. In the late 60s when I I was still a resident, I ran across an article that measured brain tissue levels of cephalosporin and prisoners by doing brain biopsies. What they found was that cephalosporin concentrated in brain tissue nine times the blood level. This explains why it was superior also for treating brain abscesses.
    Then by the early 80s H. flu meningitis was diminishing due to the new haemophilus influenza vaccine. A colleague of mine had a five month old child in the hospital with H. flu meningitis. He had sunset eyes and a worsening bulging fontanelle. He was on the then standard antibiotic cocktail, which was not working. He asked me to take over the case. I immediately put him on IV Chloromycetin. In a day or two is bulging fontanelle and sunset eyes began improving. After 10 days on Chloro he had complete recovery.
    As a side-note. In the late 50s, I join the Air Force, (ran out of money in college at UT), and while in Boot Camp developed a really bad strep throat. They treated me with Chloromycetin capsules — got better quickly. No test for strep then. It was diagnosed clinically.
    So, you see I am not totally on board with your, I think,, exaggerated condemnation of antibiotics.

  6. Such a profound example in the amoeba – will share this once the video is available to non-members. Always appreciate the work of you both. Thank you

  7. Excellent as always. What happens to AB’s after cycling through the body?
    After reading Exley’s account of how aluminum accumulates in the body and can even lead to breast cancer I wonder if antibiotics are broken down and dispatched via the kidneys or another expulsion mechanism? Perhaps the clean up organs don’t know what to do with them? Only the endocrine system seems to respond.
    Hypothesis: we did not evolve with antibiotics therefore the clean up mechanisms “don’t know” what to do with such lab-derived blood poisons. So they move these compounds into permanent toxic pockets and throw a “tarpaulin” around them. Is that the root cause of a tumour? Does this help to explain why all cancer cells have damaged chromosomes? (A phenomenon known as “aneuploidy”. ) Could it be that cancer cells don’t self-proliferate but accumulate with each pharmaceutical insult? If a woman always relies on antibiotics for urinary tract infections will she accumulate these chemicals and end up with cervical or breast cancer? Again just a thought to be ignored or torn down by evidence or perhaps crowd funded? There is an article “Antibiotic link to bowel cancer precursor” from April 2017. “people who take AB’s for a long time are more likely to develop growths on the bowel which can be a precursor to cancer”.
    In “What Really Makes You Ill” they quote work from Dr. Bieler. AB’s have a deleterious effect on the endocrine system. They overstimulate the adrenal glands which may result in the reduction of pain and fever, but it wasn’t the antibiotics directly.
    One other point. The bacterium “wrapper” is only one of many forms of the same organism. They are pleomorphic – many different forms. They are essentially a moving target. Via The End of Covid series I learned that they can change into, for example, a yeast when required. Perhaps thus evading man made bombardment and leading to “yeast infections”. It sounded far fetched at first but the presenters said they have been seeing pleomorphism under their microscopes for decades.

  8. Thanks Dr Sam
    I have worked in both virology and medical microbiology and I concur with your analysis.
    Both disciplines were hijacked by big p harmer in order to promote their profit based business model.
    A paradigm change is long overdue. germ theory is a corrupt and meretricious nonscience model in my experience

  9. In order to better capture the true application of “science” in the modern world, please note the font change:


  10. https://ghk-academy.info/4th-biological-law-of-nature/

    Infections are healingphase symptoms. Microbes do have an active and very important role in healinggphases. E.g. specific bacteria break down tumors. As Oncologist dr. R.G. Hamer discovered in the 80-ties of the former century. The only way to understand symptoms and what we call diseases is to inform yourself about the biological laws of nature discovered by dr. Hamer, under te name of Germanische Heilkunde. The English website link attached on top. This knowledge is oppressed by the system, which is horrible. It is the most interesting and fascinating knowledge about living creatures. Good luck!

  11. Thank you so much for pointing out that the apparent symtom reduction effect of antibiotics is due to their anti-inflammatory action. This is why I watched the video. I knew you would debunk the science, but I wanted to know why some of the people I know and myself have been greatly aided by antibiotic prescriptions. In my case, inflamed root canals, in the cases of others, hypoxia as a precursor to pneumonia, bad ear inflammation, and a rather dangerous allergy to insect bites. We need to understand the beneficial function of these antibiotics better, so that they may continue to help, on the right premises. Keep going, you’re doing very helpful and valuable work. But if possible, please spend more time addressing how medications such as antibiotics may be helpful for reasons other than those promoted by germ theory proponents. Thank you!

  12. Dr. Sam
    Another great video
    I have been prescribed penicillin in the past but but most recently contracted a rash and was told to stop and was told I am now allergic to penicillin
    What is the cause and/or mechanism

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