1st December 2023

When the COVID-19 fraud was launched in late 2019, almost all of the world was caught by surprise. The initial stories from China and then Italy caused widespread panic and the public was scared into complying with lockdowns, face masks, and toxic shots.
The “virus” was the Trojan horse that allowed many globalist agendas to be rolled out so it was always likely that another fake pandemic would be scheduled. And now there have been recent reports of a “mysterious pneumonia” in China with similarities to COVID…except this one is affecting children. 
Let’s have a look at the 2022 desktop exercise that portrayed a remarkably similar scenario and the actual facts of the current situation in China. Now that millions have woken up to the COVID scam will it be possible to pull off another round?   


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  1. Is it possible they will pull off another scam?


    My unscientific sample shows 70 – 80% don’t wanna know and will continue to obey the criminal authorities.

  2. Jeff I don’t want you to be right but sadly I think you are. Even the people I know (which admittedly is hardly a even a sample) who were suspicious, or even didnt get jabbed the first time round, have slipped back into testing for “covid” any time they get a sniffle, forgetting that there used to be symptoms like headaches, fogginess, fatigue when sick pre-covid times. They are attributing EVERY symtom to covid as though it was new and previously unheard of, and following “protocols” to avoid. Despite everything, there is just a general layer of acceptance that covid is a thing, and a feeling that we have to be vigilant about infections rather than vigilant about lies and control.

  3. Thanks for bringing the truth forward again. It does all of us good to hear the truth repeated in order for us to have the facts solidified in our minds.

  4. Sadly Jeff, it’s true most people will continue to fall for this scam, because they remain ignorant. They won’t research for themselves, or care about their health.
    As Forrest Gump said “Stupid is, what Stupid does”. There has been a whistle blower come out now from the ‘ministry of disease’ I mean health, that shows actual death’s soon after from the jab. All certified data that they cannot Denie! Can’t wait for the sh1t storm once this comes out!!! :o)
    Thanks, Sam, for saying how it is!!

  5. It was really, really encouraging, if not altogether funny, to read the select online comments from many of the readers of the Daily Mail highlighted in your video Sam. Summa summarum, the theme seemed consistent with Elon Musk’s recently professed mantra of “G.F.Y” Bill Gates /WHO/Pfizer/Government Health Experts.

    Unfortunately, it was decades ago that George Orwell tried to warn us of what happens when Governance Power Structures stray from serving the people. Once committed to embarking along the ‘path of lies’, the sociopaths in position of power need to double-down on their falsehoods to perpetuate the false reality and false narrative that they have created. It is no different to a Ponzi scheme that necessitates the ongoing generation of ‘new lies’ to support the rickety old ones. The alternative position to this is simply incomprehensible and totally unpalatable to those who locked-down our countries in 2021/2. The ‘Alternative’ – of course – is to admit that Covid was a scam and the mRNA Vaccination of the planet was the single greatest Genocide in the history of our species. I don’t see the likes of Scott Morrison, Anthony Albanese, Jacinda Ardern, Ursula von der Layen, Donald Trump and Bill Gates, to name but a few, facing the International Criminal Court on charges of Genocide any time soon.

  6. So much to comment on, though I’ll forget most.
    1) GBJnr is an idiot
    2) That gates has been a doctor peddling his wares globally for at least a decade and a half should concern everyone. The mass injury and death using the HPV jab in India, the ferti8lity drop after a decade of jabs in India and Africa brings a sense of reality to his TED talk where he smugly stated , “if we do it properly, there should be a population decrease of”. I’m thinking, “whaaat?”
    3)The catastrophic contagion, brought to you by none other than the same criminals as event 201.
    I do wonder whether China boarding up doorways of residences post jab roll out was to cover up mortality rates caused by the jab, not, as they stated, because of the convid.
    That governments globally are scrambling to introduce censorship legislation rather than furnishing indisputable evidence to placate the public that what they are saying is true is another huge red flag, the exact same tactic jabcinda employed with the chch FF affair..

  7. Hi Sam Mark and family,
    I think we have to limit the Disney Studio’s and Netflix viewing hours of “experts”. Whatever you do, don’t let Baker and Wiles see this video.
    Thank you for the work you do.
    When you get a chance, please look into ribosomopathy. Also, this is new, lungs are now known to be part of the build cycle for platelets.
    Thanks again

  8. We tend to omit adequate accreditation to the enormous propagandistic nightmare we have before us 24/7. People are constantly bombarded by talking heads lauding the “science” behind the heartwarming efforts in behalf of saving humanity. Sure, no lies there, right? With our proper researches into what is behind these illnesses and deaths, we insist on beating around the bush. We are currently moving at snail’s pace in converting the ignorant into the prescient. We don’t own media, medicine, law, manufacturing. Those entities are in total control. Here in the US, we find governors and other traitors plying their trade in so many ways. Despite reams of data leading the truths about Covid, or Convid if you must, yet that is given short shrift and publicized insufficiently. We are losing the battle against nascent and chronic propaganda. Truth is no longer paramount. Moral relativism has led to it’s cousin, scientific relativism. Lie versus truth.
    Quite frankly, were we to accept terrain theory, we’d soon snap out of our malaise and prove the folly in front of 330 million Americans. We are up against the terrors of germ theory and I see that as THE sticking point.

  9. Even IF many people have woken up to this fraud, the majority will still fall in line and “do the right thing” as this is a global Mk Ultra mind control test they did on the world populations.

    People will fall into line even if they know viruses are fake, as it’s NOT about saving ones health, but obeying corrupt dictatorship in order to keep their jobs and feed their families.

    They have planned this fraud years in advance and they have studied us for years and years and know how we tick.

    The “first round” was a test of gullibility and compliance and tyo see how we would react to their fraudulent “pandemic” and know they know how we responded, they will now change their plans accordingly.

    Unfortunately it’s the fearful, indoctrinated and gullible who are going to wreck it for the rest of us.

  10. Mass hypnosis is the real pandemic. Everyone that’s still under hypnosis will obey, whatever ‘they’ throw at them.

  11. Dr. Bailey, Not sure if you’re aware but there is a supposed respiratory illness outbreak for dogs in the US that is being reported on. They say the symptoms are the same as Kennel Cough but worse. I’m calling it Doggie Covid. I live in Oregon, one of 6 states this being is being reported. Any ideas what could be the real cause of doggie covid?

  12. This has been buffering since 5:00 a.m. EST in Canada. I have just upgraded my internet speed – so there should be no issue whatsoever. I hope you can clear the interference so I can review this video! Thank you

    P.s. Have you heard of Correlation-Canada.org ? They have substantial evidence using All Cause Mortality Death that clearly shows significant spikes in deaths/ACM immediately after vax roll out. Thought you might be interested in researching their data sets. Here is a video about their findings published and of course “fact checked” to be false from the propaganda machine of course.

  13. Just for the record, WHO did not declare COVID to be a pandemic at the 11th of march, 2020 press conference even though many jurisdictions used that pretext to declare medical emergencies.
    What Tedros actually stated was: “COVID can be characterised as a pandemic.”
    The qualification with the word “characterised” has the effect of meaning: “COVID looks like a pandemic but isn’t.
    A clear example of disingenuous wordsmithing, but fool me twice? – not bloody likely.

  14. I remember that scene in airplane, the comedy movie, when Leslie Nelson was describing the symptoms, and the pilot got sicker and sicker the more he described them.

    People are listening to the TV and what were normal symptoms for a cold or what we always just called a bug or now deadly serious and attributed to Covid.

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