20th January 2024

“The Plague” or “The Black Death” was said to have wiped out half of Europe’s population in the mid-1300s to earn the title as the most deadly pandemic of all time. It is claimed that the bacterium Yersinia Pestis caused the death of all of these people and that the disease was so infectious that being anywhere near a case could be fatal.

Many aspects of the narrative simply do not stack up, in particular the fact that germ theory and Koch’s postulates have been falsified numerous times over the past century. As our Italian friends declared after their recent interview with Dr Mark Bailey, these fairy tales have enslaved the world in a false paradigm of disease for generations.

Present day germ theorists have been ignoring many of the inconvenient facts including a far more detailed account of plague cases in Australia last century. In this video we examine the science behind this so-called contagious disease and why the wheels have fallen off one of the crown jewels of “pandemic” mythology.


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  1. Thanks, Sam. I guess it’s down to human nature (perhaps as a survival instinct, ironically!) that we always look for a speedy explanation to a problem or calamity and consequently often make 5 from 2+2.
    You sound a little bunged up ‘with cold’ so I’m glad your body is getting rid of whatever!

  2. Great videos! I would like to request a video on Louis Pasteur with some reference material sources. I know you have mentioned him but all I have ever been able to find is stuff about what a good job he did. Thanks

  3. Another great exposure Dr Sam. The only plague we must watch out for is the plague that will come from Pfizer and big Pharma.
    Sounds like you are getting over covid,,, sorry a cold Dr Sam, best wishes.

  4. Wonderful! Thanks! Luckily, my education included the real science including Beauchamp. Another great resource are the “Divided Legacy” vol 1-4 By Harris Coulter, a brilliant and meticulous medical historian. If you can find them.

  5. Sam, If it is possible, I also want to have subtitles or transcrip on your video’s. You New Zealand English is not easy for a Dutch.

  6. The use of de species name Yersinia pestis is better and more accurate than Yersinia Pestis. Following the system of Linnaeus the genus name is in a lower-case letter.

  7. Thank you for this thought provoking look at the plague. I recommending reading from Natalya Rapoport’s book Stalin & Medicine – Untold Stories. Her father was a Soviet pathologist during the Stalin era. There is a chapter about Russian doctors investigating a possible vaccine against the plague and testing isolated cultures from a Madagascar plague victim on themselves. None of them got sick! Except one who later had contact with a patient in a Moscow hospital who purportedly was diagnosed with plague. Makes an interesting read.

  8. Hi Sam, You are always on target. I was just searching your videos to see if you had anything on the Black Death and here it is. What made me curious were were claims that the city wells were poisoned. Familiar. Rhymes of History.
    Great video, thanks.

  9. Hi Sam, Mark,
    Thanks for providing these additional facts about what happened during the “black plague”. As a person whose career was involved in volcano research I find it very plausible that the physical effects of volcanic activity could have caused extensive crop damage as well as weather modifications causing both droughts and and floods causing short term and longer term crop failures and crop damage and could very well have contributed to the proliferation of disease. As you have aptly proven, the terrain is everything, and, the contributory information that can shed more light on the building of or the degradation of what constitutes healthy terrain has not been adequately monitored and reported on. Your work and presentations of them are very valuable to everyone, I continue to promote Terrain Theory whenever possible and your videos are an important part of my message.
    Thanks again,

  10. Methinks Alaine Lowell is correct that the “evil ones” poisoned many of the water wells so of course many people got sick and died from drinking the toxic well water.

  11. came across this page after following a link to the plague story.
    I’m not certain anyone alive today really knows what killed half of Europe or if indeed anything of the sort happened?
    All I am 100% certain about is all disease states begin within.
    No one can ”pass” a bug or germ to you and thus infect you as the medical circus would have you believe.
    I am living proof that such nonsense is pure fiction created to prosper a $Business model.
    I used to be a regular Joe who would eat anything going with zero regards to health outcomes, I even used to spoon mouth fulls
    of white sugar as a snack, knowing zero the harms I was causing to myself. Nobody told me 60 years ago that sugar was toxic.
    So for the 1st 30 years of my life I suffered misery after misery until I discovered the works of Weston Price.
    This led me to reading other material on Inuit diets, jungle diets, Australian Native diets etc.
    There’s no doubt in my mind that toxins and processed foods (read products) are the cause of today’s epic ills.
    I moved off cereals, pasta, breads, processed meats, CAFO foods, sugar, veggie oils, white salts, fake cheese, fake eggs, fake milk and loads
    of other rubbish 30 years ago, not had a sick day since. I’ll also add that over a dozen health conditions also cleared up, zero medications
    used, just a 100% diet change.
    About 20 years ago I discovered iodine, and how massive it was 120 years ago, so massive that Big Pharma was struggling selling
    their useless products. J D Rockefeller sorted out that problem. He funded some dubious ”scientist” sorts and the verdict was iodine
    was toxic. An insane RDI was set and people have suffered since. Just for refs, I dose 300x times plus the stated RDI and have done
    since the late 90’s
    If you are suffer cold or flu like conditions you might want to start getting some iodine into your body?
    For my heart I add Mg and to chelate the iodine I take Selenium
    You heard it from me, Never fear a Bug or supposed pathogen, rather fear a plate full of 100% rubbish.
    The MSM has completely destroyed what food is. They are paid to sell Products and they make billions in the process.
    Just eat fresh produce any time you eat and nothing else.
    There’s no such thing as breakfast foods, lunch foods, dinner foods, there’s just Meal times.
    ps, if you suffer colds and flu’s, take that condition as a entry level health warning, your body is on the edge of breaking down!!

  12. Nice to see all of this put together with additional research info I have not come across elsewhere. Thanks Dr. Sam! You and Mark are developing a great repository of info on so many key medical topics. If only I can get more friends, family and associates to look! C’est La Vie

  13. “How dare you” to make comments on the 📢ZERO evidence of the illusion illnesses?
    By the way: Be careful not to transmit and spread truth and reality to the big family around the globe!

  14. Have you seen the works of Aajonus vonderplanitz? Aajonus.online

    He was the first to describe the reason for the black death was people burning coal in their houses with no chimneys.

    And that a lot of toxicity also came from canned food products. Wich wherent lines with plastic yet. Interesting material. He was showing me many things you show me now. Years ago.

  15. Hi Dr Sam and Friends,
    You do realise the whole premise of the Black Death is a total lie. The official rats coming from ships from China is completely bogus. Original eye witness accounts recorded said large cylindrical objects appeared over the forests of Europe and dumped an array of decaying body parts and animal carcass’s into massive heaps which then proceeded to produce a purple mist that then spread out killing everything in its path.

  16. Half of Europe dead?! What a joke! Exactly like the “Spanish flu” with “100 million” deaths.

  17. Wow. Fantastic video. Thank you for doing this one. Another nail in the coffin of germ theory. I really appreciate this one.

  18. My question is this: How can researchers take DNA from INSIDE a human tooth and say that’s what killed the human 700+ years ago? How would a bacterium that killed its victim in days or hours get inside a tooth, or any other hard tissue? Wouldn’t they be finding the DNA of the human? Or of something that invaded the tooth during the many centuries since that human died?
    And how did they get the modern DNA that they compared it with? Did they take it from the corresponding tooth of a of a modern plague victim? Did they isolate the bacterium from that victim and take the DNA from that organism? Or did they take DNA from a patient sample and use a computer program to align that DNA with a template? This is a paragraph from a recent paper on Y. Pestis in a 4,000 year-old English corpse:
    “Genome sequencing
    “We used the Illumina NovaSeq platform to generate direct shotgun sequencing data of ~768 million and ~322 million read-pairs from individuals C10098 and C10091 from Charterhouse Warren, respectively (Table 1), after size selection to enrich for molecules at least 35 bp in length24 (Methods). The individual from Levens Park (C10928) was not amenable to shotgun sequencing but libraries from this individual, as well as from the two other individuals, underwent two rounds of hybridisation capture with an in-solution target enrichment approach using Yersinia pestis RNA baits (Daicel Arbor Biosciences). Merging data from the direct shotgun sequencing and the targeted enrichment experiments resulted in an average 8.4X, 6.1X and 3.3X coverage of the Yersinia pestis genome for C10091, C10098 and C10928, respectively when filtered with mapping quality of MQ1 (Table 1). All three genomes showed evidence of authenticity:25 postmortem damage, a decreasing number of observed sequences as a function of edit distance to the reference genome, a unimodal fragment length distribution, and a relatively even breadth of coverage across the genome (Supplementary Fig. 1 and Fig. 2A).”
    If that’s the technique, it’s no wonder they found the exact same “genome.”
    Here’s the article that paragraph came from: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-023-38393-w

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