11th February 2023

While everyone has been distracted by the COVID-19 fraud, many other aspects of the globalists’ agenda have been cooking in the background. One of them is the removal of poultry and eggs from the food supply. 

The so-called Avian Flu is being used as the excuse to cull hundreds of millions of birds. It may be a surprise to some people that this is essentially a reboot of a narrative that was first tested two decades ago. 

In 2005, a publication blew apart the fraudulent science used to invent a non-existent pandemic. Let’s have a look at the paper they don’t want you to know about as they attempt to take away your chickens.

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  1. Thanks, I was wondering when you’d get around to this pertinent subject of bird flue – mass culling – food shortage globalist created problem.

    What’s next on their agenda!

    You did very well projecting the globalist potential plan of propandisisng bird flue jumping species and being a risk humans. This’ll given them ‘the’ mandate to entirely remove eggs and poultry off our plates.

    What I fear even more is another avenue on the war on humanity, mRNA for all chickens. WILL THIS CONTAMINATE THE EGGS???

    Such ‘viruses’ Jumping species into our food chain, given enough global propaganda, may create a legal pathway for them to mandate mRNA for all human consumed / farmed animals.

    They want us culled, all of us.

    May God help us

  2. Thanks for another excellent expose Sam, and the best of luck with your new property when you finally get there, as I’m sure that it will be an improvement on your current abode deep in the city.

  3. Thank you so much for another great video. I have seen a lot of Avian Flu propaganda lately and need a good reference to show people how they are being manipulated with fear of something that doesn’t exist. Thanks again.

  4. Another great video – thanks Dr. Sam! We all have to vigilant and resist false narratives.

  5. As usual…another fabulous video exposing the mountains of lies. I deeply appreciate your calm and rational manner. You remain a bright light in an increasingly mad world 🙏🏻

  6. Great work Sam! All your information is spot on. I have been watching all these stories about this attack on our food supplies, here and throughout the world. Food processing plants destroyed through fire, threat of virus contamination etc. Apart from the constant threat of shortage, there’s poisoning on all levels with food, Medicines, water, isolation tactics, even the air we breathe.
    This is like the ultimate survival game (like the computer based games).
    How do we prove the non existence of Virus’s? Like you say, it is the most important ‘ kink ‘ in their chain, that we must unravel. xx

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