9th March 2024

We are expected to believe that “pathogens” are coming at us with increasing frequency and usually these are in the form of claimed viruses. The dengue “virus” was purportedly discovered in the early 1900s, hot on the heels of another alleged mosquito-transmitted ‘germ’ in the form of the Yellow Fever “virus”.

There are many inconsistencies with the dengue story including how deadly it is supposed to be, why the cases are increasing, why it only appears in certain neighbourhoods, and crucially, how the “cases” are actually defined.

As we outlined in our new book The Final Pandemic, all “pandemics” lead to vaccines and dengue is no different with the rush now on to get more shots to market. In this video, we bring to light the human experiments performed more than a century ago, investigate the virologists’ use of the word “isolation”, and show why the “Settling the Virus Debate” Statement remains out of reach for them.


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  1. Thanks so much for the details of the non-existence of the Dengue “virus”. You have once again described on their own terms, the, inconsistencies, unscientific methodologies, and fraudulent conclusions that they use in order to “inject” the unwary with their poisons. Through your educational content, I have been able to slowly embrace the idea and practice that humans can take control of their health.

  2. Bravo Dr. Sam! Another fantastic video. I have also finished your new book and I could not put it down. Most was easy to follow, however I am going to read it again because i want to become a very informed person when I debate these allopathic criminals (doctors) and researchers in companies involved bio-pharma here in the US.
    D Close

  3. I want your last couple of sentences on a teeshirt, viz:
    “Take control of you own wellbeing. Address the real causes of illness and do not outsource your health to industries and institutions pushing fear narratives,
    chemicals and pharmaceuticals.”
    Or maybe on a poster! Thanks so much Sam and Mark.

  4. Great video :-). I have a student in Brazil who seems to be on the fence as to whether or not he and/or other family members should get a new dengue vaccine, so I subscribed this month just to get this information for our next class next Sunday.

    I myself no longer believe in most viruses, although Dr. Stefan Lenka seemed to think that some things classified as biological viruses may exist, so I’m looking into this on an alleged virus by virus basis.

  5. I had no idea, Sam, just how ‘deadly’ this way is. Step by step destructive, harmful. So really appreciate your careful work.
    What I’m slowly, too slowly learning, Sam, is we must challenge things, ask!! But I don’t think a single citizen should go head to head with governments. Unless ready for being attacked, losing everything, put away.
    I have medical background from way back, no longer relevant but they have it, and twist Conditions.
    Please keep at it.
    WHY aren’t they replying to your challenge if they think
    you’re wrong.
    Actually, they discount those who disagree.
    Canada is very wrongly influenced.

  6. I did get something when I was in Samoa which was labelled dengue fever – rash on my stomach, intense rash and itchiness I. My feet which drove me mad I couldn’t sleep. Never had it before like that or since. So what was it that caused this?

  7. What was discussed and exposed regarding the studies in the early 1900’s cannot even be describe as “scientific” let alone proving or disproving any one thing. Virology is pure pseudoscience.

    Thanks for the breakdown.

  8. Hi Dr Sam, enjoy the videos, have learnt so much from your material over the last few years, and other new biology proponents.
    Can you point me to a video that covers the immune system so called, And how does snake anti venom work.
    Many thanks

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