17th May 2024

In our book Virus Mania, we called Chapter 7: “H5N1: Avian Flu and Not a Glimmer of Proof” and exposed the foundational fraud behind the attempts to convince the public that there was a deadly new influenza “virus”. We suspected the narrative would be used again which is why we featured it on the cover of the 2021 edition. Sure enough, in 2023 the ‘bird flu’ was being used once more as the excuse to carry out the mass culling of poultry as I covered that year in “Taking Away Your Chickens”.

In recent weeks, the public “health” agencies and mainstream media have been featuring ‘H5N1’ in the headlines and “messaging” to the public that a pandemic could be about to start. As expected, some of the alleged experts have started flapping their wings about “pandemic preparedness” plans. There is also an additional angle in that they are claiming to find the influenza “virus” in milk which appears to be a new weapon in the war against raw milk and unpasteurised products.

By a stroke of luck, or more precisely through bureaucratic bungling, private researcher and biostatistician Christine Massey received a surprise invitation to an online H5N1 roundtable meeting headed by Theresa Tam, the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada. This enabled us to secure exclusive footage of how they are rolling out the surveillance program and the virological pseudoscience that underpins the entire fraud. You will need to watch the video to fully appreciate the absurd level of nonsense coming from some of the key enablers in this brewing swindle…


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  1. this is the only sort of exposure i get to political actors; thanks for showing how badly they act ✌😎👍

  2. I live in Canada, some people call it Chinada, but I think this is an insult to China!

    I don’t have access to raw milk, it’s illegal!
    It’s very hard to find good sources of meat.
    It’s getting hard to get good food, and a full day of sun for D3.
    Adding supplement is a must for many of us in northern countries with all those restrictions.

    I’m not afraid of “viruses” pushed by those globalists keen on population reduction and control.
    But I’m afraid of my liberties being eroded every day.
    I’m afraid of the biotech industries pushing dangerous elements toward us to make us sick.

    A good question, for Sam and Mark, would be, why do you think so many vectors of attack on humanity are targeted for population reduction?

    You can detect anything you want with targeted PCR at high cycle. This is the tool.

    Thanks Sam for the information.

  3. And Ms Tam is still in post after that?!
    A lot of folk you hear say ‘God help us’ on forums discussing the evolving world control mechanisms. But actually, we should be saying, ‘God help them’ (the useful eaters/ the puppets) because if and when they wake up, how are they going to feel about what they have been spouting; their actions; their power grab; their utter stupidity? For us, it’s a good laugh now. And if they are afraid of us not complying, just saying ‘no’, then I have to inform them, they will be deafened by our resounding non-compliance. Love the fact they made a mistake with the 2 ‘Christine Masseys’… somebody’s going to get a rollicking!

  4. If they enforce the filthy medications on farm animals will this mean we will not be able to trust the organic food we eat? This is a big concern of mine here in the UK

  5. Culling the food supply, pets, and humans is the goal. What hospital protocol will Fauci and the medical freedom stooges invent this time? More ventilation, more remdesivir, more ivermectin? Perhaps, we need to shut down all small businesses and put on our self suffocation devices. This does not even account for all the money to be made with masks, plexiglass partitions, floor circles, PCR tests etc. As Catherine Austin Fitts says “crime that pays stays.”

  6. Answer to zen153275

    You’re going to have to start producing food together with your community. This is something everyone should be doing regardless of what is happening in the world.

  7. I live in Canada and I cannot believe how much it changed, for the worse, in the last three decades. These people make my stomach turn. I find their weasely ‘concern’ for the health of the population worse than the most brutal repression that I witnessed in my first decades of living behind the Iron Curtain. At least that was honest, straight brutality. They are simply satanic tools and their contribution to the destruction of lives and livelihoods cannot be underestimated.
    .’Dr.’ Tam seems to like wearing lively colours, I hope to see her in prison orange someday. She and the other provincial health officers, like Bonnie Henry and Deena Hinshaw , who went drunk on power during the COVID scam, deserve time under investigation and hopefully more time in the slammer.

  8. What an absolute clown show I’m so so glad I know the truth that has set me free thank you Sam.

  9. Thanks Sam, Great video. Can I share these members only videos on my social media?

  10. As you have predicted, the virus fear narrative continues to be promoted. It looks as though these “professionals” are trying to cobble together some kind of believable campaign to fool the masses again.
    Thanks for this view into the workings of our “trusted” sources.

  11. What a joke !! But it does make me thankful for my raw milk and organic meat sources – although how long will it last ?

  12. That H5N1 meeting was like watching “Dumb and Dumber “part 4 but with real people and not actors. Ms Tan’s inane giggles were just hard to listen to but the more ‘scholarly’ amongst them, equally nauseating. It just reinforces, once again, of the tremendous importance of keeping several steps ahead of these rotten bureaucrats and establishing ways of producing – collectively or otherwise – safe sources of all foods. Included in this are our medicinal herbs. It won’t be an ‘easier’ way of life perhaps to share a milking cow or barter with produce but it will be a far healthier and more satisfying way of life.

  13. Specialisation is a marker of civilisation, however it’s apparent the more specialisation there is in society the dumber both the specialists and society become. This is in part to the Government decision makers and the public relying on these people’s expertise. Perhaps it’s another aspect of the reinforcing circular loop Sam keeps showing us. A more well rounded understanding of all knowledge an individual has the less likelihood people could end up as stupid as these Canadians.

    It doesn’t take much intelligence to see through the level of ignorance and stupidity these people display, thanks to Sam and her friend clipping this presentation together.

    Yet how is it possible to reprogram their minds when they lack any critical thinking skills?
    That’s another aspect of the entire medical field, it’s all specialised language terms. That suits people with good memories and rote OBEDIENT, non questioning learning. There appears that the medical field doesn’t require any critical thinking skills, only obedience to established procedure.

    Why am I in a minority of perhaps 1 in 100 or 1 in 1,000 that see so much ignorance and stupidity EVERYWHERE? I dislike so much living among people with robotics minds, psychologically conditioned by CIA controlled mass media. Everywhere, people can’t even argue with supporting facts these days, only espouse Globalist narrative, and fear saying anything else.

    God help humanity, pleeeease!!!

  14. You’d think that the plans that have been around for a long time would have been implemented slowly if only in order to not wake folk up to the shenanigans. But they have not been slow and steady these past few years. Partly, I suspect, because there are reams of experimenting going on. Partly because of impatience on their part. But most of all because the universe (or God depending on whatever your perspective is) has a way of arranging things. We know it. We feel it. There are way more than 1:100 or 1:1000, Kevin. And it only takes a single brave soul to stand up to gov dictats (we saw it during the scamdemic) and refuse to medicate their animals, pasteurise healthy milk or otherwise adulterate our food source. One soon becomes two and four and so on.

  15. The first time I saw a presentation by Theresa Tham was in late December 2019. She had a role at The WHO and was already giving her recommendations publicly to the Canadian Government. It was obvious she held the truth in low regard and my impression she was evil and I felt disgusted by her and that feeling has never gone away. With the evil lies by all of these other people around her she is in good company. There are plenty of people in New Zealand who would fit in well with them. They are struggling to find a good story, and from my time in China in the mid 1970 their propaganda is pretty pathetic. In New Zealand they are already ahead with the same fake testing of old behives and then ordering the total destruction of apiarists businesses by fire.

  16. Blackrock and Vanguard are now buying up organic farms! This is not good. Support your local farmers before they and butchers are only history.

  17. We need to recognise that whether H5N1 exists or not, doesn’t matter when profiteers and opportunists have ample supply of the gullible, intransigent, and ignorant to draw on.
    The weak link in the WEF’s WHO is their WEF Government support. They persist with corruption because they can and their judiciary, police, mp’s, governor generals are all complicit. New Zealand is the WEF flagship for a reason. We all know what is going on, look at he most recent findings of the latest Rory Nairn Inquiry. After the original Inquiry found Adern, Hipkn’s and Bloomfirld guilty of murder by mandate. Government retrosectively changed the terms of the inquiry, used another judge more easily manipulated, and had another inquiry to get the result they wanted.
    There is no point in using or attempting to use legal avenues as the Government have clearly demonstrated they have no intention of following anything other than WEF instructions. In fact Commonwealth law dictates New Zealanders are entitled to overthrow their government in these circumstances.
    Hard as it may sound, the Westminster system is preventing good Government, because it caters to greed and self interest. This is not just in New Zealand. A committee of well respected individuals, no need to be omniscient, just honest and selfless enough to think of others and we are on the way to where New Zealand should be in terms of dismissing parliament and holding non party aligned elections to the exclusion of existing MP’s. We do not need to exercise the 1789 solution, we can do this by collectively demanding accountability to the people of New Zealand. If we do not, it can only get worse. We all know this.

  18. Right. Pasteurization kills beneficial bacteria and destroys some of the nutrition and digestibility of milk, then homogenization finishes it off by breaking down fat globules and other elements so the milk is even more indigestible. Hence why many are ‘allergic’ to milk or ‘lactose intolerant.’ See the book, Farmacology as an example of a doctor who saw the light. When I do use a little milk (and for my cat) locally in a health food store there is available “low temp pasteurization and non-homogenized” as the next best to raw.

    Thanks again, Dr. Sam.

  19. Another wonderful video by Dr Sam Bailey.
    These people in positions of power on inflated salaries continue to show their ignorance. Hopefully more people will join the freedom community and just say continue to say. No !

  20. I can’t believe how boring these clown enablers are. (very dangerous but, mon Dieu, so boring). I’m ready to say no, no & no to their minstrel show. I did last time but I was too quiet about it.
    Hope fully they will find that their brand of Public Health is way out of fashion, so much so that they are persona non grata, everywhere a bit like Ardern who probably can’t even go out in public without worrying. Good. She was advised yet persisted and doubled down with no shame.

  21. I also live in Canada and I am looking for more people to start a class action lawsuit against milk producers, since you cant sue government I want to sue milk producers for adding fake vitamin d to milk, this has huge health consequences.

  22. why are there so few ppl awake? if they come out with another jab or another flu shot to protect againts even the bird or monkey flu ya gotta know that the zombies will take it right? are they the next wave of death and injury? will it give them a new disease that will kill them? what if the jabbed are diabetic? and take jardiance? and then fall for a new flu jab? jardiance deaths are on the rise. but are they jabbed too? no one is showing evidence..what are they hiding? i swear the next headache i get? ill brew a tea and sleep it off. i wont take anything..am i making any sence?

  23. When they roll this out, it will certainly separate the cream from the skim (pun intended), because if you fall for this again, you are doomed. Here’s hoping there is more cream floating around out there second time around.

  24. Isn’t amazing how a modicum of intelligence can make up for years of experience. I doubt if any of these people could boil an egg or read a utility bill. Yet they know whats best for everyone. I call them Tommy Noddys. =Tommy Noddy. Tommy Noddy, Big head and little body. Thanks Sam and Mark. Sterling work !

  25. I’m convinced that the globalists only have one real goal. Since they’re liars, murderers, and thieves, they are miserable. It’s a natural consequence of their choices that they would be miserable. So they are envious of everyone who is not miserable. They can’t stand the idea of you being free and happy. They must destroy your happiness. What they’re really after is making everyone else miserable too.

  26. How Bird Flu plays out:
    1. Vaccine deaths blamed on virus
    2. Mass culling of livestock
    3. Eggs confiscated for making vaccines
    4. Chickens culled
    5. Egg shortage
    6. Vaccine shortage
    7. Panic
    8. Food shortages
    9. People eat bugs and plant based
    10. Eating bugs causes severe immune reaction
    11. Reaction labeled bird flu
    12. Malnutrition from lack of animal protein
    13. Death blamed on bird flu
    14. The rich eat steak and eggs
    15. Everyone else is physically and mentally weak due to malnutrition and cannot violently overthrow the rich
    16. Population reduction

  27. Thank you Dr Sam & Mark for your generosity with the valuable information you are sharing – I have watched most of your videos which have kept me on my toes.
    I just bought Terrain Therapy and The Last Pandemic can’t wait to receive them….

    Canada is in grave danger with the current government I live in a very small town where to some degree we are sheltered from the ugliness surrounding us.

    Best Regards,

  28. Great intervention again.
    But the question that really picks my brains is:
    “How far the masses will go before they revolt (if they ever revolt) ?
    (without any consideration to what shape the revolt will take)

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