25th March 2023

Many of us know that there are risks associated with cell phones. However, the mainstream generally ignores these real risks and creates cover stories to suit other agendas.

Germ theory continues to spin out of control and in the COVID-19 era it has been used to shut down the world through fear campaigns and fraudulent mass vaccination. Let’s have a look at one of the latest places where the ‘experts’ claim that germs are out to get you.

And if you are looking for a way to combat the constant contagion propaganda directed at children, stick around to the end to hear about a new solution…

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  1. Thanks again Dr. Bailey. I always look forward to your videos and hope to educate as many people as possible by sharing them. I have noticed an increase in awareness and because the evidence against Germ Theory and for the Terrain is scientifically provable we must all continue fight back with that proof.

  2. Thank you for the excellent video! I hope there will soon be many terrain-oriented children’s books so I can read them to my grandchildren. In an utopian dream, I would even find them in a library.

  3. While I agree that current understanding might well have a lot of misapprehensions, wholesale defenestration of germ theory is asinine given many of the advances in medicine around that theory.
    You are not being listened to because you insist on discarding evidence supported truth rather than suggesting half truth.

  4. Thanks for another good talk. Medicine isn’t the only scientific field full of the dogma of the established powers. Astronomy and cosmology are the same with their emphasis on gravity and ignorance of plasma and the electric universe.

  5. I’m happy to help promote new educational materials that can support children growing up without as much propaganda. Thanks!

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