28th April 2024

In the COVID-19 era we have been asked about Ivermectin many times, particularly in 2020 and 2021. We addressed it in a COVID FAQs presentation in March 2021 because people in the health freedom community kept enquiring as to why I was not promoting the drug. For us the foundational issue was that COVID-19 was not a novel disease and the cases were defined by non-diagnostic tests as I explained in my 2020 video “What Is A Covid-19 Case?“.

During our two decades in the medical system, neither Mark nor I ever prescribed Ivermectin and it always seemed odd that it became an alleged treatment for COVID-19 and the phantom virus ‘SARS-CoV-2’. However, like the “lab leak” narrative, Ivermectin has been a permitted alternative narrative that everyone seems to know about.

In this video we take a look at the history of one of the biggest-selling drugs in the world, including the 2020 mainstream virology paper that claimed it was an “anti-viral” agent. While that paper was able to be shared tens of millions times, by contrast those of us who discussed the virologists’ experiments were receiving strikes and bans on Big Tech platforms. There is something very suspicious about the Ivermectin narrative especially as its mythology continues to grow with new claims that it could be a treatment for cancer.


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  1. I listened to you. I always listen to you. I am a retired nurse who is learning how to not go to usual thoughts on drug, etc. I will say both my grown son and I both ivermectin and felt much better. I want to understand. Please help us here in the world! Thank you.

    Debbie Landers
    St Louis, MO

  2. Ivermectin likely played a role which has nothing to do with any mechanism related to an alleged cytopathic virus . There’s no denying that whatever patients in hospital suffered from (most likely suffering from some form of poisoning) which exhibited unusual symptoms appearing as a pandemic was declared, that ivermectin did provide positive results as did an another agent, nicotine. Nicotine is without a doubt providing relief for the Covid jab long haulers and injured through the same mechanism. Also, smokers were known during this time to not having been effected by the Covid illness.

    “Ivermectin: a positive allosteric effector of the alpha7 neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor.”

    “A nicotinic hypothesis for Covid-19 with preventive and therapeutic implications.”

    “ Dose-dependent protective effect of nicotine in a murine model of viral myocarditis induced by coxsackievirus B3.”

  3. I’d like to reply to the other commenter, Debbie Landers, but unfortunately that’s not an option on Sam’s website. In case Debbie revisits this page I’ll just say that she needs to understand that terrain therapists, such as the Bailey’s, Kaufman, Cowan, Lanka and many others, have found that there is not one valid study ever published demonstrating contagious particles. As the theory goes, your experience of dis-ease is actually your body’s mechanism for restoring your body to health from a state of toxicity, nutritional deficit or both. If you take a treatment of any sort you may actually interfere with your body’s attempt to return to homeostasis. If you happen to get better anyway, it just means your body succeeded in it’s mission in spite of your counterproductive efforts at self treatment. If, instead of taking Ivermectin, you had consululted with a qualified Terrain Therapist, you would have been advised to engage in self-care that compliments your own body’s natural processes.

  4. I came to view “viral diseases” as being an expression of the toxicity levels of my patients. Detox protocols (mostly via Chiropractic Manipulative Reflex Technique, but also some nutritional liver detox) were quite effective.

  5. Nice work Sam! So much false info being distributed out there, like you say to continue the Pandemic Narrative.
    There continues to be no proof of Virus existence, except in bogus medical journals, who feed off each other’s Lies!
    Is it possible that Ivermectin was successful in some cases, because people were originally overburdened with parasites?
    And by deworming themselves it took an already toxic load of poisons out of there systems? Maybe then particular symptoms dropped away?
    I do believe most of us do have a certain load of parasites within us, some living symbiotically, but I think it comes down to cleaning out our own bodies regularly,
    and living a healthier life. Good Nutrition being one of the most important steps to master…

  6. I agree that there seems to be controlled opposition opinions allowed with partial but not total bans in mainstream to attract anti establishment people but maintain underlying lies. There were other generic medicine options as well especially early on. And the Lab leak yarn seems to have been allowed more airtime.
    Alex Jones among others is pushing it hard.
    I am just putting the finishing touches on my book examining malaria, an even older more deeply engrained belief than COVID or AIDS. It will be interesting to see how it goes on mainstream platforms.

  7. Love it, love it, love it!! And I love the phrase, ‘permitted alternative narrative’. So descriptive!
    It would seem, tentatively, if one ignores all the harmful effects of pharmaceuticals for a minute, that something a lot of them have in common is acting as an anti-inflammatory. This gives people the illusion that the drug is easing their pain (which it is because it’s allowing more oxygen in) and ridding them of the cause of their dis-ease. All the while in the background the body is doing it’s thing in attempting to clear the poisons/toxins/cellular debris (and at times being hindered by the action of an anti-inflammatory drug). Down the line when we’re feeling better, we say, thank God for that medicine while the body in the background in its humble way is not getting a look in when it comes to thanks! We have misattributed our getting well time and time again. Is it not time that we dive down the rabbit hole of just how miraculous the body is in its ability to rectify situations (with specific examples, Mark and Sam?!)). It has been neglected somewhat in out eagerness to think about the terrain; what we do, should do and should not do. What the body does is Yin to our Yang actions.

    That black and white ad for Ivomec, being sprayed along the backs of cattle put me in mind of a farmer/researcher I communicated with many years ago, who claimed that such spraying was the true cause of BSE. He was laughed at at the time.

    Blessings to all on this shared journey.

  8. thank you once again. this is just another nail in the coffin of so called modern medicine ✌😎👍

  9. During Covid, my husband in his 80s fell ill and I was determined that he would not A/ get tested with the PCR test nor B/ go near a hospital.
    Our local GP gave him a CT scan which showed pneumonia. He was treated with hydroxychloroquine, zinc and Azithromycin and recovered within 6 days. He may have done so on the antibiotic alone. I have no proof that the first two medications did not though.

  10. Do we now have a way to treat this malady, non-viral of course, with nutritional naturopathic means? If ivermectin is just another scam, what do we ascribe the symptomology to, specifically speaking? Would the world change for the better if we adopted terrain theory pronto? Are efforts being made to incorporate terrain theory into our current medical matrix?

    I was just about to order some ivermectin from an Indian pharmacy, should I cease and desist ordering the stuff?

  11. Whilst I have always avoided pharmaceuticals, preferring to utilise my body’s own healing capacities, there have been times when I couldnt throw off an illness said to be an infection (a pneumonia, cystitis, dysentery) until I took antibiotics/paracidals even though I hung out much longer than most people would, followed naturopathic advice, ate a clean diet, did my daily yoga, etc. And why – if there was no SARS-CoV-2 pathogen (of some sort) did I come down with it four days after my partner brought it home (let’s say) from a separate trip away? I had become blasé by then about the pandemic hysteria, and thought we would sale through with our Vitamins C, D, Zn, quercetin, sunshine and exercise… But I didn’t: I came down with one of the worst fevers I can ever remember having. Resisted taking anything to reduce fever, as I understood my healing needed that heat… and I came through ok. BUT my question is: why – if you can’t catch a cold/flu/covid/whatever – did I come down sick with same symptoms as my partner exactly four days after he did?!?!

  12. Thank you for your work, Dr Sam. I agree, Ivermectin is not to be taken at all.

    I jumped on the Ivermectin bandwagon in 2022, complete with a Telegram group of those saying they were seeing results. I took it for about 10 days. I didn’t like that the Telegram Group was suggesting that I needed to take it 2x a day for life. That was the first red flag. I did more research via Amandha Vollmer, Ivermectin video. She is against Ivermectin as well. That the chemical components our body can’t break down, sit in the organs.
    My intuition told me to stop and I haven’t taken any since. It’s still a man made drug.

    I looked at why so many people claimed to have results? By having a support Community of others like them (not isolated), self care, and the body’s bio-logical healing abilities. Believing they would heal.

    I started to learn German New Medicine around the same time. When the body is conflict active/sympathetic/fight or flight state,, there are no symptoms.
    Pharmaceuticals stop the messages from the brain to the body to take pain away. Putting the body into sympathetic state. That is what Ivermectin is doing. No symptoms and then people can say that Ivermectim is working when really the body is working overtime to get rid of the foreign substance.
    In order for someone to heal their symptoms, they need to look at why they have them in the 1st place. The psyche-brain-organ connection. The Emotional body.
    Parasites have a job. Environment or food changes is also important.

    Everything is Frequency. Music or social media can also put or keep the body in a sympathetic state. I think some Frequency healing machines put the body into a sympathetic state as well, which take away symptoms. The body can heal itself. The body can only heal in a parasympathetic state.

    Looking at the whole person and what they are experiencing in the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and environment is key. Not hacking symptoms. The pain is the medicine to make different life changes. Being your own detective by learning how to read your body’s language. How to process emotions and core identity beliefs for lasting health.

    This would be my response to Debbie Landers as well.

    Christine Cardoza
    Waterloo, Ontario 🇨🇦

  13. With reference to Sue Marriott’s comment above regarding BSE and Organophosphate pesticide treatments applied to cattle around the time of the ‘so-called’ BSE epidemic – the man concerned was organic farmer Mark Purdey -a video statement he made is still up on YouTube here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5qBgHWKhKo and there is also a good article here https://thebridgelifeinthemix.info/environment/bse-cjd-ms-organic-farmer-mark-purdey-organophosphates/

  14. My wife and I are in our 80s, and we have a big family and many friends, all of us took Ivermectin as A PRECAUTION and none of us ( around 80 people) got any illness,
    Thank you IVERMECTIN,

  15. I was homeless during the scamdemic.
    I rarely washed my hands or body.
    I only masked to purchase food.
    I did not “social distance”.

    Sometimes I take a few ibuprofen for back pain, or if some pollin triggers an intense allergy attack I might take an sinus inhibitor, but otherwise avoid pharmaceuticals.
    I have not seen a doctor for at least 20 years.

    I was constantly around others living the same way as I was.
    None of us got sick.

    It was actually a very pleasant time for us because the usual harassment by government paused and we were allowed to be free of the stress and anxiety we usually endure.

    It was clear to us that there was no pandemic or infectious illness.

    The few of us I know who got jabbed have died.

  16. There is also a placebo phenomenon, which demonstrates that one’s beliefs (whether correct or not) impact the physical body and emotions. This is why placebo-controlled studies are all the rage — industrial scientists are always attempting (poorly, I will add) to remove placebo effects, so they can claim an effective product. Of course, we should instead be harnessing these effects to support healing.

  17. There was also the comments about Trump “telling people to drink bleach” in the media. I am sure he was referring to chlorine dioxide, which is the most deadly pathogen killer known to man, and will in fact kill all alleged viruses. Then there is the movie “ Watch the Water” which showed that the venom of many different snakes, and sea snails was found in blood samples of covid infected folks, while the CDC was “testing” water at over 400 treatment plants across America for no real valid reason. Probably exactly what got people sick. Snake bites and covid have many like symptoms, such as restricted breathing, and loss of taste and sense of smell. Nicotine users are not affected as bad by snake bites too, just like covid. I wish the idiots among us would wake up before it is too late.

  18. I’m not jabbed but everyone around me I know did because of losing their job , or had to fly interstate because of a death etc. I caught something when hubby & I were on a caravan trip across Australia in 2023. Went to visit a close friend last year and her partner who was showing us around in his car on the Sunday was coughing badly nearly the whole day. After we got back to where we were staying (hubby’s sister-in-law) I came down with the shivers internally the next day (lasted about 12 hours). Next morning was fine but had a head cold and was told to take the PCR test which showed I had “Covid” and so did hubby my friend also got tested positive and her partner).
    Both were fine in ourselves except for head cold. I’m a smoker and started again in 2020 after 8 years of not smoking. I take Vit.D3/K2, Zinc, CoQ10 which I take daily. I believed back when this scamdemic started in 2020 that it seemed BS, so did heaps of research which confirmed in my mind this fact.
    Many Australians died and many have been injured or immune compromised for life from a questionable mRNA “vaccine” that NEVER should have been mandated. The only pandemic was the urgency by which the WHO and our government treated its citizens to get jabbed. We have sovereignty rights over our own body and the Australian government and the WHO corporation have no rights to make decisions over each person’s body autonomy.
    The Australian Parliament needs to hold an inquiry into the International Health Regulations. Given the dire consequences to these WHO amendments it would be prudent of our government to ditch the WHO all together and make our own rules & regulations with the cooperation of the people of Australia.
    The public is entirely misled about illnesses, prescription drugs, stressful lifestyles and malnutrition, just like in the past.
    Almost 70% of all diseases & conditions are a direct result of unhealthy foods. Genetically enhanced products are also in our diets which is a serious threat to our health.
    The media also plays a big part in this, forking out millions of $ for advertising junk foods, day in and day out.

  19. ,Epidemiologist Dr Harvey Risch, acknowledged benefits of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquin. Ivermectin made me feel better but didn’t help with spike on bp. Something was out there. Never sequenced, waves through air? Not a fan of big pharma or current medicine, especially cosmetic.

  20. @ Sue Marriot
    You mention a theory that BSE was caused by ivermectin pour-on which in the uk was a warble fly treatment, my memory is that ivermectin was originally an injection, the pour on came later. I’m not sure that the time line for warble fly treatment matched BSE. Ivermectin wasn’t used on milking cows until the later development of the product with no milk withdrawal , it may have been used as young stock ……… I think the Mammalian meat and bone meal theory ( not processed at a high enough temperature at a certain date) is a BETTER explanation as dairy cows ( the biggest victims of BSE would have the higher protein pelleted rations that fit the theory as opposed to suckler cows fed virtually no pelleted product)

  21. I am not able to express the extent of the admiration and respect I have for your work, thfor the work of your husband, and of others who continue to unveil this essential element of the oppressive system that dominates the world. In a dimension that is infinitely less competent and important in relation to you, I feel a great identity with my own life trying to combat since 50 years ago the procedures of modernization of agriculture here in Brazil, subsidized by the State, which have produced so much misery, so much destruction and so much concentration of income. The identity to which I refer comes from the fact that ultimately, for both agriculture and medicine, they utilise the same methods of imposition by the same oligopolistic interests. That said, I really need time and a lot of courage to express you a critic observation.
    In addition to your videos, those of Stefano Scoglio, Kate Sugak, Dr Tom Cowan, Étienne De Harven, who many years ago, together with the Pearl Group, questioned the proof of the isolation of HIV, after other authors who had previously awakened me to the scale of the problem of corruption behind the medical industry, such as Phillipe Even and Jude Micowics ,I have carefully studied “Virus Mania”, which you co-authored, your book written with your husband “The Final Pandemic”, Scoglio’s book “Apandemia”, as well as Robert Kennedy’s book “The Real Anthoni Fauci”, which despite all the fair differences you point out in relation to it, brings an impressive amount of very useful data. In short, there is no doubt that virology is a demonic fraud, of impressive narrative complexity, undoubtedly diabolically designed to be almost impossible to unmask. What I don’t understand is why there’s such a need to launch fronts to combat sectors that, although ignorant of this universe that you of all people are endeavouring to reveal, have opened up alternative lines of action that have in fact brought great relief where they have been practised, even if they are flawed in their scientific foundations!
    The fact that doctors express themselves within the limits of their mistaken training to justify their procedures does not mean that their means are necessarily harmful. For example, at one point I saw Dr Tom Cowan commenting positively on the therapeutic use of Methylene Blue, and at another I saw him calling hydroxychloroquine a poison; however, hydroxychloroquine is a molecule derived from Methylene Blue, according to the French doctor Laurent Scwhartz, for whom Methylene Blue is an effective therapy against cancer, which he interprets as an effect produced in the cells at an electronic level (an explanation I won’t venture to try to reproduce). In other words, I don’t necessarily need to be sure of the working principle of a product if empirically it has proved effective in some circumstance. Methylene Blue was developed in the 19th century by the Germans as a dye to break the British monopoly on indigo; it became the most widespread therapy against malaria until the synthesis of chloroquine and then hydroxychloroquine.
    Returning only to our case, we know that a whole climate of anxiogenic terror was created, which made people reproduce the same symptoms that the information system uninterruptedly recorded in their minds; that people were killed by intubation protocols, etc etc, because people could not die from a viral infection of a virus that does not exist … . But we also know (even if we don’t know why, or even if the doctors who think they do know are trufly ignorant) but we know that where hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin , but we do know that where hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, when administered conscientiously, have been very effective in minimising the damage of the contrived pandemic.
    It is important to emphasise that hydroxychloroquine was used in two studies linked to Oxford University, one in London and the other in Manaus, here in Brazil. In both, doses about four times higher than the maximum allowed in the package leaflet were applied, and in severe hospitalised patients, in the so-called inflammatory phase for which it had been established as inoperative (hence the name “early treatment”). Another study, published in the Lancet as a meta-analysis, was blatantly considered fraudulent and withdrawn from circulation a week later, but nevertheless served as the basis for banning its administration in many countries.
    The brilliant knowledge that you and these other researchers bring cannot, however, overshadow the reality of the facts! And the reality of the facts There are an impressive number of reports of success in the use of these drugs and Artemisia Annua. The reality of the facts brings impressive statistics, such as in the state of Pradesh in India, where ivermectin was used by the entire population preventively, compared to other Indian states where it was not. Here in Brazil, in cities where the use of Ivermectin followed the same Pradesh protocol, the incidence of deaths or hospitalisations was minimal!
    Was it a placebo effect, psychological? Maybe, I don’t know. But the statistical facts cannot be denied!
    One last consideration. It’s not fair, if you’ll pardon the liberty, to lump those who defended Rendezivir with these other alternatives. There is no possible comparison. Firstly, both ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are cheap, off-patent drugs. Then Rendezivir is a Gilead product developed for Ebola and which evidently didn’t work, and was pushed through Covid after rapid tests whose results were rigged (Robert Kennedy tells this story in detail), costing thousands of dollars for ten days of intravenous treatment in an ICU to produce liver failure.
    I’m sure that, even in their ignorance, many of these doctors who defended these alternative treatments were true heroes, and many paid dearly for their efforts to save people from these criminal vaccines. To see them lumped together with the Fauci… is very sad and disappointing.

  22. Interesting discussion. My husband died right before Covid (2/11/2020), the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. Everything went sideways. I am a pharmacist and spent most of my professional life in the review of drugs for reimbursement by managed markets for health plans and working w Pharma Companies. Nothing after Feb 2020 was working the way it had in the past. Early in my review, before the medical journals and sites were completely censored & managed, I saw physicians—particularly from other countries—who knew something and alleged that IVMN was effective against this thing. I knew it only as an anti-parasitic drug…not an antiviral. But the ability to discuss this was quickly purged. It occurred to me that they knew something we did not know….the true nature of what it is we are fighting with. Most intracellular parasites replicate by hijacking a cell’s ability to make proteins…that would also be where IVMN has its effect. I don’t have all the answers here but believe that periodic (? weekly?) use of IVMN may be of benefit. And it was eerie to watch these posts disappear. Scientific debate (respectful) used to be a thing. Not anymore. On all sides of a question. Seems like a demonic strategy to squelch the willingness of fighters to engage in the battle.

  23. I completely understand, and agree, that virology is a complete fraud. However, whatever “covid” was (and we know it was not a virus), it WAS something. I was convinced right from the start of the plandemic that there was no pathogen, no virus, nothing. I knew it was about pushing mandatory “vaccinations” and I avoided any PCR test (as I knew it was also not a test of infection) and I did not get the lethal injection. What changed my mind about a pathogen (which I shall call the “bioweapon”), was when my husband and I became ill at the same time, with the same symptoms – something which has never happened before in our 32 year relationship – this was at the end of 2022. Both of us were “man/woman down” with horrendous headaches and lethargy. I lost my sense of taste and smell, which I have NEVER, EVER done, EVER. It was really, really weird indeed. It was not like any “cold” that we had ever had before. I had congestion but nothing bad. Neither of us had fever or difficulty breathing. We both had slight sore throats. We both fully recovered and our sense of taste and smell came back after a few weeks.

    So whilst I agree there was no virus, I disagree that there was nothing at all. Whatever it was, or is, it responds well to Ivermectin, ACC/NAC and Vit C. As for the nicotene theory, and snake venom, Dr Brian Ardus makes a very convincing case.

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