28th January 2024

As we documented in Virus Mania, the medico-pharmaceutical industry specialises in inventing epidemics that enrich and benefit a small number of beneficiaries at the expense of the general population.

The COVID-19 Fraud and other fake pandemics such as the ‘Avian Flu‘ have been sold to the public as outbreaks of disease from imaginary viruses. However, once in a while there are attempts to resurrect an old disease that is claimed to be caused by a bacterium.

One of these is the widely-feared disease syphilis and the alleged infectious “pathogen” Treponema pallidum. We have seen that Koch’s postulates have never been fulfilled for any microbe so how did syphilis (like gonorrhoea) become known as a sexually transmitted infection? In this video we examine the key scientific evidence, including the inconvenient mid-1900s human transmission experiments that have been swept under the carpet. We will also open up the Tuskegee Experiment files and reveal how the incident is being used to gaslight the public in the present era in order to keep them on the allopathic medical plantation.

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  1. Another gem for your archive of germ takedowns. Thanks Sam. This one goes in my collection.

  2. Unbelievable to me that of all the covid driven stuff I have watched and read over the last few years, that the Baileys and their smallish clutch of medical buddies seem to be the only ones actually looking into and questionning the research and understandings behind the transmissable disease belief. I keep waiting for the surge of medical people saying – oh good grief! I always thought there was something wrong with germ theory and thank goodness now we can look into disease causes properly. Think of the new opportunities for research! I know Copernicus’s model took around a century to be accepted – but they didnt have the internet.

  3. Another well researched production demonstrating the fraud of pathogenic germs. Thanks for continuing to provide these cited documents that show the conscious and premeditated misinformation that allopathic medicine continues to hide but also hides behind. Thanks for providing us with the lifeline of truth that makes it clear that humans are powerful beings and that we are created with internal mechanisms which automatically works toward restoring health.

  4. Massive thanks from the UK. Terrifically well researched and presented information.

  5. Wow, what an interesting video on this subject. Thank you. Have you read Australian Homoeopath, Jill Turland’s book on homeopathic megapotencies? (“Getting Back on Track”) She addresses the epidemic of “shame” in our culture, and how she learned to use ultra high potencies of just 10 different homeopathic remedies to uproot shame and grief in its various forms. (Just to address the “shame” part of this.)

  6. Brilliant presentation, one less thing to worry about. What about Chlamydia? Very interested to hear what you find on that as I and my mates have had personal experiance of ‘catching’ it.

  7. Thank you for publishing this video.

    I had a history of prostate infections as a young man, which came and went with antibiotic treatment. Then in 1993 I had a severe outbreak, and was diagnosed at the emergency room as having gonorrhea. A few days later I received the final lab report which changed the diagnosis to chlamydia.

    I pleaded with my then wife and pastor that I had not committed adultery, and they believed me. But in 2014, when suffering from severe depression, they accused me of secret guilt from having committed adultery twenty years earlier. A doctor in the congregation told them that i had certainty committed adultery and was lying. The pastors, wife and children all picked up the accusation, and my life was destroyed. I was accused of being a pathological liar on social media. I lost my family, friends, home and everything.

    God used the destruction of my former life to bring me to deeply understand the gospel of Jesus Christ, and I came to a place of joy and peace that I had never previously known. So it all worked out for good, though my five children and grandchildren still refuse to see me.

    If you are reading this and have had similar experience, know that YOUR LIFE IS NOT OVER. God can still use it for good and heal your broken heart.

  8. the germ theory and fake viruses are a critical component of the fear and control tactics used by the Zionist syndicate that run all countries of any consequence. They use the fake climate change, fake wars, fake viruses and social unrest to demoralize and destabilize the plantation livestock all while the insiders banking cartel transfers all real wealth to the top in exchange for debt monetized computer entries.

  9. Hi Dr Bailey’s wondered if you could help me, my daughter of 29 yrs had severe abdominal pain and ended up in emergency, with several blood tests they claim with an impression she possibly has fitz hugh curtis syndrome which is connected probably to possible other STIs, she has in the past been told she has herpes which at this visit there was no detection, she was given a course of antibiotics and told to go to a STI clinic which she rang and they said they’ve never heard of this condition, she suffers from anxiety and probably doesn’t always look after herself, she also gave birth 5 mths ago to a healthy little boy which they have mentioned she could pass it on to him. Love your work so much, could you please help me here or maybe talk about this so called condition on another video which they claim also is rare, i myself have never heard of it. Thankyou

  10. ill health is the cause of all disease states.
    during and post WW2 , 10x times more civilians died from sickness and disease due to lack of shelter and food than from bombs and bullets.
    Malnutrition thru the production of Fake foods is today the number one killer by a wide margin
    The truth is, eat real or suffer endless ills and misery.
    ps add some iodine to your diet, the World RDI for this vital mineral is utter nonsense
    I dose 300x the Official RDI with fantastic results, not seen a doctor or dentist in 30 years.

  11. Doc Sam, you are a gem and a true Queen in my eyes! As an African-american Activist, I had become greatly aware of the corruption in american medical ‘science’ (aka Pseudoscience) during the early AID propaganda campaign. I was fortunate to watch a ‘Tony Brown’s Journal’ episode that featured Dr. Peter Duesburg, and his expose’ of the AIDS mythology. I read his book, ‘Inventing the AIDS Virus.’ I also read Jon Rappoport’s, ‘AIDS, Inc,’ during the late 80’s. Unfortunately, this introduction to the pseudoscience of allopathic medicine didn’t trigger my mind to do what Dawn Lester & David Parker did. I didn’t ask if all so-called medical ‘theories,’ and ‘facts,’ were equally corrupt. I never questioned ‘Germ Theory’ (which I now call the Unproven Germ Hypothesis. I didn’t wake up to these realities until I saw the similarities between the AIDS con-game and the COVID/SARS propaganda.
    I am so grateful that you addressed the ‘Tuskegee Experiment.’ I brought this issue up to Dawn Lestr and David Parker a while back, and they created a similar article that in many ways mirrors this video that you created. I remember when former US president Bill Clinton did his so-called official apology. I found it extremely curious that he had invited ‘survivors,’ to the official ceremony. I assumed that those survivors were fortunate to be denied any allopathic medical ‘cures,’ of the time like mercury, arsenic, etc…. So any African-americans are suspect of official allopathic medical ‘cures,’ and remedies, but at the same time deeply ‘believing’ in the mythology of Germ Theory. If ever you and your talented husband would like to get my position on this cultural (so-called racial’) paradigm, I would be honored to help (including a video interview).
    Love Ya. Áse!

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